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A Naked Bag and a Helix High

It has now been two years since my aneros journey started. Since that time, I have expected nothing; and, I have been richly blessed --- both within my marriage and self. My knowledge of my sexual creation and potential has increased to limits previously unknown; and, I stand in continual awe of my Creator God's love and provision!

This morning I awoke after my Beloved had already started her day. As I lay in the darkened room, I felt the coolness of our bed sheets on my newly shaven scrotum and penis; and, my finger tips made their way to the spot just above my remaining bush. After a few moments of light circular pressure, my prostate started to send p-waves radiating throughtout my scrotum. Dry O's soon followed --- vibrating throughout my body as precum squeezed into droplets from my penis' tip. After several minutes more minutes, I lubed my anus; and, slid my sllippery Helix in for the ride. As it settled quickly, my left hand grasped and pulled on my velvet-skinned bag --- my testicles already rolling in delight. While slowly circling my right nip with the palm of my right hand, the helix drove my prostate to the peak and back --- time and time again --- finally driving my body into a full vibration for several minutes.

When I finally stopped, I could only rejoice again and glorify the God of my creation. After back surgery this past March, my frail frame has now healed; and, time marches quickly towards 62 years. The blessings of such sexual excitement and vibrant life are well beyond what I could have dreamed of two years ago. Even with the lurking precense of ED, the aneros tools continue to help broaden the sexual possibilities of satisfaction --- praise be to God!