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The Vice is Superior

I would have preferred to enter this in the reviews section but they don't have the Vice listed as a ratable product.

I first tried the Classic (now called MGX) a long time ago, did'nt have any real results except for a slightly stronger penis orgasm. Then I read some reviews about the Helix and decided to try it. The results were not any better. Finally I decided to make one last attempt with the Progasm. I started to regret even buying it. It wasnt the Size of the thing that I had a problem with, It was the Hard Rigidness of the material it was made of. It was, in fact that rigidness that gave me discomfort in the previous models.

I had all but given up on the idea of experiencing this legendary Super O when I got an e mail announcement from Aneros about the Vice. I was actually more interested in the fact that it was made of Silicon than I was in the Vibrator. So I decided to take a chance and pay the high price to purchase it. As soon as it arrived I washed it and made my preparations. The first thing I noticed was how easy it was to insert compared to it progenitors. It was astoundingly comfortable.

While using it, I actually began to experience warm tingly sensations in my groin which occasionally spread through my body. These were'nt what I would call an orgasm but it was far more than I had gotten before on other models. I would also point out that the Vice was my first attempt at using an Aneros in over a year. If there is a Super O in my Future, It will be the Vice that delivers it.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-05-12 01:06:38 by lĪve hĪle

Well, welcome to the site, fellah!
Some words of warning, having read tons of reviews, blogs etc...and not only on this site.
Some blokes find the the implement either too big or too small, whilst some guys like the vibes, whilst some say it desensitizes them. i.e. It makes them numb.
Me personally, I will never by another toy of this ilk.
Remember, the grass is not always greener etc...
Anyway, all the best to you on your voyage into the unknown.