A Woman Loving Aneros as Much as Guys

  • Not so Silent Seduction

    His lips are clean now, but I dare not stop kissing him. It started off me just wanting to lick my nectar from his lips...now he's become my fountain of youth...I cant stop drinking from him if I tried. This journey is far from over if I have anything to say about it. My heart is racing...I'm sure I look something akin to cartoons when their heart beats out of their chest when they see something/someone who they love/want. I feel powerful & weak all at the same time. I never kiss with my eyes open...but with him the connection is so deep I cant look away. His glare is searing...he breaks off our kiss but his eyes never stray from mine. He takes my hand and stands guiding me over to the huge window overlooking my city. Its dark outside, we're only 4 floors up, cars are passing on the street below. Its dark inside so outsiders cant really see us clearly but we can see them. There are no window coverings...just floor to ceiling glass. He pulls me close to him enveloping me in his embrace and capturing my lips. We stand there wrapped in each other passionately kissing naked not caring who might see. His hard hot cock is throbbing against my thigh, I want him inside me...my girly parts are weeping again.

    His kisses trail down to my neck, my eyes flutter closed as my head falls back giving him any and all access he wants. He is biting and sucking on my neck while my fingers are entwined in his hair. His hands massage down my back cupping my ass pulling me closer to his engorged member. "I want you inside me...please...I cant wait much longer..." I manage to whisper in his ear. He grinds himself against me suggestively... "Please...please?" I'm begging him, he has me begging...so out of character for me but I'm weak for him. He turns me around to face the window, he stands behind me his cock nestled between my cheeks. I can see the night lights outside the window...the city doing what it does, but then he comes into focus. Then me...I see our reflection faintly. What I see most is the look in his eyes. Pure lust...for me...for this. I look away...the heat getting to me. I feel his hand on my face...his voice in my ear..."Don't look away...look at me...look at us in the window." I look back at him...ohhh fuck that look in his eyes is going to make me faint. I feel his hand on my waist pulling my ass flush against him..."If you look away...you don't get what you want...ok?" he says to me with a wink. I nod. One hand leaves my waist while the other grips me a little tighter. I feel him take hold of himself and nudge my lips with the head of his cock. I'm so wet he slides to my entrance with ease the head of his cock just barely inside me. He lets go of himself and placed his hand back on my waist. I arched my back slightly preparing for his entry...then he did it. Thrust into me to the hilt...it felt so heavenly my eyes fluttered closed for a split second. Then I remembered his request...my eyes flew open meeting his. He's smirking at me...he's enjoying this...in more ways than one. He licked his lips...almost as if he could still taste me...then he began.

    Stroking through my wetness, caressing me inside and out. His hands touching me his dick impaling me. My knees are getting weak I brace my hands on the glass leaning forward slightly. He takes advantage of that angle and goes a bit deeper. I whimper at the new sensation. I hear his breathing deepen correlating with his thrusts. My body syncs with his absorbing him, drawing him into me...he feels home within my depths. I feel empty every time he withdraws slightly. I can conceal my moans any longer, he can tell I'm faltering on my feet...I'm not going to be able to stand any longer. I feel him sinking to his knees taking me with him, now I'm on all fours on the floor, he's still lodged inside me, I dare not look away from our reflection. We look so...right. Thought we probably aren't. His pace quickens as his intensity heightens. He's moderately pounding me, I'm bouncing off his thrusts his hands pull me back to him. Finally he gives me what I want...sound. I hear him groaning, see him clinching his teeth. He takes time to turn us so we aren't looking into the glass head on. To see ourselves we both have to look to the right. I can see all of me and all of him. I can see where we are connected, see him sliding in and out of me, I drop down to my elbows he looks down. I had no clue what he was looking at until he put his thumb in his mouth and sucked it. Then he looked at me in the reflection, I watched his hand go to my ass, felt his thumb massaging then slipping into my rosebud. He continued to fuck me with his thumb buried inside me. Then he withdrew from me completely, I gasped at the sudden emptiness. The head of his cock soon probes where his thumb was. "Relax...let me in." he purred, my body reacts immediately opening for him. I moaned low and long as his cock slid ever so slowly into me. Once all the way inside he leaned over me prompting me to lay down flat on my stomach as he laid on top of me.

    Once there he reached up and entwined his hands with mine kissed my shoulder then slowly moved in and out of me. I felt so full so connected to him. Shivers ran up and down my spine, his heat radiated through me. I'm still watching us it looks so damn good us skin to skin, him grinding into me all while he melts me with his stare. I look into his eyes, then back to his movements, then back to his eyes...I don't know which one I like best. I know I love the feeling of him moving within me touching all the sensitive parts of me. I'm shaking and I cant stop it nor do I want to. I have no idea how he keeps his composure so under wraps...but I'm coming undone. Then I notice something. His eyes glaze over, he stills within me, totally relaxed, his body resting on mine...then I feel the slightest flutter in my gut. A second later the explosion occurs. He closes his eyes moaning my name...I hate my name...but he doesn't...says it turns him on. "Look at me..." I plead...I don't have it in me to order anything. His eyes open and not only can I feel his bliss I see it too. I squeeze my anus around him milking him making him groan and moan deeply as he super o's over and over again inside me. I feel each and every one like a strong current of electricity moving from him to me and back again. His orgasms set off orgasms inside me that trigger more within him. The epitome of a vicious but oh so rewarding cycle.

    A strong urge to be able to look into his eyes courses through me. "i want to look into your eyes..." I manage to say to him. He leaned up on his knees, and flips me over all while remaining buried inside me. Then he lays down on my chest and looks into my eyes. The saying of be careful what you wish for comes to mind. I wrap my legs around him, he wraps his arms around me, then he begins to move inside me. I blink slowly wondering if he is a dream. Surely and experience so divine cant be real. My eyes lock onto his, he stares back intently. His stroke is determined and purposeful. I feel him becoming more and more engorged...thickening lengthening...veins bulging deep within me. I'm so worked up I'm trembling, this has become a ride full of one orgasm after the other. Rollercoasters have nothing on this man, his climaxes know no boundaries. Just as soon as you think you've recovered...another thrill awaits. How he makes me feel both ends of a spectrum keeps me in awe of him. I feel so powerful because I have him just as enthralled as I am, however I feel so helpless with no defense against his virility. I don't want to defend myself from him there is no need, its the reason my orgasms with him are so effortless. No barriers, no guards, no reservations, just pure energetic passion.

    Suddenly I'm catapulted back to the present by his husky voice chanting my name. I remember a long time ago he told me that sometimes in order to get there he does that. For ejaculation to come he needs to say my name over and over. I hate my name but he makes it sound so precious to him. As if he adores saying it, maybe even adores me...its endearing. I feel myself creeping up that climactic hill again with every decibel of his voice. He's rhythmic pounding very much like a train steady, deliberate, and powerful chugging away we'll be pulling into the station soon. Then the dam breaks he explodes inside me filling me with hot creamy man milk. I orgasm in spasms around his pulsating cock for what seems like forever though I'm sure it was only seconds. "I thought you were sick...???" I ask..."I thought I was too...but you might have cured me." he mumbles breathlessly after his head collapsed on my chest. "I don't think the doctor told you to fuck me then call him in the morning..."

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  • Silent Seduction

    As usual I have to put in my disclaimer...this is total fantasy. I was inspired by somebody but not fact...only fiction. Hopefully it will get some of your sessions off to a good start.

    I swing the door open before he even has a chance to knock. I look up at him, "Come in." He does and sits down. He's sick, I hand him a tissue. He takes it and blows his nose, I stand there and watch him. Funny how sometimes even the most disgusting things in life can be interesting. He's sitting there blowing green goo out of his nose but its such a real moment in time, it helps me to remember he's not a total fantasy. It doesn't turn me on...but it doesn't repulse me either. Once he's finished I take the tissue to throw it away, I see him watching me in my peripheral vision. When I come back he seems comfortable, quietly relaxing, I sit next to him. I feel him looking at me, I look over at him not truly believing he's here. He trails his finger down my arm leaving goose bumps in his wake. I slid closer to him nestling into his side wrapping my arms around his torso. He feels nice warm, soft, but not too soft. I avert my gaze away from his eyes, not wanting to make it too painfully obvious how aroused he's making me. Instead I elect to caress from his chest down to his tummy and back. He puts his arm around me resting his hand on my hip. I notice he's rubbing the cotton material of my undies...I smile to myself. I wasn't expecting him so I was only wearing a t-shirt and panties. Its then that I remember how much he says he likes cotton guess he was serious because there is a suspicious bulge in his pants that wasn't there before.

    His hand is now palming my ass and pulling me closer. I maneuver to straddle his lap and stare into his eyes. I wonder if he's doing this purpose? His hands go from massaging my ass cheeks to sliding up my back under my t-shirt. The feel of his skin against mine makes my nipples painfully engorged. I lean into him pressing my chest against his easing the throbbing of my nipples just a bit. He's stoking a fire within me that I didn't even know existed. My lips cant resist his and I end up kissing him deeply. I'm embarrassingly wet soaking through my panties & I can feel his hard dick pressing against me. I cant help grinding against it, my clit demanding some much needed friction. My hands find their way to his hair, its soft, and smells clean. I break our kiss and pull my shirt over my head leaving me only in my panties, then I slip his shirt over his head as well. I lean back in resuming our kiss, but this time we're skin to skin it feels divine to be close to him like this. The feel of his hands stroking my back and ass holding me close to him possessively cause me to moan into his mouth. I'm sure his pants have to be getting wet by now...oh well I'll just blame it on him. One of his hands moves around to caress my left breast, his fingers expertly find my nipple. I can resist arching my back giving him full access to my tits. He kisses down my neck to my chest then his lips are suckling on my right breast while his fingers continue to roll my left nipple between them. Its getting hard for me to breathe but I manage to find his nipples as well. I gently tease them, I know he prefers a tongue but this will have to do for now. Then I feel it...he's having an orgasm...the super kind. I can feel it come from him and pass through me...he's driving me insane...that doesn't stop me from wanting more though.

