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Aneros Starter Kit

The perfect choice for beginner-level users unsure about where to start. The Aneros Starter Kit has the two things you absolutely need to enjoy your Male G-spot.

Our most popular device, the Aneros MGX is anatomically designed to engage the prostate (Male G-spot) as well as the perineum at the same time. With practice utilizing anal kegel exercises, you can achieve a hands-free prostate massage like no other, ultimately achieving male orgasms like you’ve never experienced before.

Paired up with the Aneros MGX is just the right amount of ID Glide in 4 travel size (10ml) packs. This water-based lubricant gives you the lubrication you need to get your MGX moving smoothly! Not only is ID Glide perfect for Aneros products, but it is safe for all the toys in your arsenal!

$59.90 $49.95


I've been using the MGX with the starter kit at least a few times a week, but haven't reached the intense super O experience that I read about from other users.  It still feels very good and it does greatly enhance both solo sessions and sex with lady friends.  I have just ordered the Helix however, and once that gets here I'll be eager to continue my quest for the elusive super - O.
This is my first aneros product. I've never used anything like this before. I have been into anal for several years now, and until this toy, I thought I knew what anal pleasure was. The MGX is a small toy for somene that has had anal experiences, but not too small to enjoy. I am 6 ft tall, and the MGX does hit my spot. There might be other models that would give more pressure, but I don't think that is needed for pleasure. I have noticed that the lube included with the "starter kit" seems to fade before I do.
I've been wanting something to sexually satisfy me and I've found it; without going to gay bars, etc.. The Aneros, messages my prostate while searching for sex or not.  I'm very pleasde wth the profuct.