Which Aneros model is right for me? How do I know it’s the right size?

1) Despite differences in height, weight and other physical characteristics, the location of the prostate gland – 2 to 3 inches inside the anus – is the same in approximately 98% of all men. By having an insertion length of approximately four inches, the Aneros compensates for differences in physical dimensions.

Unfortunately, we do not have any definitive rules for deciding upon which massager is best for any given individual. Ultimately, this has to be a personal decision. People of all sizes and shapes from all over the world have used the Aneros, and preferences vary.

If a general trend can be identified, the SGX has become more popular in the Asian (primarily Japanese) market because of the shorter insertion length, 3.5 inches, while reviews are inconclusive among other populations.

Is Aneros difficult to insert or use in any way?

The Aneros is extremely simple to use. With a liberal application of lubricant, and a relaxed and open state of mind, anyone can use it. Once inserted, the Aneros should feel quite comfortable. However, it is important to relax and to allow enough time to become accustomed to its presence before beginning the contractions. After this point, attentiveness and patience are required in order to experience the full extent of the incredible feelings of pleasure that the Aneros will provide.

How should it be inserted? Which way is the front?

The Aneros, when inserted, should tilt forward. The curled arm (handle) should fit between the buttocks, and the upturned arm should touch the perineum, which is between the anus and the scrotum.

What exactly does “hands-free” mean?

“Hands-free” means exactly that — the Aneros is controlled only by the contractions of the man’s rectal muscles. The patented design takes the body’s contractions and transfers them into a pivoting action which stimulates the prostate, perineum and anal canal at the same time, all without any manual intervention. This means that a man can use the Aneros solo or comfortably during traditional intercourse as well.

Should I use lubricant with the Aneros? If so, what kind?

Proper use of lubricant is very important for several reasons: ease of insertion, overall comfort during use, and proper functioning of Aneros. Both the rectum and the Aneros should be well-lubricated so that the massager glides in easily and is able to move freely throughout the massage. Insufficient lubrication could also cause discomfort. If this results, discontinue use or remove and reapply lubricant. We recommend ID Glide, which provides sustained lubrication without breakdown. Another well-known brand that works fine is KY brand. We recommend water-based as opposed to petroleum-based lubricants, and we advise against the use of heating or warming oils due to the sensitive nature of the tissues inside the rectum.

New to our product line is the Aneros Marksman, our own formula great for all types of anal play.

How should I clean the Aneros?

The Aneros is made of non-porous FDA approved materials and can easily be cleaned with hot, soapy water. We recommend cleaning the Aneros before and after every usage.

What is the best position for using the Aneros?

Based upon our research and reports from other customers, the most effective position is a side position. Lie down on your right side (for some reason people seem to prefer right over left) and pull your left knee up towards your waist. Both legs should be bent, with the left more so. It’s a very easy and comfortable position to assume. The same position can be done while lying on the left side. However, some experimentation may be required in order to find what is most effective for you. Explore to discover what you like best. As a side note, ESO: Extending Sexual Orgasm, by Brauer & Brauer is a very good reference for information and illustrations

How often should I use the Aneros?

We suggest using the Aneros 2 to 3 times per week for up to 30 minutes per session. However, we have also received many reports of people using the massager for an hour or more. Usage time may vary per individual, however, the device needs to be properly lubricated, for both comfort and effectiveness. This may require extra lubrication for extended usage times. Most importantly: if the Aneros becomes uncomfortable, discontinue use and seek advice.

Is it possible to use the Aneros too much?

Because the device is operated using the contractions of the sphincter muscle rather than outside force, it is virtually impossible to injure yourself through proper usage. If you become tired or uncomfortable, experience muscle fatigue, or experience other discomfort, discontinue use until a later time.

How soon will I get results?

This varies per individual. Some people experience multiple orgasms during their first session; others may need several sessions before achieving orgasm. The reasons for this variation seem to be related to the physical and mental receptiveness of the user. One thing is certain, however. Practice makes perfect. The quality and quantity of sensations may build up slowly, but this gradual arousal is part of what allows for such extremely pleasurable climaxes The more you use the Aneros, the better and more dramatic the results.

What is a “Super Orgasm?”