    I push him back against the couch easing down off his lap onto my knees between his legs and give his left nipple a tongue lashing while caressing his silky skin. He tastes so damn good, then I feel it again I cant help closing my eyes and just going along for the ride. I decide to switch to the other nipple, and soon I'm rewarded again with the most surreal feelings I've had to date. My heart is racing but I absolutely love what he is doing to me so seemingly effortlessly. My eyes travel down him until they land squarely on his cock. I'm not sure what kind of zipper it is...but its one hell of a good one to have not burst open by now. I have to taste him now if my mouth wasn't watering before it is now. I kiss down his belly to his pants. I use my teeth to unbutton them then unzip them. I extricate his member and his head is shiny, can this man be any more attractive? I touch my tongue to the tip of his head and let the precum string from my tongue to him while watching the fire blaze in his hazel eyes. I give him a hint of a smirk then wrap my lips around his head sucking it clean. It tastes so familiar to me...what is it? Kettlecorn...sweet, buttery, slightly salty its making me insatiable. I cup his balls and taking him all into my mouth. I love the texture of him, love how hard he is, and how veins feel against my tongue. I deep throat him swallowing him whole wanting more of his man nectar. I feel his hands on my face and neck, I look up at him and he's watching me He withdraws slightly then slips his dick all the way into my mouth, the head of his cock stroking the back of my throat, suddenly I feel like I swallowed a lightening bolt. Oh not again...this time it travels from my throat down through my torso and seems to explode somewhere deep within my abdomen sending me into orbit. My moans are somewhat stifled by dick I'm trying to suck off. Then an idea pops into my head.

    I let his cock slip from my lips, "Stand up for me." I stay on my knees once he's on his feet I rid him of his shoes and socks. Then I slide his pants down his legs baring him completely. Standing there he looks like a Greek god. I reach up to stroke his still wet cock, then I lick his balls sucking one into my mouth then the other. Soon I have both in my mouth, he smells so good I cant help taking deep breaths inhaling him trying to engrain the scent of him into my brain. Some how I manage to stop sucking his balls and beckon him down onto his knees facing away from me. I place kisses on his back as I rub his nipples, his skin feels so perfect next to mine its unreal how that sensation alone has me about to burst into flames. I place his hands on the couch in front of him which causes him to bend over slightly, I spread his knees a bit further apart...now he's perfect, right where I want him. Trailing my fingers down his back I get comfortable behind him placing a kiss right above his crack. Then I trail my tongue down that marvelous crevice in search of my prize. When I reach his puckered hole I spread his cheeks a bit more so I can get up close and personal. He's moaning and breathing deeply while I tongue away at his hungry hole. Funny how I age dinner earlier, but at the moment I'm feasting on his ass like I haven't eaten in months. My tongue sinks deeper and deeper into him...if my tongue was long enough I'd love to lick his prostate...too bad I'm not part giraffe. He's having another super orgasm with my tongue probing him, for some reason I feel this one more intensely than all of the others put together, this man might be the death of me.

    The next thing I know he's reversed the tables on me, I'm sitting on the edge of the couch with my drenched panties halfway off. He's eyeing me...I feel like I'm being hunted. In a matter of seconds he's between my legs licking at my lips. He lifts and spreads my legs to get better access then licks slowly from my opening to my clit. At that moment I wasn't sure I was even there...or if I was dreaming all of it. When he sucked my clit I knew I wasn't dreaming, I let out a ragged groan and ran my fingers through his tousled hair. His tongue slid back down and darted inside me, moaning against me I felt the vibrations from his voice reverberate through me. I'm not sure how much time passed before he plunged his fingers inside me while gently licking and sucking my clit. Because I've been so aroused for so long I knew it wouldn't take much or long to get me off...my gspot was already swollen to capacity. I can feel my orgasm starting to build deep in me, my legs are trembling uncontrollably. He moves his fingers at the perfect speed and pressure and I shatter into a million pieces, if I wasn't I'm definitely putty in his hands at this point. He continues to lap away at my tender morsel, then I feel him massaging my anus. Then his finger slicked with my juices enters my tight ass. Slowly he moves his finger in and out of me while licking my pussy with reckless abandon. My gspot was so engorged I could feel him tickling it even though his fingers were in my ass. Soon I feel another orgasm building and I'm turning into another mass of orgasmic bliss capable of only writhing and moaning his name incoherently. When I open my eyes I'm staring into his, and his hands are upon me once again scorching my skin with his heat. I kiss him sucking my juices from his lips, I love the way we taste...

    To be continued...

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  • Why She's Not On Board...)part 1(

    Thanks to the guy who gave me my writing bug back...

    So I know a lot of guys here are into what some )mostly Americans( find as "alternative" sexual practices. I don't view it as alternative but hey...I'm just one fish in the ocean. I also know there are many men who wish their wives )or spouses or mates or partners pick your word and use it( were more into it with them. Now keep in mind I'm not a doctor or any of that crap. I'm just a woman who has been in enough relationships and talked openly with enough women that at the moment I feel like putting some ideas out there for you all to ponder on. There is no way I can cover all scenarios so this will be pretty general. If you want specifics...hunt me down lol )don't literally use the inbox dummy!!!(. So with that said this first part will be on the most fundamental aspect of why a lot of women are hesitant about this topic...themselves...and how they feel about themselves.

    You might think well what does what she thinks about herself have to do with her pleasing my prostate? A whole lot. Women operate a little differently )at least a lot of them( than men when it comes to ideas about sex. For instance I have experienced most men don't really care about if they look sexy before during etc...it has no bearing on if they will be turned on or not. It has no bearing if they desire sex or not...men are wired to desire it for the most part, when they don't usually something is off in one way or another. Women on the other hand a lot of things has to be in line before we can even desire sex let alone be adventurous during. Since most feel this is a "sensitive" )personally I think adults should be adults and realize that prostate play is not only fun but needed...stop being a pansy about it( topic they broach it so softly if at all they miss a lot of the ground work that needs to be laid. So lets start at ground level and try to use common sense.

    There are crucial things you need to know about your mate )and that they need to know about you(. How were they raised? What did their parents tell them about sex if anything? What were some of their first views )or experiences good & bad( on sex and have those changed or not? Do they have self esteem issues, body issues, etc...? If so did they exist when you met them or did they develop afterwards? Does your partner feel they can bare their soul to you? In other words do they still feel safe if they are in a vulnerable position around you?

    So what does how they were raised have anything to do with them all these years later? A lot. If a person was told very conservative ideas about sex it most likely is deeply engrained in them. They have known their parents or guardians most likely longer than they have known you, they were at one point )and sometimes still are( thus have a very large impacting influence. Not to say it cant be changed but there will have to be some effort on that persons part. They will have to make a shift in their thinking. I want to impress heavily you can not simple DO this for them...they have to want it. I don't want to make it seem it is a lost cause because its not, it can be tackled without too much effort but effort will need to be applied. If she is hesitant about anal )whether it be hers or yours( find out why. Don't ask in the middle of sex acts...communicate outside of the bedroom first. Take time to just talk with no pressure about why she feels the way she does about anal. Now she may at first not want to answer constructively or just brush you off with answers like I just don't, or I don't know, or I don't want to talk about it. Those are not answers and don't accept them. You have to talk through it, if not right at that moment at another moment but soon. Do not put it off, its pertinent. You also deserve to at least have answers )in my opinion you deserve an open honest and willing spouse as well and you can work towards that without being an asshole as well(. At the end of the day if you love each other there shouldn't be much you wouldn't do for one another. If you really do reach an impasse )on any topic(...you have to ask yourself...what does that really say about your partner and/or your relationship )don't stay in the dark...for some there will be some discoveries made and they may not be good, never fear though be courageous fear is for the weak(.

    Previous anal experiences I've found have been one of the main reasons a lot of women stay away from anal later in their adult life, especially if that experience was a bad one. See lots of times women are just as curious as guys when they are young, but after a bad experience they don't want to go back to it. The easiest way to combat that is through slow but steady persuasion. Sometimes comfort and caring goes a lot farther than people are willing to admit. If she feels comfortable with you and trusts you and knows you don't mean her any harm more than likely she is willing to go along with ideas you have for the bedroom. Also have your shit together....don't come to her with half asses ideas you haven't thought out or planned out...that makes the situation worse. Its kind of like oh he wants me to go along with this but he has NO idea what the hell he's doing or wants. Also try to instill in her that the reason you want her to do these things to or with you is because she is the object of your desire. She's your greatest fantasy and nothing gets better, its not just the act...its more that she is the one preforming or helping with that act )whether its session participation, prostate massage, pegging, whatever...(. Also when you do get into it...don't hold back your reactions...if she does something that feels good tell her, if she does something that sexy tell her...give the incentive more than likely she will lavish in your excitement.

    Now onto the one I think a lot of women struggle with. Self esteem and self image issues. For men the desire to fuck usually has no bearing on how attractive )or unattractive( they are. Women though...different story. Often times a woman looks pretty good but she still may see herself differently. She sees flaws and doesn't want anybody else to see them either )whether physical or otherwise(. You might think she is perfect...but in her mind if she doesn't think that...lots of times that as a direct impact on sexual prowess. I've struggled with this personally. After I fixed those issues I noticed my libido increased drastically. Now I didn't solve my self image issues to have more sex I fixed them because they needed fixing the other was just a bonus. If a woman doesn't feel sexy and free about herself and have an overall positive air about herself she wont want to go into the sexual scenarios really. Insecurities bleed over into all aspects of life, work, relationships, sex, parenting, mentality, personality, everything. For instance if she is already insecure, then depending on how you handle introducing Aneros into your relationship can either help with those insecurities or make them worse. If you hide it from her and tell her later and are creeping off to have secret sessions...YOU ARE MAKING HER FEARS COME TO LIFE. You really need to hear that and internalize it. If you are up front with her and let her know you want to do it together, that you not only want her but need her closeness affection and love you will help validate her, helping to kill some of those insecurities. When those blocks are there I'm sorry to tell you they need to be removed first. Whatever needs to be done. A man can help by complimenting every and anything on a very frequent basis. This works on the brain as she will hear positive things more often than negative things. Believe it or not women tend to repeat negative mantras and those have to be unwound in order to make any progress in the right direction. Sometimes compliments and the like aren't enough, sometimes there needs to be professional involvement...I know don't want to go that far...but sorry I advocate people kill the beast that's holding them back vs. live a lower quality of life dwelling on the negative.

    The trust issue in a relationship also plays a part. Sometimes a woman doesn't really want to enter into sexual things often due to her not being totally comfortable with you. Not saying she wont screw you, but when you think of sex for women its ALWAYS internal. Think logically about this, a woman has no choice but to be penetrated, whether its oral, vaginal, or anal the woman is always penetrated )we're talking male female partnerships(. For men unless its something involving anal its ALWAYS external. There is nothing wrong with that, one has to stay in perspective though. I think because the Aneros is so internal that's why lots of men say they finally get it now, they are able to relate more with their female partners on a deeper level. For a long time I didn't want to consciously accept the fact that I didn't totally trust my partner enough to allow certain sex acts. I think it was the same for him, he showed hesitation towards pegging...I know now he didn't trust me fully and thought I'd hurt him or worse. I felt the same about anal sex with him. It took a clear and concise conversation about what we both wanted out of those things and what we would and would not accept and how we would go about it. It also took for both of us to agree that if at any point either felt uncomfortable we would abort the mission immediately. Get the fears out on the table whatever they are and handle them one by one and as they arise.

