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An open insight Into a personal aneros journey part 6

Ok its been a while since my last blog post and I have been busy with good reason im back home again from university to revise for my finals. Its nice to be back home and away from possible interruptions from flat mates but however I now have possible interruptions from family members so I cant win I look forward to having my own place with some much needed sound proofing perhaps and maybe a display case for my naughty items. I have been rationing my lube as im running low but being at home has its added bonuses of a good kitchen and olive oil is around if I need it. I have had fun learning and feeling new sensation in between revision and quite frankly just getting out the house. My tantra techniques are coming along as well as my aneros use, I hope to further nourish myself a little bit later on in the line with some KSMO as I study science it’s nice to experiment and well let’s face it all experiments cost some money to get the rewards. I have also settled on a nice name for my prostate don’t ask me why or why I choose the name but she is now called Sofia and she is a naughty thing.
12/4: I started a session as I would normally would with some nice relaxing and a clean bumming chilling at getting aroused by watching some porn. I inserted my helix and relaxed for 15 minutes or so. And wow waves and waves of pleasure struck me then as soon as the pleasure hard arrived my naughty body craved more and started to form involuntaries. My prostate felt so great and this was the most sensitive I have ever felt it. I was barely doing anything and sat there like a lazy dog as sofia gave me pleasure.
14/4: so being at home has over bonuses much like the kitchen we have a workshop with lots of nice tools I looked at my helix and cut off its tail. Later that night I started a session it felt so great relaxing in my double bed without a pillow or anything underneath me, I became so relaxed. I received lots of nice feelings and pleasure and plenty of involuntaries. Much as I heard this thing does move in and out a lot better now I did however have to move it back into its position once or twice wasn’t a major issue. My new tailess helix was a success as I felt my dick feel to wide and large by its new abilities.
16/4: So my progasm ice has been away from its favourite parking space for a while so I thought I would let it cast a spell over me tonight. It was just as well as I had a great session it felt so nice inside me teasing sofia (my prostate) this was the best session to date with my progasm and my body loved every moment of it as the progasm teased pleasure out of me and filled me with its stature and pleasure capabilities. It has earned its place with me for a while now.
20/4: The progasm called me out to play. I sat and gazed into a world of lust watching sexy women tease my mind; porn does have its uses. The session went well and I was feeling great even thrusting felt amazing to me. How unexpected this new feeling of energy rushing and flowing felt so familiar from tantra as energy rushed into my head it felt nice however i feel i wasn’t relaxed or in the right frame of mind to fully enjoy it. Im on to something here this ride is going to be fun.
22/4: The progasm has got my whipped it’s out to play yet again. It has given me many nice waves of pleasure including some whole body waves which struck me unexpectedly. At around an hour and a half the wave of energy rushed into my head Im still not ready to unleash this beast into my mind just yet its hard for men to just let go. Two hours on into the session my prostate was rubbing me so close and suddenly it felt amazing as it teased me and teased me a grabbed my nearby shirt and shoved it around my mouth. This was clever as then bang wow an amazing orgasm hit me this orgasm was a wet O , look no hands a neat trick it fully drained every drop out of me.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-04-24 19:35:20 by lve hle

Love your blogs.
22 wow. Don't worry i'm not gay. An if you have any gay intensions, well all i can say is, the more gays there are, the more liklihood of 'love' with a woman there is for the rest of us.
At 22 don't think i'd heard of the gland. If i had, it was an old codgers symptom. i.e. Someone my age now.
50 !
So an old twat like me can learn off a young sprog.
I'd have never said that a fortnight ago.
Keep it up !!!

Posted on 2011-04-24 23:09:50 by lve hle

p.s see rips comments.
Dunno where this is heading ?

Posted on 2011-04-25 16:34:13 by Rocketman10

Im glad you like reading my blogs I have never intended to keep a diary when I was young I guess when the subject matter is as fun and interesting as this then why not. No im not gay not thats any problem wot so ever I love women way too much. Yeah feel so lucky to have come across this stuff so long even if other guys my age are still obsessed witht there manhood and have to say a better word no talent with it to begin with so its nice to have hidden talents. Its a great journey regardless of age so no worries tbh I have learnt alot from all the older gents on here they got me into tantra for instance and have learnt recently about the possibilities of KSMO. Regards and keep up your work as well

Posted on 2011-04-25 19:36:37 by lve hle

On similar ground. I have a yoga book which i bought at the same time i purchased 'How to have a out of body experience.'
I obtained these books in my 'drug years'
Nontheless, i might blow the cobwebs off 'em and combine them with this 'new' hobby i'm about to partake in.

Posted on 2011-04-26 16:32:30 by Rocketman10

Yeah the more knowledge the better alot of practices and souces of knowledge incorporate very well into this and they all add to each other