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Model Notes

The MGX is our flagship model and for all levels of experience, including novices. The MGX has a balanced head and a ribbed stem. Its perineum tab is our thick, standard design. The MGX has received glowing reviews in publications around the world and is a great all-around performer.

The SGX is our smallest model. It was originally developed for the Asian market and is geared towards men 5’6” and shorter, but this does not mean that our other models would be too large. Like the MGX, it has a balanced head and ribbed stem with a thick, standard perineum tab. The SGX is for men of all experience levels, but users getting good results from the SGX will want to move to a larger model. Due to its smaller size, it may be a good starter model for men apprehensive about prostate stimulation.

The Classic is the first model based on our original prototype. It has a balanced, longer, ribbed stem with two nodules on the head. The perineum tab is our thick, standard design. The dimensions of the Classic make it scaled well for taller and bigger men. The Classic is for all experience levels and is only offered as part of the Volcano Pak.

The best-selling Helix is a “Next-Gen” model with many unique design characteristics. It has a large, bulbous head and thin-angled stem for greater pivoting action. The tip of the head is also flatter, offering the most direct contact on the prostate. The result is a more vigorous massage. The Helix is great for users of all levels of experience.

The Maximus is definitely true to its name, with a large head, large stem, and thick, standard perineum tab. It is recommended for the advanced Aneros user and for men experienced with anal play/intercourse and is popular in the gay community. Its size makes it more difficult to insert and moves less than the other models. Experienced Aneros users will have higher developed PC muscles, which makes it easier for the Maximus to move. The Maximus has been reported to be a great performer during traditional intercourse.

The Eupho is our most advanced model, based on the most number of patents. It is recommended only for advanced Aneros users. It is proportionally the longest and slimmest model. It has a dime-style perineum tab and extremely thin head. The design means that the Eupho will move the most of all our models. Therefore the user needs to have highly developed PC muscles in order to control the Eupho. The thin head will “dance” all-around the prostate providing subtler sensations than the other models.

The Progasm is our newest and largest member of the Aneros family. Based on popular demand for an even larger model than the Maximus, we created the Progasm to be both filling and agile. The Progasm is only recommended for advanced users due to its size. The Progasm has a new round-ball style perineum tab which disperses pressure on the prostate differently than the dime and standard styles. The Progasm also features a Kundalini “K-Tab” in the round-ball style. The K-Tab places pressure on an acupressure point at the base of the spine for complementary sensations with the prostate stimulation.

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