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Milestone One

The second I got it I opened it up.
My heart was banging. It looked small. I was afraid I'd be disappointed. Of course, now I know anything bigger would have probably been too much for me. I didn't need any porn to get rev'd up.
There was a little bottle of lube (KY warming sensation, bad idea, quickly switched to ID Glide). I lubed it up. I put it in. The shape made it slide without much effort. But that's when I realized how far it felt it had gone in.
The second it slid in, it hit my prostate and pre-cum came out. I couldn't believe how good it felt. Someone knocked on my door and I could barely speak or give an excuse to get them to go away. I laid on my left side with my right leg bent and perpendicular to the bed. When I stood and moved a bit, it was confusing in how it was extremely uncomfortable and extremebly pleasurable. I tried not to masturbate, but after 15 minutes I couldn't stop much longer, and when I came it felt so good.