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My Journey Begins

First Post

I have been lurking here for about three weeks. I've had the progasm a little more than a week. Let me give some background information first. I feel that this is important for others who may have similar conditions. Starting around the age of 12 I started having pains in my lower back and sides. Sometimes aching and other times sharp pains with slight blood in my urine. Activity made it worse. After six months of xrays, doctors and tests, nothing showed up. Even Childrens Memorial in Chicago told my mother that I was psychosomatic and making it up. I was forced to participate in gym class and things got worse. Finally after two years, my mother out of desperation took me to the family doctor and beg for pain meds. He wasnt in, but his new young partner was in. After checking me out and listening to the situation, he pulled out a magazine with a recent article about 4 teen age boys that had developed a newly discovered type of kidney stone at the university of Chicago. The stones are uric acid, softer than calcium and usually break up into fine sand by the time it gets to the bladder. The key fact was that the stones are not dense like calcium and are almost invisible on xray! Talk about your stealth stone. The doctor sent my BIG stack of xrays to the university and they found by looking for tell tale shadows that I had 13 stones over the past 2 years. Thank God I wasn't nuts after all.

Since then I have had over 50 stones and a dozen surgeries. In my twenties I started having prostate issues from all the scar tissue building up. Ejaculation was painful at times, my prostate always itched and urination was difficult at times. I noticed that my prostate hurt less after ejaculation and my urine flowed better. I had been addicted to porn since I was six years old, so masturbation was fine by me if the wife wasn't in the mood. If I ejaculated 4-5 times a week, my prostate felt ok with exception of the itching.

As time went by, my wife's hormones changed after having our first child and sex became rare. I became a Christian early in our marriage and knew that porn was wrong according my interpretation of the Bible. (Dont worry. I am not here to judge anyone. If you want to talk about Jesus, please send me a message. I will be glad to discuss my savior, but this is not the place. I have known many good gay people and pray that God will welcome them to heaven as much as myself.) Anyway. Back to the topic. After years of guilt and shame of hiding my addiction and the decline of my marriage, I sought help. It has been a battle for the both of us, but God is good. With counseling I learned to put my wife first, give up the porn and masturbation. She is learning to put me first and free herself to love me as a Christian wife should. (God invented sex, so Christians should be as good at it as anyone.) This has not been an overnight process but God is patient and so must we be with each other. The good part is that my wife and I are drawing closer to each other than any other time in our marriage. The bad is that my prostate issues have come back with a vengeance.

After weeks of researching and investigating, I came upon the High Island web page and was intrigued. More searching lead me here. I discussed the High Island web page with my wife and showed her the thread on a wife's perspective. She was open to the idea and let me order the progasm. The reason I went with the progasm is that because of the pain killers I have been on, I have very large bowel movements. I have done some anal play during masturbation and have used objects larger than it, so I thought I could handle it. Sure enough it fit very nicely. I did a few sessions before bed time in my den. She snores horribly and we sleep in separate rooms. The sessions were interesting but no feelings other than an object up my butt. After further research I found that one key I was missing was arousal. Since giving up porn and masturbation, I rarely get an erection and arousal only happens when I am around my naked wife. I would not look at porn, so I tried the mp3 of a woman having an orgasm from one of the threads on here. It helped a little, but not much.

It has been a hectic few weeks and the wife and I have not had much time together the past few months. She finished her college finals and the stress was finally coming down for her. I had stepped up a lot to help with the chores and the kids and she did not forget my efforts. Yesterday she said, "You and me tomorrow morning!" I wasn't sure what she meant and asked her to repeat it. She said it again and gave me the bedroom eyes. I was stunned and aroused immediately! She hasn't done this in over a decade! We spoke about things before going to bed and I brought up the aneros and my dilemma. I also told her the story about the man who had stones lodged in his prostate and how the aneros helped him free them. We both thought that I must have the same problem and have had them stuck for years. She agreed she would help me tomorrow morning to see if I can coax some more out of my prostate. Needless to say I was so charged up that I could not sleep and decided to give the progasm another try. After trying all the tricks, listening to the mp3 and contracting, it just didn't seem to hit the spot. So I decided to just relax as much as I could and just breath. It was about 3 hours into the session that suddenly I had a twinge at my perenum and at the base of my stomach. I thought this is it! It faded, but then came back a little stronger. Then the progasm started to move on its own slightly and some gentle p-waves came over me. They only lasted about 20 seconds or so and I only had a few, but at least I knew the journey had begun.

So, I am getting ready to wake my wife up and see where this little miracle will take me next! Wish me luck!

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-05-07 12:23:07 by artform

Great Tycho!! Thanks for launching your journal here!

Posted on 2011-05-08 02:45:15 by lĪve hĪle

I thought I had problems, but welcome to the club.
I am far from been a god botherer, but remember the old saying,
'If God did'nt want us to interfere with ourselves, why did he give us hands that reached? '