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A healthy prostate means you’re able to have stronger, longer sex. Stronger, longer sex means you’re able to keep a healthy prostate. It all comes full circle in a very sexy way.

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Men are able to have multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms which can be extremely intense.


Aneros prostate massagers can be used for solo play or to enhance sex with a partner

Increase Performance

Men who have tried prostate massage show an increase in libido, sexual performance and satisfaction.

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Helix SYN


  • Hands free pleasure with the utmost comfort.
  • Specially balanced for superior internal movement.
  • Redesigned arms for enhanced external stimulation.
  • Stimulates 4 erogenous zones simultaneously.
  • Perfect for New and Advanced Users.



Expanding the Horizons of Human Sexuality

helix syn v

Helix SynV

Aneros Tempo


vice 2

Vice 2

I have been using the Aneros Helix classic and the Eupho Syn having had some pleasurable sensations trying every possition, the 'do nothing' technique, exercising my muscles, etc. I've had sessions once a month, once a week, thrice a week, staying relaxed listening to music, focusing on the sensatio

where's the video? I want to watch it


@chestnut well said. You almost descibed by situation to a T! I now just sit back and enjoy whatever sensation I get at the moment. To me, any of these sensations, however big or small, are all sensations I had never experienced before prostate play (started in Jan 2016).

Life is wo


Classification is full of pitfalls, what someone classifies as a Super O may just be a strong P wave to others. I have had some amazing rides over my 20 years + of using Aneros devices. Some days I declare yes that was a Super O only to find another day it feels even better.

Daily y


Another great session yesterday with my HelixSyn Trident! Have decided from experience that the best position for me is laying on my right side with right leg straight and left leg bent! In this position the HelixSyn Trident gets pulled in to the maximum and locks itself into place! Doesn’t tak

"After a period of time I started having full body orgasms that you would not believe. What was incredible is the orgasms didn't involve my penis at all. My toes were curling. This is a totally incredible experience. I am not used to having full body orgasms at all. This was totally unexpected. My body shook, my toes curled, I was screaming and moaning."
− Aneros Forum User
"Wave upon wave of both warmth and pleasure hit me for 40 minutes. I was exhausted. What a feeling!!!"
− Aneros Forum User
"At this point I just let go and my whole body started convulsing violently on its own. I felt like I was having an orgasm over and over again."
− Aneros Forum User

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The Aneros Prostate Massager Story

Many of our customers have asked how the ANEROS prostate massager came to be. As it turns out, it was from a seemingly unlikely source that brought together prostate health and pleasure in eventful way.

The Beginning of Aneros

The year was 1994 in Tokyo, Japan…where a certain Japanese urologist had been providing patients with in-office prostate massage for the treatment of chronic prostatitis, chronic pelvic pain syndrome and the symptoms of BPH. Having had great success with it in his practice, he
theorized if patients were able to do this in the privacy of their own homes…they might do it more often, to even greater benefit. With that he sought out and came into contact with a Japanese inventor living in the United States.

By 1996 the first hands-free, self-powered prostate massager was invented and patented. Anatomically designed, this product was made to work in harmony with a man’s body providing focused prostate massage from anal contractions only.

For the next several years the product sold well as a health device, receiving rave reviews and testimonials from satisfied users. At the same time an increasing number of these people began contacting the company about a peculiar “side-effect”. Namely, a completely unexpected, very intense “dry orgasm” as a result of using the product. Over time so many of these reports came streaming in, the company realized that they to start marketing the massager for pleasure as well. With that the ANEROS brand was born.

The Aneros Prostate Massager Becomes a Crowd Pleaser

Within several years of the product’s release, sales increased exponentially. Looking back on it now, it’s clear, this was a turning point in the acceptance and popularity of prostate stimulation. The availability of a device that allowed an individual to explore self-administered prostate massage in the privacy of their own home…. was a game changer. Finally, the connection between prostate stimulation and prostate pleasure had been established in a real way that
people could experience for themselves. And unlike the Taoist methods “injaculation” it even offered an alternative for those who were unable to achieve the prostate orgasm right away, as it was turned out to be a powerful amplifier for traditional orgasms as well. Better yet, the Aneros prostate massagers could be used alone or with a partner and required no batteries to operate.

Aneros Massagers; The New Norm

With the Aneros popularity on the rise, in coming years other companies also introduced their own prostate products. Up until that time prostate pleasure devices had been pretty much limited to repurposed vaginal G-spot toys and butt plugs. With the success of Aneros, other manufacturers began making products that were more specialized for prostate stimulation… ushering in a golden age of prostate play that continues to this day. As the word of the power of the prostate spread, interest in manual prostate massage and pegging significantly increased as well, with couples eager to share a new kind intimacy together.

Aneros Prostate Massagers

There are numerous Aneros products you can choose from which you can use for massaging your prostate. Some may look very similar to other products but each one is designed to provide a different level of experience and result. There are products for beginners, intermediate clients, and even advanced users.
Beginner Prostate Massagers – If you are newly introduced to prostate massage and not accustomed to using a massager, then you may want to start with Aneros Helix Prostate massager or Helix Syn Trident prostate massager. Both massagers are created with a large head and angled body with special contours and balancing to effect strong prostate sensations and at the same time make them responsive to your anal contractions. Furthermore, both the Aneros Helix and Aneros Helix Syn feature
Multi-Axial Motion Architecture that allows flexibility and terrific freedom of movement, plus they have new tabs and arms that are designed to stimulate P and K acupressure spots that help produce simultaneous stimulation but with added stability.

Intermediate Prostate Massagers – For intermediate users, we highly suggest the use of Progasm prostate massager. It is currently the largest prostate massager offered by Aneros and is half-inch larger than the beginner models. It comes with a round perineum tab and a Kundalini “K-Tab” that creates sensations up and down the back that complements the sensations created on the prostate by the main shaft of Aneros progasm.

Advance Prostate Massagers – For sure advanced users do not believe in bigger is better, rather performance is all that matters. For advanced users looking for an agile massager that is highly responsive then the Aneros Eupho Syn Trident or Eupho Trident is the best. They may be smaller or slimmer than other products but their small size demands better muscle tone to control to achieve the ultimate prostate pleasure possible. These products may be used solo or with a partner.