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Starting out

I want to break things down by the milestones I experienced.

Milestone: None, In the Beginning:
I learned to masturbate early. When I heard about the prostate, it sounded gross, but I was curious. After fumbling around a couple of times over months, I finally hit the prostate. I was hooked.
But the process was so involved that I rarely partook.
After looking up stuff about the prostate (massage, milking..) I stumbled across the aneros. I ignored it as one of the many BS things out there. But it kept coming up over and over again about how great it was.
3 things finally made me buy it:

1) Some video I stumbled across of a guy using the aneros about 5 years ago. Seeing involuntaries, pre-cum. I was never able to find it again. It was still the best handsfree aneros video I every found.
2) Grant Stoddard's "I Did for Science" article in Nerve
3) But the clencher was Cremaster1973's videos.

I wanted one, but I was afraid to buy one online because I was unsure about I was afraid one of my roommates would open my package or I'd be put on some mailing list, and never hear the end of it.

I got the courage to a local adult store, but they didn't have it.

Finally, about 2 years ago, I bit the bullet and bought one online. The MGX had gone down in price. I was incredibly nervous and incredibly horny thinking about it. When it finally arrived, it was in a tiny box in my mailbox.