The term “Super Orgasm,” or “Super-O” was coined by an expert user of the Aneros. “Super-O” refers to the multiple, non-ejaculatory, full body orgasms that are possible with the Aneros. These orgasms are completely different than traditional orgasms. Because these orgasms are non-ejaculatory, there is no refractory or recovery period that men go through before they can have sex again after traditional intercourse or penile masturbation. This means that men can have “multiple” orgasms one after another that are seemingly continuous when using the Aneros.

How about the “Super Orgasm” … How soon will I be able to have one of these?

The answer to this question is similiar to the question “How soon will I see results?” above. For some the ability to have Super-Os happens immediately during their first session. For others it can take more time, from a few months to even a year or more. Sometimes all it takes is a position change to trigger a Super-O. Sometimes just a subtle shift.

Others may go down a path of self-discovery in order to attain a Super-O. This is what some users have called the “Journey to the Super-O.” Each session with the Aneros results in a better understanding of the man’s own body and how much pleasure is tied to the body and mind working together. We’ve been told by some men who have gone down this path that reaching the Super-O itself wouldn’t have had the same personal meaning had they not gone through this learning process.

There is no “book” to achieving a Super-O. We wish there were. What we have learned is that there are many moving variables in effect on the path to the Super-O. What is generally agreed upon is that much depends on the ability to relax while doing the anal contractions. This can be difficult because the path to the Super-O is so different than reaching a traditional penile orgasm. For a traditional penile orgasm, the man pushes and pushes toward the goal of ejaculation. Pushing harder (thrusting faster) can speed up the process. Relaxtion often only occurs after ejaculation. To reach the Super-O is the opposite as pushing harder actually can impede the process.

How do I order?

You can order online using our secure online form. We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover. We also accept PayPal.

You can also purchase with a money order or personal check by completing the checkout process to the printable check/money order form. You will send us the printable form to our address below.

You may also order over the telephone between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM CST, Monday – Friday. See telephone number below.

Aneros / PO Box 55554 / Houston, TX 77255 / ph. # 713-680-8840

Can I pay by check? Money order?

Yes. Simply fill out the online order form choosing the check/money order option and print the order form once it is complete. Mail the form along with your check or money order to the address on the form. We will ship the next business day after receipt of you order.

Is it safe to use my credit card?

Yes. We use Secure Sockets Layering (SSL) to encrypt your personal information, including credit card number, when you place your online order. Our secure certificate is provided by GeoTrust, one of the leading information security providers in the world. When accessing a secure server, the first characters of the site address will change from “http” to “https.” Also, you should see an unbroken key or a closed lock (depending on your browser) which indicates that the connection is secure. Because we use SSL, placing an order online at aneros.com is as safe as giving your credit card number over the phone. We use USAepay, one of the most respected payment processing solution providers as our payment processing solution. We delete any credit card information that we have after the information is sent to USAepay for processing.

Will my name be added to a mailing list?

We do not share your personal information, including your e-mail address, with other parties. We hate spam as much as you, so we won’t give your information to anyone.

Do I have to order from the Aneros website?

No. We have retail partners around the world. We have several retailers listed via our searchable retail finder.

What is the Aneros Stimulator?

The Aneros Stimulator is one of a kind!! It is medically researched, designed and patented. Specifically, Aneros is designed in accordance with modern scientific knowledge of anatomy combined with ancient Oriental awareness of erogenous zones and pleasure centers. The Aneros Stimulator pleases all of your neglected erogenous zones at once. Once the Aneros is inserted, it naturally seeks out the prostate gland (the Male G-Spot) while the perineum abutment gently massages the acupressure spot related to the pudendal nerves. This plexus of nerves is largely responsible for distributing sensations of pleasure throughout the uro-genital area.

What’s the difference between all of the models?

Each Aneros model is based off of our patents, but each has its own unique characteristics.

Please visit our Aneros chooser guide for complete details on the differences between our models.

Is this just another anal device?

No. The Aneros Stimulator is a patented prostate-perineum massager. It is not a toy! The Aneros Stimulator is different in both concept and design. Though other anal devices are sexual tools for penetration and fullness, the Aneros is designed to specifically massage the male G-Spot! This prostate-perineum massage leads to a completely different category of orgasm – A unique, full-body orgasm that is incomparable with anything else. Whether you have previous experience with anal pleasure or not, Aneros is for you. Check out our testimonials section.

