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1st Couples Sex

Well things turned out very different than I expected, but maybe not. That is because I promised myself to not have any expectations and just try to enjoy the moment for what it would be. Good thing I had that attitude. I cuddled up to my wife and woke her up gently and then we prayed together. We got something to eat and drink, told my daughter we would be occupied the next couple hour and not disturb us. It is so nice having all teenage children that understand the concept of mom and dad time. As my wife was finishing up breakfast, I went up to the our bathroom and injected a few CCs of astroglide and olive oil mix. ( Thanks to whoever recommended it. Works great!) I had already cleaned myself out earlier this morning so I was ready the progasm. I slid it in gently with the banana arch glide motion towards the prostate. (Another forum trick. Thank you.) This time it contacted the prostate immediately. This was a first for me. I started having twinges and tingles immediately and walked to the bedroom to lay down and wait for my wife. As I laid there, the sensations drifted back and forth and I had slight p-waves. I tried to focus on them but I couldn't seem to keep them going. Oh well I thought, it can wait. My wife came into the room and laid down. As I cuddled up to her she states that she has developed a cough and her right shoulder is hurting from moving boxes yesterday. Normally I would have been disappointed and put on a brave face and say thats OK I understand. But, I was in a pretty happy mood from last nights progress and the twinges I was feeling and held her close and enjoyed the moment. I still planned on giving her a full body massage as I normally do Saturday mornings and happily went to work. I took extra care to apply the best therapeutic message with a little extra care around her vagina and anus. At the same time I just enjoyed the sensations from the progasm. Her body language told me that she was getting aroused, but I didn't pursue it. Then she said in a relaxed manner that maybe I could go a little farther. A little? It turned into an hour and a half of foreplay with her so turned on toward the end that she threw the vibrator to the side and moaned to get inside her. Well it looked like it was going to be a super-T for me! (My first) All I can say is WOW! She moaned, I moaned, she came and then I came. It was a little awkward at the finish as the progasm took me by surprise and send convulsions through my anus and I flopped like a fish on top of her. She got a kick out of it. She also said she would see about working on me later this week. Yee Haw! I like this aneros journey!

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-05-08 10:21:53 by Rocketman10

welcome to the forum :) Nice to see that you where brought here by the benifits and the unexpected pleasure of the journey. You should relax and enjoy everything and looki forward to what happens I know I have. Its great to see youy have a caring and loving wife I hope you both continue to enjoy all the benifits. Have fun and see you about on the forum if you get stuck there are tons of nice people here to help you