    In closing I'd like to say stop believing the notion that women in general are not into what men are into sexually. We are, its usually boils down to just a few things that creates these myths. Education for a lot of women clears up a lot of things...I've turned the women around me into male ass chasers...they just needed to know the facts. Check out this blog by Aneros members Scumby and his wife Organcrackle http://www.allkinksconsidered.com its a stellar view into a very honest relationship and how they tackle being open honest and sexy with each other. Stay tuned this is jus the beginning...

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  • Happy Birthday Lucifer

    So today is the anniversary of life for a man I should have NEVER let into my life. I'm writing this in hopes that maybe somebody else will read it and learn from my mistakes. Being a woman I have no other perspective to write from, so maybe a peek into the female psyche?

    Today is very different than I thought it would be a few months ago. I bought him a birthday gift without him knowing, and it was supposed to be getting dropped off at his house today. Instead I sold it today. He has a love for Corvettes, one day I passed a dealer ship where a bunch of brand new ones were sitting, and i pulled in to the lot. I walked up to one )top of the line every option you can ask for( and it spoke to me, I could see him sitting in it driving it the whole 9. So I bought it. I didnt want to give him a totally stock car, I wanted to personalize it a bit to make it resemble how I saw him more. So I designed a custom color for it and had it painted, did some upgrades to make it an even better car, I even hand pin striped it for him, something I havent done to my cars yet. Even had the interior redone. I dont know I just felt moved to do things in regard to him that I now understand he didnt even deserve. I even asked him one time if he'd ever gotten in the latest model...he said no, and he'd better not hinting that if he did he would be inclined to buy one...little did he know I'd already bought it for him. The idiotic things I do.

    5 months ago I met who I thought was a stellar man. He had his flaws, idiosyncrasies, suaveness, intelligence, and a lot of other things that drew me to him. He made me laugh, I am so weak for a man with humor. He revealed some things about himself that at first struck me as...poor thing he is clueless. I mean he always says he's not, but it was and still is obvious that he is about a lot of things in the real world. He allows several relationships in his life to exist that are counter productive to any positive growth he might strive for. Honestly, now that my eyes are open to him, I dont think he is trying to grow at all.

    That being said, his situation I am very familiar with, not from his perspective, but from the "other sides" perspective. I figured I could help him, I actually wanted to help him. I couldnt just say what I knew though, I thought he wont take me seriously, he'll just think I'm some ranting raving woman who just thinks she knows everything. So to add a tad bit of credibility I revealed something about myself that I NEVER tell people. The only people who know about my past are people who know through concrete proof, and him. In talking to him his words tend to betray him and his feelings. He may say one thing, but his actions say something else. I sensed him falling into something that could be detrimental. Something that deep within me I felt was going to be detrimental. I dont know why, but I couldnt stand the thought of him being hurt. I knew clearly he already was and probably still is hurting for various reasons. I thought maybe if I could spare him a little more pain that he would realize not all women are out to hurt him. Maybe show him not all women are after him for the wrong reasons.

    Now let me say I NEVER wanted a long term relationship with him. Attracted to him yes, friendship yes, happily ever after no. I wasnt trying to make him a project either, I wasnt setting out to "fix" him. Was/Is he broken? Hell yes, but I'm smart enough to know a person has to want to fix themselves, then take steps to do so. I'm also smart enough to know that having some support while doing that can be a big help/comfort. Thats what I wanted to be...or at least what I was offering. If he had have told me up front no I dont want or need that from you, I would have taken it in stride and understood that I did what I could with good intentions, and moved on. No hard feelings, no harm no foul.

    Before I knew what hit me while talking with him about his entanglements, some how I felt comfortable with him. I talked with him about a lot of things that nobody else knew about in my life. He listened...or so I thought, that was comforting, at the time. I revealed a lot of my vulnerabilities, a lot of my inner pain. I didnt tell him everything that plagued me but a fair amount. Enough I feel that should have let him know to tread lightly...treat me with at least a modicum of care. No matter what he confided in me I never thought anything negative about him, never felt anything negative towards him. Lots of people would have judged him and called him a horrible insensitive man for some of the things he's done. However, I always tried to see things from his angle as well and understand there is a equal and opposite reaction to every action. He may not have always been right but who is? I didnt condemn him for his wrongs, just tried to give him options to help him not repeat them. Kind of hard though lol he's 30 years older than me and set in his thinking not realizing that the brain is flexible not rigid, he just has to take advantage of that characteristic.

    Lots of things he is interested in so am I. We talked about a lot of different topics. I ashamed to admit I really enjoyed talking to him. I loved laughing with him, just being silly for the hell of it. I'm even more ashamed to admit I miss it. Sometimes I see something, or hear something, or think of something and think wow he would like that. I cant do what I used to do and share it with him, we havent talked in almost 2 months. I dont think we ever will again. That honestly makes me deeply sorrowful. I try not to think about it much, but I wont lie, before we got off track when I felt sad he'd cheer me up. Now when I'm sad...I'm just sad, even more so about him not being in my life.

    There came a point about 4 months ago when he asked me to meet him. He said he'd let me know or whatever when and where. I never heard from him. He tapered off talking to me. I waited for him, didnt rush him, didnt want to bother him. Just tried to be respectful and trust in his word, trust in what he told me he would do. Long story short he lied, and while lying made sure he took care of his number one priority...ejaculating. Now I am in complete understanding that I lay no claim to his dick, my main problem was I trusted and believed in him and his "honesty". All I ever want is the courtesy of somebody to be honest with me, if he didnt want to do what he offered )hang out for a little while( then so be it but at least I know. At least I'm not sitting wondering if I did or said something to offend or piss him off. Worst thing is he told a host of other people what his plans were without even considering what he'd promised me. All the people he told dont give a rats ass about him. Some of them even talk about him behind his back, yet the person who does care gets the worst treatment. I got lied to by omission.

    At first I just chocked it up he's an asshole, screw him. Then after a few days of thinking crazy thoughts I knew I wouldnt feel better until I confronted him about what he did. I told him how I felt, he gave me an excuse )I now know it to be an excuse then I thought it was honesty(. He told me he wanted to just start over, he apologized. I believed him again. See thats where I fucked up. Never believe a liar more than once. When he shows you who he is BELIEVE him. At the time I figured well humans make mistakes. I should have more closely investigated his mistake though, when it came to the possibility of him getting some pussy that got put far and above anything else. Now keep that in mind as we move further.

    We continue our "friendship" even getting closer in my estimation. We learn more about each other, talk more, laugh more...I fall more. Somehow he creeps into my dreams, my fantasies even. 2 months ago we decide to spend a day and a half together. Leading up to it I'm excited, I didnt have any expectations, or predictions. When I got there he was waiting for me. I was happy to see him. We talked a bit, I was nervous as hell. We went to dinner, looking back I realize he wasnt talking much. I even remember asking him if he is always that quiet. He gave me some answer....I know now that answer was a lie.

    Later that evening after dinner, I remember him kissing me...that lead to other things...which lead to screwing. He called it "making love" yea the fuck right...I knew at that instant he was delusional but i chocked that up to using the wrong vocabulary. In the moment I didnt really care, I'd already cum once, almost a second time while giving him a rim job, and I wanted to get to the good stuff regardless of what false moniker he wanted to give it. I wasnt ready for what I felt next. A little back story the orgasm I already had was clitoral...not emotional at all they never are for me, they are easy to have, they dont give me that I want to bond with you feeling, I dont feel connection with a person though them, they arent full bodied just kind of localized, fun...but they are what they are a quick get one off. Gspot orgasms on the other hand...I'm very careful who I have those with. I know they are emotional for me, they are full bodied, they are deep, profound, earth shattering, spiritual, I feel connected to that person, I want to bond with them more. The reason that is dangerous for me )and most women I think( is because honestly gspot orgasms give that feeling of love, or falling in love. Its a false feeling. Not only that being a straight woman I know all to well that men having penile orgasms...they are like clit orgasms...they exhibit none of the symptoms of falling for a person. Which is why men fuck and leave women where they found them no feelings involved, women fall for that man in a moment of ecstasy and wind up hurt and feeling hollow when he ditches her.

    Back to what I felt. Upon insertion after mounting him, the head of his cock stroked past and nestled expertly right against my gspot. I have no clue if he noticed but I almost lost it. Never on the first stroke has that happened, usually it takes a guy a little while and small adjustments to find my spot, not him. I mean I wondered what he would feel like inside me while I was sucking him, the slight curve in his cock had me intrigued. One can fantasize or wonder all day long though, the proof is in the pudding. Well he definitely dipped into my pudding and gave me the proof. After that I honestly wondered if he knew his effect on me, I held off having an orgasm, but there was no way to stop the pleasurable feelings that were building inside of me. I wanted to cum for him, on him, around him...hell I was already dripping wet...but mentally and emotionally I didnt want to lose total control, so I didnt. He came buried inside me his cock pulsing against my gspot, I remember thinking on shit this is going to set me off. Once his cock stopped throbbing inside me, I was going to dismount, but I knew if I did feeling him slide out of me would push me over my orgasmic cliff. I was so close I had to take a minute to come down from that high, I was quivering, it took everything in me to not just let go. I squeezed his cock with my pussy that tension chased the orgasmic feelings away, then I was able move off of him. Later on that night he said he wanted to be inside me again, more of the same his cock caressing me intimately. I hold back not wanting to drown in this man and be hurt when all is said and done.

    Without recounting the full blow by blow of the next day with him more screwing, eating food, and tv. I have no idea but there was a moment, a lapse of judgement when I said to him you're going to make me cum or I want to cum for you )cant remember my exact wording(. His response...wait for it...I cant hold off for that. Damn throw cold water on me...I mean I understand sometimes a man can be at the point of no return, but he wasnt at that point. It took a few more minutes before he came, in my asking him to hold off on his impending orgasm for a little while longer )I mean i was close...his statement changed that though( isnt a crime. I let him have his way once again giving him the benefit of the doubt. The last time we fucked I have no clue why or how...but he was inside me stroking me shallowly as I rubbed my clit. I felt an orgasm building to epic proportions and for some reason )stupidity( I moaned go deeper, he buried his dick to the hilt and I came thunderously. Gspot and clit at the same time...first time ever for that with a man. That rarely happens with me solo. He keeps going and I keep cumming non-stop until his cock is spurting inside me again.

    Funny how later after my orgasm things seemed a little clearer to me. Moments after orgasms are 20/20? For the rest of the night he didnt say hardly one word to me, didnt look at me, definitely didnt touch me. We parted ways not long after. Then I didnt hear from him. I'd written an email to him while I was with him pouring my heart out telling him how I felt. Not lovey dovey shit, just that I appreciate him and his friendship. I get a two line reply. Thats not like him...the response seemed so canned. He finds out I was tremendously hurt by somebody I care a lot about, and basically just says I'm your friend. Not like him, he usually consoles me. Long story short he is acting weird as hell. I give him space, but I'm watching his actions closely. Finally I ask him if I scared him or did something wrong, he outright says no. However he continues to act VERY distant and VERY unfriendly like.

