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Euphoric States

Using the Aneros is a journey into awareness of your own body. Here we describe some techniques used to reach what have been reported to us as altered states of euporia. This is the Dream Orgasm, the Super-O.

Stage 5 – Altered States of Euphoria

For the advanced user:

To build upon the preceding practices you must gain a greater awareness of your mind and body – and learn to integrate this awareness into practice. The most sublime orgasms are achieved when you do so without penile stimulation and without exerting external force upon the Aneros. To achieve these results, you must concentrate on using and feeling the sphincter contractions to slowly and methodically control the movement of the Aneros and other muscles of the body.

Begin by slowly increasing tension to the anal sphincter as you stretch your legs and arc your body, adding complete body muscle tension as strongly as you can. Perform these movements slowly, keeping your mind focused on the variations of sensation throughout your body.

Try to increase body tension to the point where your muscles are quivering but not cramping. Continue with the contractions of the sphincter – first slowly, then more quickly. Maintain synchronized breathing as much as possible – If the muscles begins to tire, try to hold the contraction at less than maximum (i.e. Don’t tense up) for several seconds at a time. You can gauge this by attempting to stabilize the pressure that the perineum tab exerts solely by contracting the sphincter. This may take some practice.

Avoid direct stimulation of the penis. Continue to add more whole-body muscle tension until this practice brings you to the threshold of ejaculation. Just before that point, adjust or loosen your body tension to remain balanced upon that threshold, without passing over to the point of ejaculation. Immediately after you halt ejaculation, another new kind of strong orgasm will appear. The source of this orgasm is shifted from the prostate to the anus (this phenomenon will appear only when you come close to the threshold of ejaculation without touching your penis). This orgasmic peak will continue for several minutes, much different from the typical ejaculatory orgasm. In this manner, an extended, more powerful orgasm can be experienced. Many users have reportedly entered into euphoric and altered states of consciousness during this phase.

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