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An open insight Into a personal aneros journey part 5

Well instead of getting on with some maths revision as im a student I thought I would relax and fill you all in on my journey. As always its been very eye opening and I have enjoyed the outcomes. I look forward to learning more and enjoying more to come and filling you all in.

15/3: Great another cold morning as I waiting outside the uni post room to collect the mystery package which contained my new progasm ice the weather very fitting with the name of this new aneros toy. I was thinking about it all day and had to wait until after my lectures to use it. My package said think big and wow the thing was big. I slowly inserted it and to my surprise it finally manage to fit in the process took around 20 minutes. I waited a while then wow I felt that lovely full feeling you get with this device and it felt so nice inside me. I didn’t feel much in term of the same pleasure I got with my helix with this session but I thought I would give masturbation a go with it in as I heard about the explosive results. I turned on my shower and lied on my back and masturbated and bang like a cannon came along an amazing orgasm climax it was just as well I was in the shower.
17/3: I was stuck in a chemistry lecture on energy so I felt like moving my own energy using a tantra technique I have mention the fire breath orgasm. I focused and I felt my own internal energy was moving great I was moving the energy up from my perineum up to my chest through what in tantra they call the chakara’s of red,orange,yellow and green. I thought ok lets try an experiment although this experiment sadly won’t count towards my final grade. I was sat on a chair close to a lady I knew on my course so I took a glance at her face then looked back at the board I then focused on the colour orange and her face the orange being the chakara for the groin area. I felt my own energy move up my body and slowly radiate out of my body. I took a glance back at the lady and noticed she suddenly had her legs spaced apart and was nibberling on her nails I heard you can give off energy so perhaps this was happening to her. I got back home and used the fire breath orgasm technique on myself it started to feel good then knock on my flats door I went to go and answer then my head felt funny and I had a small mind gasm. Happy st Patricks day to me.
20/3: I learned a new technique I had yet to use , its a way of manipulating yin energy within the body. Basically you place a flat palm over the lower abs area and inch away and don’t touch then slowly move it towards my perineum and back to my balls then run along the inside of my inner thigh. This felt so great and was great it worked so well and was such an easy thing to do I felt I would mix it with another tantra based technique where you masturbate then just before climax remove your hand from your dick and place a flat palm over your heart, then repeat and on the third allow yourself time climax. This technique causes an orgasm in the chakara of the heart. Doing this I felt the energy move into my heart with each stroke and it felt so nice. I reached climax and a wave of energy rushed to my heart. I felt great and I felt as if I could run a marathon with the energy boost it gave me.
23/3: I started a session as normal and I decided to give my progasm another try. This paid off I felt all the nice feelings I normally felt with my helix but this time I couldn’t escape these feelings. I craved more and more the session wasn’t mind blowing but it really did feel great and I absolutely loved the smooth texture of the ice and the full feeling.

28/3: As you have read a number of times I like to try out my fire breath orgasm technique in lectures this may prove more and more deadly as I get better at the technique. I was moving energy really well this lecture and I was aware if I was to continue to the climax of the technique I may not be able to withhold it this was defiantly playing with fire but I thought may as well. I breathed in faster and faster , wow a subtle but very nice feel of a full body orgasm I could have escalated it but I have a funny feeling people within the lecture would have been shocked if I did so.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-04-10 14:18:04 by RipTheJacker

rocketman - enjoy all yer posts and descriptive writing/blog ...
tantra will give you ejaculatory control and lead to extended sexual orgasm and multiples

... nipple and assplay are new to me

prostate only recently wakened

... this is a whole new frontier that meshes seamlessly with tantra IMO

- rip

Posted on 2011-04-13 10:08:43 by Rocketman10

thanks for writing and enjoying my blogs im also new to all this only been going on this aneros journey for about 4 months now and the tanra has only come into it for a bit over a month now and is great and coming along. I feel only being young to write all this stuff down as im 22 and its all new and amzing and I hope to look back at all this one day. yeah its great to know our bodies have all these hidden abilities I hope to pick up KSMO perhaps next but I enjoy my aneros and tantra greatly just need to find a wife that alos loves my interests may prove hard. Im sure with more tantric knowledge any women will love my attention. All this has given me new fantasies I hope to achieve with a deserving partner. All my regards with your journey