    Its funny how when he found out the truth about a woman he was dealing with I made sure to check in on him. Although I felt she was doing some very underhanded things, and he found out she indeed was, I swallowed my disdain for her and let him know I'm sorry for the pain she caused him and if there was anything I could do I would. I couldnt take any more, finally after lots of deliberation I sent him a note letting him know how I felt. Then he tells me oh I thought what happened to you wasnt true )mind you he said he hated seeing how i felt previous to that and asked me how I was(, and that he is my friend. He then says we'll talk. Then I dont hear from him for a few days. Until I get a message out of the blue. Very short letting me know whats really going on, that he feels we are incompatible.

    The first thought that comes to mind is I'm incompatible with you but you fucked me REPEATEDLY. I replayed our time together and so many things stuck out to me. Then my thoughts went to how I've never ever wanted to hurt him. No matter what I may have wanted my intention is to never hurt him. However, it was totally different for him. Although he had inclinations of us not being compatible from the start he continued to fuck me. Even though our incompatibility showed more and more he continued to make sure his dick was taken care of. I guess he figured since there is a warm body next to me might as well take advantage of it, even though she does nothing for me. See I think he forgot he has already told me that sex is his hobby, and getting off can happen with anybody he's not selective any hole will do. Yes I realize that I made a horrible decision dealing with a man who views women as a hole to dump his seed in, used solely for his satisfaction nothing more.

    It really deeply maimed a part of me to know that I was nothing more than a cum bucket to him. He continued to tell me I was his friend. Where in the realm of friendship do you realize that you are not really feeling them but continue to fuck them senseless. What in his mind said it was ok knowing how I felt about orgasms to continue on the path that he was on. He says it hurts him to hurt people...he knew his actions would be painful to me but at no point did he just say you know what...maybe we shouldnt carry on with this. No instead he thought I'll just deal with it later my dick is calling and that is more important than any friendship or pain I might cause. The killer is when he tells me he respects me...since when do you treat a woman like a disposable object and call that respect? Bottom line insulting my intelligence hurts more than anything. I may have been dumb as hell to fool with him but I'm not dumb enough to fall for the I'm your friend line. He avoids me like the plague, its really comforting to be the leper in somebodies life.

    By all means I dont want to seem like I'm playing the victim role, I am primarily responsible for the whole situation. Yes it takes 2 to tango, but this is the second time he has played me for a fool. The worst part was just like the first time he screwed me over, if I didnt confront him he wouldnt have said a damn word and would have kept playing a game. Who leaves a friend that they like and respect in the total darkness not once but twice? What the fuck does incompatability have to do with being my friend. If he never wanted to fuck again fine. I was blind, now my eyes are wide open to him and his games. Now I view lots of the things he told me about himself in a true light instead of the filtered light he was providing. What I didnt plan for was him almost being a ghost, here at one point and gone the next. I lost the person I confided in, felt comfortable talking with. I mean I wish I could be this person who is cold hearted, but I still wonder if he's ok, and if he's not I pray for him to be. Sometimes I just wish I got the same treatment from people, that I give to them.

    Its all my fault that I looked for comfort and affection in somebody else. Really I just wanted to feel like a woman again, like I was cared for, that somebody found me engaging enough. One should never look for that type of comfort in somebody else. I'm an only child and affection can be my weakness. I'm also horny most times that doesnt help either. I'll learn to deal with it though. I've learned this lesson very well, I wont need to be taught it again. It just really sucks that i was stupid enough to think this man would take my fragility into account, and maybe be gentle with me. I got the total opposite, what can I say it never pays to be stupid.

    Bottom line for those reading this, dont be as dumb as I was. Dont let your emotions and heart get in the way of your logic. Dont be blinded by con-artists. I think I have gone through enough hurt to pass this lesson on to others so they wont have to feel the same misery I have. Live & Learn there is no other way to walk this path called life.

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  • Shy Guy

    Disclaimer: This is ALL fantasy...it was inspired by someone, but not factual.

    So he says he's new to this. Never really admitted how much he enjoyed anal play until recently. He craves more, the more the explores his ass the more he becomes open to. Says he's curious about men...but in talking with him more I get the jist he is a little confused. I dont care if he bangs a guy or not, but in describing what turns him on...its never a man. Anal play turns him on, that has no bearing on his sexual orientation. In laying out our guidelines he lets me know that his ass holds the key to most of his kinky desires. I ideas and visions play through my mind. I may enjoy this more than I thought. I've never seen him, only talked to him, he's due to be here any minute. I hear a knock at the door.

    I open the door, he's standing there not really making eye contact with me. He is really shy, he told me so but I didnt think it was that bad. I beckon for him to enter, he does so hesitantly. "Are you ok? Still want to do this?" I ask gently in a soft voice. I notice the erection in his pants...he must be thinking of what we'd talked about, or he's attracted to me. Either one I dont care, a sign is a sign. He nods, I smile at him. "No need to worry, I remember everything we discussed, I am not in this to hurt or degrade you, only to bring you pleasure, at the moment only your pleasure is on my mind." I reassure him. He looks up at me and gives me the tiniest grin. He's cute, wonder if he knows that...probably not. I walk up to him, he's looking at the floor, I put my finger under his chin lifting his head so that his eyes meet mine. "I'm not that kind, you can look at me, I'd actually prefer it." I pur to him. I realize that he is like a baby deer, skiddish. I dont want to scare him in the slightest, I hear him say, "Ok, I'd just read that most mistresses dont like it when you look at them because..." "Shhhh, I'm not them" I say putting my finger over his soft lips, I wonder what they would feel like wrapped around that same finger. "Suck my finger."...I dont bark the order at him, just assertively yet seductively say it calmly. He complies hesitantly. "When I request something I want you to work hard at not hesitating. Dont stop sucking, you have sexy lips, I like watching them wrapped around my finger. I know it will take trust for you to just do as I say no questions asked, but you can and will trust me. I will not hurt you, I'll say it again that is not my motive. Pleasure is my MO, understand?" He nods with my finger in his mouth sucking away. I remove my finger from his mouth and put it in mine, sucking away his saliva. "Mmmm tasty, ready to get started?" I ask standing there unashamedly with hard nipples that I notice him peeking at, and a dripping cunt, which I'm sure he is oblivious to. He nods at me, I give him a devilish grin and lead him to where our festivities will take place.

    We enter the room, I close the door behind us. The lighting is dim, I see him looking around at all the different "furniture" in the room. "Anything in particular interest you, or arouse you?" I question as his eyes move from object to object. He points to a mahogany table with hand cuffs laying on top. Thinking of what we'd discussed I know exactly why, I walk up to his outstretched finger and bit him gently while eyeing him eyeing the table. He turned focusing on me, "I'm not them...you can speak." He nodded again. I glance down at his pants his erection still has not subsided, it was straining against his pants begging to be freed. I thought his pants would burst at the seams soon. I get closer and begin unbuttoning his shirt while examining his face. I peered into his eyes, noticed his arousal and shyness all combined. His eyes had a glow, as if he was slowly coming to life, but the shy self conscious man is never far away, he just hides there in the background hoping to go unnoticed. I gaze at his lips anticipating the moments when they are parted as he pants and moans in pure passionate pleasure. Soon his shirt is unbuttoned and i'm sliding it off of his shoulders, it glides to the floor. I reach down unbuckling his belt, then unbuttoning his jeans, then unzipping his fly. I push his pants down over his hips they pool no the floor at his feet. "Step out of those and sit on top of that table you like so much." I tell him as I go to retrieve my "tools".

    I return with 2 strapless strap ons. I place them on the table next to him he looks down at them. "Pick your poison." I say, giving him time to think it over. He picks up the happy valley tango, feeling it examining it, then puts it down. He then picks up the Fun Factory Share, doing the same. "Uhhh I'm new to this, I'm not sure." he murmurs. "How about both...one at a time of course, then you tell me which you prefer after you've tried them both..." I offer. He nods...I think I'm starting to like his shy silence more as this goes on.

    So I leave the strap-ons where they lay, and walk up to him sitting on the table with his knees slightly apart. I step between them and touch his chest with both hands, focusing on his nipples. "You can touch me if you'd like. If you'd just like to be touched that is fine as well." I say continuing to explore his skin. I push him back so he is lying on the table, I put his legs up on my shoulders. The table is at the perfect height so that his ass is off the edge of the table with my hips pressed against it. His cock is tenting his boxer briefs reaching up and slightly forward, I caress his man meat with my hand then grasp it in my hand feeling the hot girth. He's hard as steel, I hear his breath catch as I begin to stroke him through his underwear. I let go of his steely rod and grasped the waistband of his underwear and tugged them off his hips. Now he is fully naked before me, his balls laying just between his legs, nice size on those, they look full...as if they need to be drained. I push his legs back towards his chest a bit so that I can get a good view of his asshole. What surprised me was how willingly he held his legs giving me full access to his tender bottom, he must really want this. I look up at him, "Let the games begin." as I kneel down, effectively disappearing from his view. His ass hole was presented to me on the edge of the table, not much hair but not bald either, I like that. Pubic baldness always reminds me of little boys, and since I'm not into pedophilia it always turns me off, however in these circumstances, its not really about me, but this is a plus.

    I kiss his left buttock then his right, then I lick slowly from the bottom of his crack to his perineum. When my tongue passed over his asshole he moaned and I felt a tiny quiver. I lick back down passing over his asshole again, same result. I kissed his hole sweetly and felt his hand on my head trying to keep me there, I smiled against his hole. Ok I'll give him what he's paying for. I licked my lips and incidentally his sweet hole at the same time and started giving him a tongue lashing. His ass relaxed letting the tip of my tongue slip inside his warmth. Hearing him moan, feeling his legs tremble, tasting him intimately, feeling his fingers in my hair holding me right where he wants me as he wiggles his ass in my face dancing on my tongue is such a turn on. Usually I dont have to take care of myself until after a client leaves, but this one may be a change of pace for me. I lick his perineum and balls as I slipped a well lubed finger into his ass. I massage his prostate with my finger and balls with my tongue, he is moaning and writing all over the table, his legs on either side of my head now. I lick up the shaft of his cock sucking it into my mouth once I reached the head. I continue working his prostate as I suck him deeply into my mouth. While deep throating him I slip another finger inside him. I'm amazed at how easily my finger entered him, he has a greedy hole that needs to be filled, I love that about him. I continue to stroke his dick with my lips as I stroke his prostate with my fingers. I can feel him getting close to ejaculating. His balls are drawing up close to his body, he's thrusting into my mouth then down onto my fingers. I slide my fingers out of him and stop sucking him, I stand between his legs gauging his reaction. He looks bewildered, like I just took away his favorite toy. "It's not time for that, we dont do instant gratification here. You've had enough of that over your life time, time for something new." I inform him while walking away, I go retrieve some lube, then return.

