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Progasm – Ice

Every Aneros Progasm Ice is a one-of-a-kind. The production process creates a unique air bubble, making each one unlike any other. The sleek design provides an intense prostate massage backed by our patented hands-free design.

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It's BIG, but oh soooo good!!!  Definitely not for Novice/First timer.  Got to Super-O's with Helix and wanted to go to the next level and this is it!  Round P and new K-tab are awesome!!  This is the go big or go home Aneros and if you're man enough be prepared to amaze yourself!
My Progasm Ice arrived yesterday morning just three days after I placed the order. It is quite a beauty and looks a little bigger than the picture, and I am glad it is. I waisted no time getting everything in order for my first session. I was already very horny and just looking at this thing, knowing it was about to be inside me had my cock throbbing. Going with the instructions that came with it, and some more info I had read on your forum made the Progasm easy to deploy into action. It is just the right size for me and I had it locked into place right away. I love the way it feels in me.  I let a few minutes go by trying to hold off on squeezing but finally I couldn't resist and started the action. Total Bliss!!...At first I was trying to pace the contractions, and was doing a good job of it. Each contraction, when I pulled and held it for as long as I could,  sent the most incredible feelings I think I have ever had .I was rock hard and my cock was oozing precum like never before. Pretty soon, it seemd the contractions were automatic and I could have stronger sensations if I could pull it all the way in and hold it. Doing that just drove me wild and when I would relax the contractions would start up all over again. I tried a few different positions to see what was was going to work best and to be most comfortable. The position that drove me over the edge was when I managed to get up to the head of the bed on my knees. Then move back slowly while my arms rested on the headboard with my knees spread apart and my back arched. By now the Progasm was in full auto mode and by arching my back made it feel like it allowed the Progasm to penetrate deeper. This was about all I could handle and finally I let loose the most intense whole body orgasm I have ever experienced while I moaned in pure total bliss. This is truly a remarkable product and is worth every cent paid. Get the lube applicator with it as well. I just love my Progasm....Thank you Aneros.  
The 1st Aneros & only aneros i bought and its great to look at and even more great to feel a must buy
While functionally is identical to the regular Progasm this model is a beauty to behold, each one a unique sculpture in clear material like a Steuben Art glass piece. You may want to just keep it around to look at.