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A Prostate Awakening

An Aneros prostate stimulator will unlock the latent sexual energy held within your prostate. When this happens, you’ll never be the same.

A Prostate Awakening

Many men, especially those with experience with prostate stimulation or anal play, are able to attain the Super Orgasm immediately with the Aneros prostate stimulator. For others, the Super-O will take more time to reach and will require a learning or training period. During this time, through practice with his Aneros prostate stimulator, a man and his body will discover they are capable of producing and experiencing unique, pleasurable sensations in greater amounts than they ever had before. We call this training period the “Journey to the Super-O.”

This path of self-discovery can stand alone as a singular, extremely personal phase of a man’s life. Each man’s journey will be different, and the result is a greater understanding of how his body and mind can work together to reach incredible heights of ecstasy.

A key milestone on the path is the “Awakening of the Prostate.” When the prostate is “awakened” an Aneros prostate stimulator user will become more aware of everything related to his prostate. He will become more in tune with the Aneros prostate stimulator and his own anal contractions. A user may experience some “buzzing” of the prostate as his body becomes aware of the changes within. Once the prostate is awakened through using the Aneros prostate stimulator, many a man has found he can induce waves of pleasure by simply contracting and relaxing his PC muscles — without even using the Aneros prostate stimulator!

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