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These instructions are a good baseline for your sessions with the Aneros. We encourage you to experiment with different positions, breathing exercises, relaxation techinques, and methods of arousal. And remember, the Aneros is hands-free. First, learn how to prepare for an Aneros session.


1. To insure hygienic operation, make sure the rectum is empty before use. The rectum is generally empty, but we recommend rinsing the rectum with a rectal syringe – commonly available at your local pharmacy.

2. Lie on either side and bend the knees close to the stomach. This is intended to allow you to relax and to best orient the massager towards the prostate.

3. Apply a liberal amount of lubricant to the anus and to the Aneros Massager. You can do this using your finger. A generic lubricant applicator or Aneros Marksman lubricant applicators are good options here as well. This step is important because the Aneros functions best when suspended within this fluid environment. The Aneros will actually be moving, pivoting, inside your body. This is a key to its effectiveness.

12 Responses to “Preparation”

  1. jason says:

    I just ordered the helix. I hope it arrives this weekend as I am very excited to give it a try. I recently got divorced and I am on a mission to find myself again. I can’t think of a better starting point than pure bliss. I hope the helix is everything and more that everyone makes it out to be.

  2. julio says:

    I have owned a Helix for over a month. At first, I did most of the gyrating, and the results will minimal. No orgasm.
    Lately, by doing the same thing, plenty of lubrication (not always doing the enema thing first), and patience (I don’t move around, but let the nerve gyrations caused by the tickling sensation of my prostate activate my body), and can’t say I’ve had a Super O yet. But, even without the Helix in place, I get excited. I can be sleeping when the tickling starts, feel what is like an orgasm, and then fall back to sleep, only to be awoken by the next spasm.
    Had an enema today, and with the nozzle in my anus I was constantly vibrating, all over my body, from the stimulation. It was great.
    In the meantime, I just continue to enjoy the good feelings, especially those I am experiencing without the Aneros in my backside. I have tingling even when just driving the car, or when swimming, or even when running on the aerobic machine. It’s my very private secret!!

  3. dave says:

    I have been trying a helix for two weeks now and have just started to get it right a friend thinks i’m to old for this type of thing how wrong of him live has taken a new turn

  4. Robb says:

    Reordered essentially the same products I ordered for self-pleasure several years ago and ended up tossing out in the garbage. Why did I do that? I only experienced discomfort with their use and I am not completely convinced why.
    I have irritable bowel syndrome and was in the middle of a prolonged bout of generalized discomfort when my first massagers arrived. I did not properly evacuate my bowels, apparently, and did not irrigate or flush the rectal vestibule. My irritation from the IBS was not only internal but caused intense burning and irritation and some bleeding with evacuation and even in cleaning up after a BM. To say I was miserable is an understatement. I am not in the middle of a bout of my IBS as we speak and hope to fully enjoy my Helix and Eupho when they arrive using proper preparation and relaxation.
    My renewed interest in the Aneros products stems from a self-diagnosed prostate problem: soft, unsatisfactory erections, poor and uncomfortable ejaculation, painful and frequent urination and sensation of urgency with little urine produced and poor libido. I like masturbating, oral sex and intercourse with my spouse but have been unable to do so for too long, years actually when I come to think about it. My goal with my Helix and Eupho is to provide some internal prostate massage/stimulation to hopefully cure me of these uncomfortable and embarrassing symptoms as well as experience some intense orgasms that actually feel like orgasms that empty the prostate. I am miserable and will come back to update this posting regarding my success.

  5. John says:

    I used the aneros for quite some time and stopped when I had PSA readings so high hey wanted to do a biopsy. Now, I am well passed that and want you to know that we men all expect something quickly and that we have little patience. Relax, insert the aneros and relax some more and you will nt be sorry. It is really amazing and worth any embarassment you may think you have.

  6. robertsays521 says:

    You must find the right position. For me, I lie on right side, then pull the left knee toward waist and bent the right lower leg. I found that it is very effective for me. During process, you need to contract your anal and pc muscle with your own rhythm but do not stress too much. The most important things are to be patient and practice.

  7. Dane says:

    Love my helix. Its great for just laying in bed and enjoying. However, for me, when I walk around with it in me the results are WOW. I stay naked at home most of the time.
    The first time it happened I was with my wife in the kitchen. I had it in for about forty-five minutes to an hours just moving around working my anus. All of a sudden a giant rush started in my anus and shot through my body. I have never experienced anything sexually close to this.I always drip a lot of precum and keep a paper towel handy for this purpose. But when this started I had to hold onto the counter. My ass, balls and dick started like never before. I shot a load on the side of the cabinet that would not quit. I never even got an erection. My wife helped me to the bedroom and every few steps it would start again. When I got to the bed I laid down totally exhausted. My wife took the helix out just so I could get back down from a sexual high like never before. She could not believe what happened.
    I have done this twice since then. I choose my times carefully. When I am finished I am exhausted and sleep for about three to four hours.
    Find your way and enjoy like I totally do. I am getting the Maximus for a try. Can’t wait.

  8. Rob says:

    I have had my helix now for a few months. using it in bed hasn’t brought me the pleasure I thought it would. Finally, out of boredom, I got up and walked around with it inserted when things went crazy on me. Immediately, I started to leak and my penis turned dark red and became wide. Hmmm, this thing isn’t so bad after all. I kept moving around the house and then BOOM, it hit me. I got hard instantly and exploded. I had to lean against a chair to hold myself up. Since then, I have experimented and found that squatting works well for me as does having it in me while walking. I now don a jockstrap and my Helix under some running shorts and walk around, letting nature take its course. The only difficulty I experience is if I have to urinate while the helix is still inserted. The spasms sort of hinder my being able to start the flow but once that starts, that too is flowing like it did when I was in my early teens. I couldn’t be happier.

  9. Jim says:

    I have had the helix for about a mounth. Today, I had the longest and best orgasam of my life. I finally figured it out and it is worth the effort. I went for a good 5 to 7 minutes of a hands off, full blown orgasam. Then the wife gave me oral and made me super hard, then she got on top and , well all I can say is I can’t wait to do this again!
    Thanks, Aneros

  10. Spasm says:

    Just got my Aneros, put it in my mouth, sucked on it, felt me a baby again. Slept very well after that session!

    • Paul says:

      There are therapeutic advantages to using a natural penis to massage one’s prostate. The movement of a natural penis can better reach all areas of the “golden walnut.” If – also – you’re interested in sucking, a penis can provide a better experience; and a mouthful of joy can be the icing on the cake or – perhaps more to the point – the cream in your mouth. Let me know…

  11. Matt says:

    My MGX arrived in the mail last week and I’ve tried it 4 times now. First time -nothing. Second, a few P waves. Last night, I encountered many P waves over 3 hours. I was hoping there would be more (an orgasm would have been nice). I guess I’ll have to try again tonight.

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