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Peridise Complete Set

Continuing in the Aneros tradition of intelligent design, we’re happy to introduce the Peridise Unisex Anal Toy. You’ve never experienced an anal toy like this before because there’s never been anything like it. By stimulating a peristaltic response, it generates a regional orgasmic response that can stand alone or enhance a traditional orgasm.

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With Varying Sizes, Everyone Can Try

The thoughtful design of the Peridise allows for easy introduction, comfortable use, and a freedom of movement for an experience like no other. As your skill and strength advances, you should start with the larger model and move down in diameter. You will find that the smaller the device, the more exquisite the pleasure.

• Scientifically and anatomically designed

• Hands-free for use alone or with a partner

• For both men AND women

• Great for beginners and advanced users

With Varying Sizes, Everyone Can Try
Don't Forget Lubricant!

Don't Forget Lubricant!

The key to getting the most enjoyment from the Male G-Spot is applying a liberal amount of lubricant. This allows the massager to both be inserted comfortably and move freely during use. We recommend using only water-based lubes because they will not affect the product adversely and are very easy to clean up after use. Our Marksman™ water-based lubricant has been specially formulated for anal use and comes in a handy applicator with an extension which allows it to be dispensed both internally and externally.


Head Diameters: 22mm, 20mm, 18mm, 16mm
Total Length: 4 inches


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