    "This will be cold at first, but it will warm up." I say as I return with some frozen lube "bullets". I can tell he is curious as to what is to happen next. I gently push one of the bullets into his hole, it slides right in, I suck his cock some more while playing with his nipples waiting for the lube to melt inside him. After a couple of minutes I grab the Fun Factory Share, "Watch me." I tell him, I'm standing next to him as he lies on the table, he has an easy view of me. I put one foot on the table so he can get a great view of my dripping pussy, then insert the bulb end of the Share that goes inside me. He hears my wetness as it slides in, I lower my leg back to the floor. "Now that I have a cock, lets get down to business." I say walking back towards the end of the table that has his ass dangling off the end of it. I lube up the business end of the Share, then place it at his opening. "Now just relax. If it hurts tell me. If something feels especially good tell me. Ok?" He nodded

    I press gently and the tip slides in effortlessly. I go farther and his ass seems to suck me in, he gasps in pleasure. "Don't you have a greedy ass?" I say giving him a sinister grin. I began moving slowly in and out of him, not touching him at first, just watching. After a few minutes he was panting and writhing on the table. I see him reaching for my hips, he grabs me pulling me into him, I pound him harder. He's really moaning now. He wraps his legs around me, and I grab his hips pulling him into me fast and hard while he flicks his nipples. The sound of our skin smacking together mixed with our moans and heavy breathing is intoxicating. I go between fast and hard, and long slow strokes for a while. Then I decide to change it up a bit. I crawl up on the table with him, the sweat on his back helps him slide back a bit so my knees are on the table. I lay on top of him missionary style and slowly start to work his ass deeply. I feel him trembling beneath me, breathing unevenly, I'm staring into his eyes watching the passion intensify in them. I feel him touch me...this time different then when he was pulling me into him. That was more of a utilitarian touch telling me what he wanted, this touch was more sensual. He put his arms around me and was caressing my back...even grasping my ass from time to time. Then he kisses me. It was unexpected, usually in situations like this I dont kiss, I save that for my personal life. However here I am reciprocating kissing him back, caressing his face and running my fingers through his hair. When I realized what I was doing i broke off the kiss.

    I withdraw from his sweet ass get off the table, and walk around to stand on the side of the table where he can see me again. I notice his chest rising and falling at a rapid rate, he has a raging boner it almost looks painful. I slip the Share out of me, my pussy makes a slurping sound I place the glistening toy to the side and pick up the Tango. I slip that in, and look over at him. "We're going to try something else." I say picking up the handcuff thats are still on the table. "Stand up, then turn and face the table." I command him gently. He does it, his ass looks even more amazing from behind, I have to refrain from staring. I kneel down cuffing his left ankle to the left leg of the table. I do the same with the right ankle. Then I get another pair of cuffs and cuff his wrists behind his back. He is standing at the end of the table, legs spread, wrists bound, and a his hard on dangling between his legs. "Bend at the waist." he does it resting his chest on the table. "Are you comfortable?" I ask while gently raking my fingertips up and down his spine. "Yes." was his simple reply, the first time he's said anything in a while. I lube up the Tango and slide into him. He moaned audibly once my "cock" was in as deep as it could go. I stroked the length of the Tango in and out of him several times slowly and gently so he could get used to the new position. Then I increased the speed a bit, his moans became more audible and consistent. I start to really pound his ass grabbing onto the handcuffs on his wrists using them to pull him onto my "cock". He's not resisting at all, as a matter fact he is sticking his ass out more presenting it to me. Oh what a present it is, and its mine for the taking. I decide I want him to ride me.

    I slow to a stop and pull out. I uncuff his wrists then ankles. He stands up and looks at me, his face is flush, so is his chest. "Come." I grab his hand an lead him over to an armless chair thats in front of a mirror. "See how sexy you look." I nod over to the mirror for him to look at himself. He stares into the mirror but doesnt say anything. I grab a cock sling and kneel down so I can stretch it over his cock and balls. "Too tight?" i ask looking up at him, he shakes his head, "No." I stand then sit in the chair. I beckon him to come closer, "I want you to sit on my cock, I want to watch you ride me." He steps closer putting one leg on either side of mine, then spreads his ass with his hands and skewers himself on the strap on. I watch him ease down the shaft until it disappears completely inside him. His dick is standing up between us his balls pressed against me. I gaze up at him. He's just sitting there, looking at us in the mirror. I look into the mirror my eyes meeting with his, "Go on, ride me." He starts to move up and down very slowly, I place my hands around his waist not to guide him but just to feel him. I let my hands caress up the sides of his body around to his back, even cupping his ass feeling the strap-on slide into him as he lowered himself onto it. I had my eyes closed just feeling him enjoying him and the sounds he was making. Then I feel him cup my breasts, I open my eyes and he is staring at me, I didnt even realize until then I was moaning too. He tugs at my nipples while he rides me. I look down at his throbbing member between us its oozing precum, I bend down and suck the head of his cock clean on his up stroke. It slips from my lips when he lowers himself back down on me. When he lifts himself again he deliberately holds his cock and aims it into my awaiting mouth, then lowers himself back down on the Tango. He raises up again this time I feel his hand on the back of my head, he doesnt do like before and sit back down instead he does some short thrusts into my mouth, of course the Tango is moving in his ass at the same time. Then suddenly he pounds his ass down onto my cock with a resounding slap. I look up at him wondering if he's in any pain, I see instantly he's not. His glistening cock is bouncing wildy as he bucks up and down making the Tango rub all my sensitive bits. I take some time to watch him in the mirror, then I look into his eyes, "I want you to shoot your cum all over me when you feel the urge, but for now...do what you want, I like watching you." No response from him, he just keeps riding.

    I reach down and stroke his cock with my hands, he fills up my hands quite nicely, he moans bucking into my hands stroking both his ass and cock faster. I feel him stiffening more between my fingers I grip him tight, he's so slippery from the coconut oil. He leans back just a bit bracing his hands on my thighs, still grinding his hot ass on my "cock". He looks amazing I can see the Tango going into him, feel his balls brushing against my skin, his cock clamped between my fingers. I look up at his face, his eyes are closed, lips parted, he's panting and moaning. Then he lets out this guttural roar, and thick hot ropes of cum shoot from his cock. I feel his cock straining and pulsating in my hands, I wonder if he'll ever stop cumming. My jaw dropped in utter disbelief, a stream of cum lands in my mouth and drips down my chin, then he shoots again it lands on my breasts dripping down to my stomach. It seemed like every time he lowered himself and the strap-on passed over his prostate more creamy jizz pumped out. Soon his dick stopped throbbing and he was only very slowly and subtly stroking his ass on my "cock". "Keep doing that I'm going to cum." I moaned, he looked at me a bit bewildered but did as I said. Soon I was gripping his ass and lifting my hips pumping into him, then I came hard. I was out of breath and dizzy by the time I realized he was watching me. I take my finger and wipe the cum of my chin and place my finger in my mouth, "Hmm you taste good, you came in my mouth a bit, why didnt you tell me you could shoot like that?" I implored him. "I never have like that before." he said sheepishly with a little grin, he glanced at my breast and his handiwork. "Lick your cum off of me but dont swallow it just taste it in your mouth, see how good you taste." He lets the strap on slip out of his ass as he kneels down to lick my breasts and stomach, once he's done he looks up at me. I beckon him to sit back in my lap he does I whisper to him, "You kissed me before when we were on the table yes?" he nods mouth full of cum. "Lets share your cum thats in your mouth, kiss me again." he does without any hesitation. I taste his cum as it coats my tongue mixing with our saliva, I feel him suck my tongue clean then swallow his load. We kiss a bit longer then break off the kiss.

    He stands and begins to put his clothes back on, I remain sitting, cross my legs and watch him. He starts for the door and looks over his shoulder, I wave, he nods, leaves the money on the table by the door before he gently closes the door behinds him.

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  • Just Joy, no Pain

    So I wake up, I can still taste his cum on my tongue. He's sleeping, I decide to sneak away I need to sneak away to brush my teeth and take a shower. Once I make it to my bathroom I start brushing my teeth while reminiscing on the last 24 hours. Half way through my teeth brushing I hear footsteps, then I see him standing behind me in the mirror. Our eyes meet, I'm naked, so is he. I feel his heat radiating off of him, its making me hot, turning me on. I quickly finish brushing my teeth, never taking my eyes off of him, he caresses my skin ever so slightly. I feel his fingers running up and down my back, over my shoulders, he's making my knees weak. I rinse my mouth out, I bend over a bit to spit into the sink, when I do he grabs my hips and steps into me. I feel his erection between my cheeks at the small of my back. I braced my hands on the sink, look up in the mirror and see him standing behind me smiling slightly, he is too sexy for my well being.

    "I was about to take a shower..." I say, not knowing whether I wanted to stand there and be fucked out of my mind or not. "Ok, I'm not stopping you." he said with a wink. I turn towards him and smile, then walk around him and turn the water on in the shower. While adjusting the temperature of the water I feel him kissing my back. I look over my shoulder at him, "You're not stopping me hunh?" "I'm not I promise..." he says smiling against my skin. When I finally manage to get the temp right I step into the shower and he of course follows me and closes the glass door behind him. I turn and face him water is cascading off of both of us, he steps closer to me putting his arms around me then kisses me. His wet skin feels so enticing against mine, not to mention his hard cock pressing against my thigh.

    My back is against the wall, water is pouring all over us. He's a tad shorter than me but not by much, I feel his cock sliding between my legs. I wrap one of my legs around his waist, using his hand he grasps his dick and aims it towards my opening and enters me. I lose my breath at the unexpectedness of his entry. "The other leg too..." he mumbles against my neck. I look at him quizzically, his only reply, "I got you." I wrap my other leg around his waist, he holds on tight to my ass supporting me. I cant help wrapping my arms around him and kissing him passionately, when I do he begins to move inside me. I lock my ankles together and hang on for the fabulous ride. His cock is perfect, fits me perfectly. Not too long, not to thick, lusciously hard, and all slick with my juices sliding in and out of me. I'm moaning into his mouth, kissing him passionately, squeezing his cock inside me. If I had my way we'd never stop this display of lustful passion. He puts me down, his cock slipping from my vaginal grip, "Turn around." he growls at me, he sounds so animalistic at the moment.