What is the Next-Generation Line?

The Next-Generation Line is made up of the Helix, Maximus and Eupho. They were designed based on customer feedback, additional research and several new patents that were applied to each device. Each has its own characteristics, visit the product details pages for more information.

What are the dimensions of the Aneros?

The Aneros is anatomically designed to stimulate the Male G-Spot. It is approximately one inch in diameter and has an insertion length of approximately four inches. Remember, it is designed for comfort and effectiveness.

What size batteries does the Aneros take?

The Aneros needs no batteries. It works by using the contractions of the man’s own muscles, giving him complete control.

For what is the handle used for?

The curled arm (handle) should fit between the buttocks, and the upturned arm should touch the perineum, which is between the anus and the scrotum to facilitate an external massage of the perineum acupressure point.

The handle is used only for inserting and removing the Aneros. Remember the Aneros is hands-free, so while using the Aneros, we recommend that the handle not be used.

What is the Aneros Classic and why can’t I buy it alone?

The Classic, our original model, has nodules and a wider-spaced perineum tab. Although the MGX has been newly redesigned based on testing and customer feedback, some men do still prefer the Classic.

What is the Aneros made out of?

The Aneros is made of non-porous FDA approved materials. The materials are approved for both body and fluid contact.

How long will my Aneros last?

Indefinitely, the solid design and construction of the Aneros should provide years of pleasure.

When will my order be shipped?

Orders are shipped on the next business day. FedEx Overnight and FedEx 2-day orders received before 10am Central Standard Time are shipped the same day except weekends and holidays.

How will my order be packaged?

Orders are shipped in generic USPS Priority Mail boxes and standard FedEx “Paks” and “Envelopes.” On the inside, the products are sealed in an additional generic USPS Priority Mail envelope.

Do I have to sign for my order?

Our standard shipping is Priority Mail through the USPS and does not require a signature and can be left in your mailbox or at your front door. Aneros assumes no responsibility for lost shipments. Express Mail International parcels require a signature upon delivery.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to any country served by registered air mail service who receive packages from the US.

How long do international orders take to arrive?

Please allow up to three weeks for certain international deliveries. All international orders are shipped via Registered Air Mail. Express Mail international parcels normally arrive within ten to twenty business days.

How much is shipping?

We charge a flat fee of $5.95 with the USPS for US orders under $75. Orders over $75.00 ship for free with the USPS in the USA. Shipping with FedEx in the US depends on the service you select and the weight and distance of your package. Prices range from $10 up to $70 to ship with FedEx. Actual shipping rates are displayed on the order summary and shipping option pages. All international orders ship for $29.95.

Will I receive shipping confirmation?

Yes, if an email address is provided with your order a confirmation email will be sent with a tracking number by the next business day.

Where can I discuss my experiences with my Aneros?

Please visit our Forum and share your experiences with others. You may also want to create a Blog to keep a journal of your experiences.

Doesn’t prostate massage hurt? I’ve heard that it’s painful.

Gentle massage of the prostate, such as the type that the Aneros provides, should not be uncomfortable in any way. On the contrary, it is actually healthy and extremely pleasurable (Take a look at our testimonials page). Sometimes when prostate massage is performed digitally, the pressure can be too great because the doctor will often squeeze the prostate in an attempt to provoke drainage.

What is the perineum acupressure spot?

It is a dime-sized spot located between the scrotum and the opening of the anus. It is situated about 1 1/2 to 2 inches from the opening of the anus. Beneath this spot, inside the body, lies a nerve center that is largely responsible for the transmission of signals (of pleasure) throughout the genital region. Aneros stimulates these nerves, while simultaneously stimulating nerves inside the anus and the prostate gland.

I have a medical condition involving the prostate and/or the penis. Will the Aneros still work for me?

Please contact your medical doctor prior to your use of the Aneros massager. For many conditions, we feel that the Aneros will be beneficial. We also advise that you contact the support staff if you have any specific questions.

Can I substitute items in the special sets?

No. As we offer special pricing for pre-packaged sets we do not allow substitutions.

I still have questions!!??

No problem. Simply e-mail your question to us at the address below OR you can reach us by telephone Monday – Friday CST from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.