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Checking in

Just a check in to keep the documentation going. I found myself going a week or so without posting anything. I kept thinking that I "ought" to for some strange reason. Then I realized that taking a break from the blog and forum had some advantage.

In my first couple of months of using the Aneros, my mind would always get stuck on the language of the forums and my competitive nature. I was seeking all of the benchmarks of progress along the Aneros path. As a session progressed I would be labeling all of the various sensations. There goes a p-wave, here are some involuntaries, was that a mini-o?, I thought I was supposed to have a strong erection at some point, etc, etc, etc.

I knew that this stuff was getting in the way of the pure experience, but my mind would not cooperate. I continued my sessions (every single day for at least 30 minutes and most of the time 45 minutes). As I got away from the blog and forum I find that I can now go through an entire session without those "labeling" thoughts and goal seeking.

It will be interesting to see how today's session goes.