    I turn around and put my face against the wall, I feel him grip my hips pulling me towards him slightly. His cock head probes my opening, then he thrusts expertly back into me, he is breath taking. He starts slowly, diligently, and steadily...soon he's pounding me to my first orgasm, our sounds of pleasure resonate off the walls. I'm cumming so hard my legs are shaking, I feel faint and light headed but I dont want to stop. "Can we move over there?" I point to the bench at the back of the shower. He withdraws from me and sits down, I straddle his lap and just before I engulf his hard member he says, "I know this is a lot to ask, but I'd love it if you took me here." he rubs my asshole with his wet finger. I watch him suck my nipples while I take a second to think about it, the more I think about it the more I feel my anus relax...i want him, WTF why not? I take his dick in hand, press his head against my puckered anus and slowly slide down on his erection. I cant help but be turned on as he moans with my nipple in his mouth, and his cock buried balls deep in my ass. After sitting there skewered by him for a few seconds I start to ride him, he relinquishes my breast to kiss my lips. He grabs my ass separating my buttocks all while plunging deep into me, he thrusts up as I descend onto him. It feels like heaven, we continue like this for god knows how long.

    Soon I'm cumming again over and over again, as soon as one orgasm stops another starts, I can barely breathe. My legs are quivering and my vision is blurred, I want him to explode inside me. I look him in his eyes, "Cum inside me please, I want to feel you shoot inside me, please...?" I'm begging, this is unlike me, he makes me do things I dont normally do, makes me ask for the unthinkable. He nods and starts moving inside me with a deliberate purpose, I'm holding on to him for dear life, tears running down my face. Not pain but pleasure I feel so connected to him at that moment, he took care of my every need now I want to do the same for him. His cock gets unbearably hard, he feels massive and I love it. The thought of him blowing his load is intoxicating, then it happens. I feel his cock contracting shooting his hot steamy cream deep inside me coating me. My ass is involuntarily contracting milking every drop from him. I damn near collapsed in his arms as we both took a moment to catch our breath. He looked up into my eyes, and I couldnt help but kiss him some more...I have a feeling this isnt over yet.

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  • Joy & Pain )Round 2(

    So I wake up in the middle of the night as usual. I feel the warmth of a man next to me. The memories of last night come flooding back. I glance over at him sleeping soundly. I dont have a clue of what time it is, there are no windows in here, but it feels like its really early in the morning before sunrise. I do notice he's only wearing his underwear, and only partially covered by the sheet, must have taken his clothes off at some point. He has a pretty nice body, my eyes wander to his crotch imagining whats behind that thin layer of fabric. I reach out and touch his chest, his skin is warm and smooth. I wonder if he feels that way all over, my fingers trail down to his stomach, then right above the waistband of his undies. I run my finger through the beginning of his happy trail...soft man hair nothing like it.

    Somehow I wind up with my face close to his hips as he's laying on his back still sleeping. My fingers slowly and gently feel his hips and the tops of his strong thighs. He's not a muscle head, but I can definitely appreciate his strength, I remember how he mentioned going to the gym 3 times a week. I immediately thought to myself its paying off. I couldnt resist touching his flaccid penis, I could see the silhouette of it, when i ran my finger down the length of it, I felt it become semi erect. He stirred turning towards me, but he's still asleep. I direct my eyes back to his cock, its now right in front of my face mere inches from my mouth, flaccid once more, but still calling out to me. I kiss it through the fabric of his underwear, I love the feel of it against my face. Gingerly I work my fingers inside the fly front of his undies, I feel the warm velvety skin of his scrotum first. Then I feel around for his dick. I find it there dangling down towards the bed, I look up at his face, he's still sleeping. Somehow in one delicate maneuver I extract his penis though the fly front of his briefs. I have no idea why but the idea of him being exposed while still wearing his undergarments is such a turn on. I want to see his balls too, so I maneuver the fly around them and they drupe there in all their glory. My mouth is watering, my body is humming, I guess it doesnt hurt to repay the favor.

    I kiss his balls taking time to savor the warmth and feel of his skin against my lips. I slowly lick up the shaft of his cock towards the head, I feel his cock start to harden a bit. I want to feel him get hard in my mouth, I want to feel his erection grow inside my mouth. I slowly suck his cock between my lips, then deeper into my mouth. My nose is pressed against body, I feel his balls pressing against my chin, my lips wrapped firmly around the base of his dick, my tongue flicking over his growing erection while sucking gently. For some reason sucking him while he is sleeping is so erotic, I wonder if I can work my way into his dreams. Maybe he'll just think all of this was just one hot dream, I dont know and at the moment I dont care either. Soon his erection is pressing against the back of my throat, I back him out of my mouth so I can focus on his head for a bit, after licking, sucking, and teasing his glistening dome I thrust his boner back into my mouth. Once my lips are at the base of him I stick my tongue out and lick his balls, I cant help but moan I'm enjoying it so much. I'm so into giving him head I didnt even notice his breathing had changed, instead of the deep breath of slumber he was breathing more shallow. I feel his hand touch the side of my face, "Are you having fun?" I hear him ask. I pause looking up at him my mouth full of his cock. My eyes must have betrayed me before I could respond he said, "Its ok do what you want, I just didnt want you to be startled when I moaned or something. It was becoming really hard for me not to make any noise." I resumed sucking him passionately, I knew he was watching me, I wanted him to watch me. He rolled back onto his back, my lips followed him not missing a beat. His fingers were in my hair, he was moaning telling me how great it felt, how sexy i looked, his voice was pushing me to be more daring. I motioned for him to turn over on his belly, he did so, I knelt between his legs and pulled the back of his underwear down baring his ass. What a nice round ass he has, I rub it with my hands first, then I bend down burying my face between his cheeks. I feel his opening on my lips, I lick my tongue out tasting him. One taste isnt enough I begin licking his hole as if its the last one on earth. Soon he is bucking his ass into my face wanting more, I'm thrusting my tongue in and out of him. In the middle of all of this I manage to get his underwear off. I'm eating his ass from behind, stroking his dick with my hand, and massaging his balls with my other hand. I could hear his muffled moans, and I'm sure he could hear mine as well.

    I stopped eating his ass and looked at him on now on his knees ass in the air dick and balls dangling majestically. I laid down on my back sliding my head between his legs stopping when my mouth was aligned with his throbbing erection. I wanted him to fuck my face in a major way, seeing his manhood dangling so close to my lips and envisioning it sliding in and out of my mouth as he thrusts into me was doing a number on me. I said to him )more like to his cock(, "I want you to fuck my mouth...please?" He lowered his hips slowly, as soon as his cock touched my parted lips I knew I was in for the ride of my life. He slid in and out of my mouth slowly and sensually. He was making love to me. He rolled onto his side, I turned my head no letting his cock slip from my lips he placed his hand gently on the back of my neck. He wasnt forcing me just gently holding me steady as he moved in and out of me. It was so sensual, so sexy, I'd never had a man to do this to me in this way before. Usually they just pound away until they get the prize, sometimes I dont mind that, but something about this, about him was different. I could tell he was enjoying, he had sped up just a tiny bit, but more than anything I could feel his cock straining becoming more vascular. I love the way his veiny cock tastes in my mouth. I love the way its so engorged its red almost purple. He varies his thrusts from long sliding himself out all the way to the tip and back in, to short concentrated thrusts almost like punching the back of my throat. The slurping sounds blended with his moans of pleasure and makes the perfect soundtrack. My nipples are so hard they ache, I'm still naked from last night, I reach down and rub my clit to alleviate some of tension down there.

    I'm in pure bliss letting him have his way with me. I dont feel degraded, demeaned, dishonored or any of that. If anything I feel great, I feel honored to have him lusting for me, deriving his pleasure from me. He strokes in an out of me at a steady pace chasing his orgasm, my fingers are wet from rubbing my wet pussy. I have this idea to help him along. I take my slippery fingers and lube his asshole a bit with my juices. After he's lubed enough I slip my fingers into him stroking his prostate at the same pace hes stroking in and out of my mouth. I can feel him about to explode in my mouth, I cant wait, my fingers pushing the magic button inside him over and over. I hear him let out a roar of satisfaction as he buries his dick deep into me. I feel his cum spurting out of him, feel his contractions squeezing my fingers, and his cock pulsing in my mouth. Spurt after spurt he is letting go of a huge load, I'm taking it all. I swallow several times with his cock in my mouth milking more cum out of him. Finally he stops cumming and withdraws from my lips. I didnt realize how sore my jaw was until now. I remove my fingers from his ass. "Payback is a bitch hunh?" I ask jokingly, he laughs. Its fun being with him.

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  • Surprising New Interests

    So when chatting a little while ago some interesting topics came up. I challenged myself to stretch my imagination a bit and here's what I came up with.

    So generally I'm not into men who cross dress. I dont have a problem with it, its just not something I am usually drawn to. Maybe because so many men are not able to pull off wearing what could be considered "womens" clothing well. Well my mind was changed when I happened across a picture. After staring at the pic for a few minutes my mind went crazy so buckle up...enjoy the ride...

    The first thing I noticed about the picture was the obvious. His outfit. It was obviously something that one would of course bill as a woman's outfit. A black mini skirt, and black lacy top. Both were snugly hugging his masculine body. The next thing I noticed was his face, then his facial expression. He looks so cunning, so confident, so very sexy in a super manly way. Its almost like he is playfully smirking at me, daring me to do what I was thinking. His presence can almost be felt. Nice pad...apparently is a hard worker. His daughter's pics on the fridge behind him remind me how great of a father he is. The washing machine beside the fridge makes me think of fucking him on top of it. Damn he looks sexy.

    His body is displayed perfectly. The slope of his shoulders is captivating. I can see the silhouette his muscular shoulders and arms through the black lace top. He has long fingers, with well manicured nails. My mind immediately wonders what they would feel like on my skin. My eyes scan down his body and fixate on his sexy legs. His feet are the same as his hands...hmmm I like. I cant help but want to see whats under that skirt...my imagination runs wild. I wonder how his ass looks and feels, wonder about his cock...I bet its glorious. Now after analyzing the photo for a few minutes, its ingrained into my mind. Let the fantasy begin...

    I'm there wearing nothing but crotchless stockings, with him standing in front of him. Live in the flesh, I can hear him breathing. I reach out to him and touch the side of his face. I feel his stubble beneath my finger tips. I love the feel of that...rough...manly. I have the urge to feel that stubble against my face. He's a bit taller than me...not a lot but a little. I nuzzle his cheek...he's eyeing me. I glance up at him he smiles, I melt. I feel his long fingers caressing my waist, I put my hands on his pecs, I can feel his heat radiating through me. I look down the bulge in his skirt is growing. My eyes trailed up his body back to his eyes. He kisses me possessively. I wrap my arms around his neck pulling him closer. He grabs my ass pulling me to him, his cock is pressing hard against my crotch. The feel of him sends a shiver up my spine.

    My hands begin to wander over his shoulders, down his chest, over his abs. The feeling of his toned muscles clad in delicate black lace while our tongues dance is memorizing. My hands find his firm ass, there are no words that do it justice. Somehow his energy brings out an urge inside of me. I knelt down in front of him looking up into his eyes. My eyes trail down his body stopping at his turgid dick in front of me. I reach out touching his thighs where the clingy material meets his silky skin. His muscular legs feel firm and strong, while the fabric of the skirt feels delicate. I slip my fingers between the fabric and his legs slowly lifting it towards his waist. I stop when I see the head of his cock peeking from under the skirt, I lick him, slowly suck just the head of his penis. I feel the material of the skirt brush my face...I continue to lift the skirt while sucking in more of his dick as he its exposed. Soon his cock is throat deep, and I'm moaning with him buried in my mouth. He's looking down at me, watching me, he caresses my face sweetly. In that moment I just want to please him in that way, I want to worship at his sexual throne. I let his cock slip from between my lips, and begin stroking it with my hand while sucking his balls into my mouth. I close my eyes focusing on the texture of his skin on my tongue. He's smoothly shaven which makes licking and sucking them all the more fun. I lick up the shaft of his cock and envelope him with my mouth again, my hands move down to massage his slippery testes. I let go of his balls and cup his ass with both hands guiding his thrusting cock into my mouth. His ass feels so good in my hands I have to see it...to taste it. I stop sucking him and turn him around and gaze admirably at his buns. I kiss them tenderly, he places his hands on the edge of a table, bending at the waist. His cheeks separate a little exposing his anus. He's offering me his rosebud and I cant refuse such a gift. I palm each of his buttocks with each of my hands separating them farther. I lean in placing a kiss on his puckered hole. I begin tonging it, sensually making out with it. I take time to lick from his dangling cock up his shaft over his balls across his perineum and lick and suck his sweet ass as if its the last piece of candy on earth. Suddenly I hear, "I think you've done enough...its now my turn." His accent is deeply memorizing. So much so that I'm not even sure how I ended up on top of the washing machine mentioned earlier. He's kissing me passionately his chest pressed against my breasts only the lacy material of his blouse separating us. My legs are wrapped around his hips pulling him closer to me.

    I feel his manhood nudging open my moist lips. "Don't move." he says walking away from me disappearing into his bedroom. He returns in a few minutes, the anticipation builds within me. He kisses my neck upon his return in front of me, his hands groping my breasts. He pinches my nipples firmly as he slides into me. My hands caress down his back to his ass, I grab his buttocks pulling him deeper. We continue kissing each other and moaning. He's not thrusting in and out of me, just there deep, hot, and hard. I caress the crack of his ass, then I feel it. I realize what he went to do. I feel the tail of an Aneros protruding from him. The thought of his ass being filled is such a turn on, my cunt convulses involuntarily around his hardness. I wonder what he feels at the moment, I also try my best to not move too much, I dont want to ruin his joyous prostate massage. I dont know if its my imagination or not but it feels as if his cock is growing more still inside me. I feel my gspot swelling, warm tingling sensations are slowly moving up my spine to my head. The flutters in my stomach tear through my body over and over with a mind of their own. He begins to slowly move inside me. I can hear the sounds of my wetness as he moves. I'm rubbing his nipples through the lace, his pace quickens, his eyes stare menacingly into mine. I'm rendered completely speechless and silent, my mind is having trouble concentrating on anything other than him and breathing. The latter I wouldnt bother focusing on if I didnt need to breathe to stay alive. He continues to drive into me, with each thrust I relax more letting him in deeper and deeper. After a few minutes he dives deep into my drenched cunt with his cock and kisses me deeply.

    He picks me up, I wrap my legs tightly around him as well as my arms. We never stop kissing. I feel him sitting down with me in his lap. I realize we are sitting on the edge of his bed, his feet flat on the floor, my knees on the mattress on both sides of him. He's still buried inside me, his hands move to my breasts. He breaks off our kiss as he brings one of my nipples to his lips. He sucks them teasingly at first just sending small subtle sensations through me. My body reacts, I move atop him grinding my hips into him. The combination of my him inside me and the nipple sucking is making me lust for him more. He was holding onto me tightly, I was squeezing his cock inside me as I continued to bounce on his throbbing member. I push him back on the bed so hes laying on his back. I'm riding his with reckless abandon, at the moment nothing else matters except this mountain i'm climbing. I'm riding him hard and fast, breasts bouncing, head back eyes closed, panting. My legs are burning but i cant stop now if I wanted to, I'm so close to the peak, I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter with downward stroke. I start to feel him "helping" me. He's thrusting up into me as I descent, when we meet he pounds my gspot with precision accuracy. His hands are on my hips guiding me. I know i'm making all kinds of sounds of pleasure, if I heard myself later I'd probably be totally embarrassed but at the moment Its all I can do. I can tell just a few more strokes and I'm there.

    Then it happens. I'm screaming his name, digging my fingernails into his chest, I cant move, but he is still thrusting beneath me. It takes a second but I realize he's having his own orgasm, I can feel his cock pulsing inside me. He's writhing beneath me emptying himself deep within me. Once we are both spent, I lay on his chest listening to his racing heartbeat start to slow. His breathing is deep, but not as fast, neither is mine. We lay there for I dont know how long...until I wake up from my dream. Ahhh fantasies.

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  • Joy & Pain

    Gotta replace the old with some new, so this is a mix of fact & fiction )mostly the latter(. I'll let you figure out which is which.

    Met a guy...broke a ton of my rules giving him a shot. The things I felt for him I hadn't felt in over a decade. He'd already shown me he's a dark man. Said he isnt into "dark arts" mystically, but he's as evil as they come. He lead me to believe I was his friend, that he respected me. At his first convenience he used me. He knew he never wanted to see or speak to me again but that didnt stop him from fucking me repeatedly. I was nothing but a cum receptacle to him. Yet he continues to try and con me into believing he respects me, likes me, and is my friend )or still wants to be that...yea the fuck right(. Last time I checked you dont lie, fuck, and kick friends to the curb...apparently his view on friendship, respect, and just about everything is warped to fit his delusional mindset. He's delusional...and I'm done with him. I've made up my mind I wont sacrifice myself, that doesnt stop the pain though. Sleeping has been in large part replaced by lamenting over my stupidity where he is concerned. This will pass...just wish it was a little faster.

    It's funny how people in various stages of life seem to bond effortlessly. When I least expected it...a man with a bruised heart of his own shows up. He's so kind, always offering me encouragement. His words are far more than touching, they are soothing.

    A little time goes by, I havent talked to the gentle spirit who helped lift mine. Then I run into him. As usual he's chipper. His mood is infectious. I cant help but want to be near him. We talk, he tells me I'm beautiful...I'm so jaded by men I blow it off. We talk of our interests...we're a lot alike actually. Time glides by with him, I invite him back to my home. I must be crazy as I never invite people into my space )outside of very close friends(. However this time I have an overwhelming urge to just spend some quality with him. Just watch a movie, tv, talk, eat, or maybe just be in good company.

    He trails me home on his motorcycle. He looks so damn sexy on that bike...I keep glancing at him in my rear view mirror. He pulls into my driveway right behind me, I motion him to part his bike in the garage. His bike looks great in the newly empty space there. I watch him dismount and fight the images of him scantily dressed and his bike that float through my head. 'Not again...learn from your mistakes you horndog!!!' I think to myself as I get my keys out of my purse. I unlock the door and enter, he's following behind me.

    Once inside, I put down my things and turn to him and say, "I thought maybe we could watch a little TV if thats ok with you? Or whatever you'd like..." "I"m at your mercy." he replies. "Ok come on...this way" I grab his hand )have no idea why just natural i guess( and lead him through the house to the screening room )theater(. I drop his hand and open the double doors, "Nice." I hear him say. "Please sit where you want, make yourself at home...would you like anything to drink?" He sits down at one end of the couch thats in the middle then states, "No, I'm fine at the moment." I notice he didnt sit in any of the recliners, nor did he choose the bed either...I wont read anything into that. "Well just let me know if you need anything." He smiles and nods. I sit down next to him, not too close, grab the remote flip through to see whats on. I'm not really paying attention to whats on the screen, my mind is on him. After a few mins, I give him the remote, I feel him looking at me. "Watch what you want, you're my guest." I say to him. He smirks while tossing the remote aside simply saying, "I am already." I nearly melted at his flirtatious stare. "I'm thirsty, want anything?" "Beer?" he asks. "Bud Light is all I have..." He winks in agreement, I turn on my heels and try to remember where my kitchen is. He's frying my brain already, I have to hold it together. I grab some water, and his beer, take a few minutes to collect myself, then returned to him. I handed him his beer and sat back down, I noticed he'd found a movie on, "I see you found something, good...lets watch." I say. We watch the movie, and somehow not long into it we end up in each others arms. As the credits roll, my head is on his chest, I can hear his heart beating, this feels so perfect. He feels divine. I look up at him, our eyes meet. I get that 'oh shit he's gonna kiss me' feeling surprisingly I dont move away. He gives me the softest sweetest kiss I've had in a very long time, the feelings it evokes from me brings tears to my eyes. I break the kiss and sit up on the couch.

    He sees my tears and immediately asks, "Are you ok, did I go too far...I'm sorry, I shouldn't have...its just..." I stop him, "Its not you. Look, the last time i was intimate with someone it ended horribly for me. I just needed somebody to be gentle with me, I was in a fragile place. I just wanted him to cherish me and treat me with respect, he ended up just using me. So instead of him helping me feel better, he made me feel almost infinitely worse. I just wanted to feel beautiful, sexy, desirable, just normal. I would have settled for normal, yet he made me feel exactly the opposite of all of those things. If thats what you plan to do here, I'm not open to that. I'll be honest and let you know, I can handle anymore deception, I'm not stupid, I understand sexual desire. However, if this is some ploy to lure me in and I never hear from you again, just let me know what I'm getting into. If all you want is a one nighter let me know. I hate being lied to, I hate being used." "I'm not here to use you, I kissed you because I wanted to know exactly how sweet you were. Now that my suspicions are confirmed, I just want to make sure that you are ok, and understand that the guy who treated you that way is the king of assholes. We dont have to go any further than you are comfortable with. I wont disappear, I wont use you, I'm not out to just score, you're fun to be around...and yes if given the chance I would sleep with you. If I were to get that lucky that is, I'd be respectful of your emotions and past hurt." His blunt honesty and the look in his eyes made me feel secure with him. Before I knew it I was launching myself at him kissing him like my life depended on it. I have no idea what came over me except the need to have his lips fused with mine. His lips are so warm and soft, he tastes amazingly sweet. He's an awesome kisser, thorough, gentle, but assertive. We make out until we are breathless.

    We sit there speechless for a few minutes. He grabs my hand and kisses it, "That was nice." I nod in agreement, still at a loss for words. I'm so turned on I can feel the wetness between my thighs soaking my panties. My nipples are so hard they hurt. I have this overwhelming urge to rip his clothes right off his body. I just sit their as calmly as possible, I dont want to scare him senseless, I want to fuck him senseless. I have to get these notions out of my head...I cant let my horniness take over me, not again. He's still holding my hand when he stands and leads me over to the bed at the back of the room. We stand beside it staring into each others eyes. I dont know why but
    wordlessly and effortlessly I pull the covers back and slid between the sheets. He joins me, I noticed he brought the remote. He snuggles up close to me, puts his free arm around me pulling me a little closer and finds another movie to watch. It feels so good to relax with him, my head resting on his chest. I can hear him breathing and his heart beating...I must have gotten really comfortable because I fell asleep at some point.

    When I wake up its dark, but I can faintly feel his breath on my face...he's looking at me. I smile, "What are you doing?" "You feel asleep, I was waiting for you to wake up so I could ask you something." he simply states. "What is it?" I ask. "What you said earlier has me thinking, could you maybe use some...pampering?" he asks kind of hesitantly. I'm not sure what he has in mind, but I trust him. "Yea, I think so, go ahead." I murmur. I feel his hand brush across my breast...my nipples harden instantly. He lifts my shirt, I lean up to help him get it over my head. He traces the edge of my bra with his fingers kissing my skin, it feels heavenly. I sigh and close my eyes, I just want to feel him...with my eyes closed my sense of touch is heightened. With all of my focus on what he doing to me, I feel him unclasp the front of my bra freeing my breasts. He cups them with his warm soft hands gently circling my nipples with his thumbs. I can feel those tingling sensations traveling from my nipples down my stomach to my clit. I'm writhing beneath his touch. His fingers trail down my belly to the button of my pants. He undoes it, unzips the fly and slips his hands inside cupping my mons from outside my panties. I know his fingertips feel my wetness thats soaked through my undies. "Excited are we?" he asks...I can tell he is smirking at me. I dont say anything, he slides his hands inside my panties caressing my clit with one of his fingertips. I find myself opening my legs more to give him unhindered access to my goods. He dips his finger into my wet cavern. A moan escapes my lips. I think I might be i over my head.

    He shifts so that he can rid me of my pants and panties. Once that is done, his hands are once again on my breast. I feel him envelope on of my nipples into his warm lips. The tingling starts again, he alternates between nipples. When the air caresses the wet nipple he's just left behind, the cold sensation feels wonderful. The thought of his mouth being there and now on my other nipple is so erotic. I anticipate what he will do next, even though I really have no idea. Soon his hands are moving down my body stopping at my hips, his lips follow the same path his hands took more or less. The next thing I know he's licking my labia slowly teasing me. I can feel my clit getting more erect and peeking from between my lips. It almost felt like it was reaching out for some needed attention from his hot wet tongue. Finally I get reprieve when he slides his tongue between my labia encircling my clit a few times. Sounds escape my lips...but I'm not sure what they are...I'm not completely coherent. He thoroughly licks every part of my pussy sending me into a frenzy. His fingers are massaging my inner thighs, then he grabs my ass pulling me closer to his mouth. He's going to devour me, and I'm going to let him. He tongues my hole for a few moments, then slips 2 fingers inside. His lips return to my clit sucking it gently, I feel his fingers feeling for my gspot. He knows he's in the right stop when i surrender totally going limp letting him have his way with me with no protest at all. I'm whimpering and moaning, loving every second of it. I can feel my gspot swelling, my clit feels hard as a rock. I know I'm going to have a monumental orgasm at the hands of this man. I cant stop it, nor do I really want to. The last time I had an orgasm it was at the hands of a leech, I'm tired of that memory haunting me. I want a new one to focus on...one with the man who is sucking and manually stimulating me closer and closer to the edge of my sanity. I love what he is doing to me...I feel myself peaking.

    I can feel the waves of pleasure radiating out from my gspot to the rest of my body all the way to my fingers and toes. I feel so hot, so overwhelmed. He speeds up his fingers and sucking motion, I'm going to cum any minute now. He presses hard on my gspot, and flicks his tongue rapidly over my clit. I go off like a bomb. Shuttering and screaming his name, my fingers in his hair, legs wrapped around him. He doesnt stop when I cum, he just eases up on the intensity coaxing me down from my high. Soon I'm laying completely limp and worn out. His lips meet mine in a sizzling kiss. Then he settles into bed next to me wrapping his arms around me pulling my back close to his chest. I can feel his hard cock pressed against my ass...

    I'm a little puzzled, is this it? "Ummm going to sleep?" "Yea unless you want to watch something else but you seam beat." "I just thought...well you'd want me to return the favor." "Tonight was about you...I'm fine I promise." I decide to take him at his word. He's proving to be a generous man. We both drift off into sleep.

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  • Mood Setter

    Well a couple of times I've been asked what I listen to music wise to get turned on. Its kind of hard to say in just a few words so I decided I'd put up a playlist. Now keep in mind this is not one of those types of playlists that is subliminal and has all these specific frequencies and all that...honestly having a very diverse musical background...that crap annoys me and just makes me want to turn it off. I guess because its just sounds designed to relax you...however I dont need weird sounds to relax me...I can relax in silence...I'm pretty laid back to begin with. So this is for the music heads like me.

    Now this playlist really can serve a multitude of purposes. I use it primarily as a mood setter before a session....however I dont get up and turn it off...I just let it play, however at a point I do forget its there. This playlist can be used to set the mood before or during sex as well...the songs I have are certified panty droppers...if you dont know what that means...consult with me lol. Sometimes I really believe that men dont take time to get women in the mood...lots of time music helps...stop being lazy guys. Ok on to the list:

    Anticipation )intro( - Marsha Ambrosius
    Let Me Have Your Body - Tomi
    Freak'in Me - Jamie Foxx
    Take Care - Marsha Ambrosius
    Lay Down - Floetry
    So Much Sex - Tomi
    With You - Marsha Ambrosius
    Slow - Jamie Foxx
    Softest Lips - Eric Roberson
    Alone Together - Daley
    Primetime - Janelle Monae
    Late Nights Early Mornings - Marsha Ambrosius
    Magic Happens - Tomi
    Sex Never Felt Better - TGT
    Your Hands - Marsha Abrosius

    Now this is just one playlist I have. Most if not all of the songs can be found on youtube...just type title and artist. I have more and I'll post them in time. Now I realize that everybody may not like the style of music but do me a favor...be open minded. I really feel that most people arent diverse enough...that includes music. None of these tracks are rock, pop, alternative, country )although I really will do a country playlist soon as they have the best lyrics in the WORLD(, etc... Just take time to listen to the lyrics they should excite you at least some what. I honestly believe that I have listened to these songs so much )sometimes I even go to sleep to "slow jams"( that subconsciously the message they convey has worked its way in me. Now when I hear most of them...instant arousal. Now the lyrics are NOT meant for children. They are not too bad but I will warn you that they are sexually explicit so if you are very tame and scared so discuss sex I would advice you not listen...also log of of this site immediately.

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A to Z


A anal sphincter

The ring of muscles surrounding the anus. There are two rings, the outer and the inner. The outer is under voluntary control. The inner is not (it is controlled by the autonomic nervous system but can be trained to relax therapeutically with biofeedback). To identify this muscle, squeeze your anus as though you are holding back gas. This is the muscle that primarily drives the motion of the Aneros.

B Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

Or BPH. A non-cancerous enlarging of the prostate common in middle aged and older men, often causing urinary symptoms. BPH is one of the prostate ailments that the Aneros was originally developed to help treat. (from the wiki)


see Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

H hands-free

The patented design of our massagers allows them to be used completely – hands-free. This is an advantage over other prostate massagers. It allows an Aneros massager to be used in any position the user wants. More importantly, it frees the user to focus solely on the sensations instead of making a conscious effort to manually manipulate the massager. This subtle freedom is important for bringing the mind and body together during a session, which by many experience users is considered a required technique to master in order to achieve a Super-O.

J journey to the Super-O

Aneros massagers can be enjoyed in many different ways – to enhance a strength and pleasure of penile orgasms during partnered or solo sex, or solely for the pleasures derived from prostate orgasms. The ultimate experience for the route is the Super-O. The practice and understanding of how an Aneros massager, the body, and mind play off of one another to eventually achieve a Super-O is now commonly referred to as the “Journey to the Super-O” by our community members. For some men, this learning period is short in duration. For others, it can take quite some time. There are some key milestones on this journey – they can be viewed

K Kundalini Tab

Also known as the K-Tab.  Curves upwards to rest above the anus between the buttocks to pressure on an acupressure spot there. Named after the yoga concept that there is a serpent of power located at the base of the body’s trunk. The K-Tab and the arm that it extends from has taken the place of the handle seen in other Aneros models. (adapted from the wiki)

P PC muscle

The pubococcygeus muscle, one of a number of muscles in the pelvic floor. It is a hammock-like muscle, found in both sexes, that stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx (tail bone) forming the floor of the pelvic cavity and supporting the pelvic organs. The PC muscle is largely involved in sexual response and contracting during orgasm. It is believed that strengthening leads to longer, more powerful orgasms. (from the wiki)

pelvic floor

The set of muscles that span the area beneath the pelvis, supporting the pelvic organs. (from the wiki)


The area between the scrotum and anus. The perineum provides external access to the prostate and a pudendal nerve acupressure spot.

perineum tab

On Aneros devices, the front arm which curves upward to press on the perineum during an Aneros session.   This actions prevents external prostate stimulation.  It also acts as a fulcrum against which the device can pivot to perform the internal prostate stimulation.


Aneros massagers are made from 3 different types of plastic. All are FDA approved and medical-grade, non-porous, and each has the right density for the right weight and balance for that particular model.


Inflammation of the prostate. Although there are many suspected causes, (bacterial infection, auto-immune response and neuromuscular tension), prostatitis remains an intractable disease which is often times unresponsive to traditional forms of treatment. Before the advent of antibiotics prostate massage was the first line form of treatment. In recent years with many people turning to holistic and homeopathic forms of medicine, prostate massage has been enjoying resurgence. (from the wiki)


Prostate specific antigen. A chemical produced in the prostate and measured in the blood as an indication of cellular activity in the prostate. Abnormally high levels of PSA may indicate health concerns such as inflammation or cancer. The PSA measurement may be elevated by ejaculation, and any form of anal play, including the Aneros. Ask your doctor for a recommended period of abstention prior to taking this test (the Aneros manufacturer suggests a few days to a week). (from the wiki)

S silicone

We call our silicone “Velvet Touch” for its luxurious, matte finish which is designed to hold lubricant. Silicone is used in our Syn models as well as the Vice and deVice.


An abbreviation of Super orgasm. An overwhelmingly strong non-ejaculatory orgasmic event. Orgasms that have no refractory period allowing them to be repeated multiple times.  Though different for each man, the Super-O is considered to be the ultimate pleasure a man can achieve.

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