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I have been reading Wiki and a few forums to learn more on how to optimize the pleasurable benefits of my Aneros. As I stated in an earlier Blog post I removed the tail of my MGX and I certainly enjoy that decision ... a lot.

My next point of interest is the breathing / contractions exercises. I breath in, release the Aneros and breath out and suck in the Aneros. The other way around does not work well for me so far. I do have muscles spasms, inner waves of pleasure as well as precum dripping after holding the anal contraction for a while.

The issue I am having is to learn how not to contract the abdominal muscles in order to focus on the prostate pressure only while holding the anal contraction.

Ironically enough I can do this without the Aneros in. I actually practice my Aneros free anal contractions while driving, I drive a 5 speed standard car and the vibrations from the engine during the acceleration and compression are making the car exercises very memorable. Now why can't I do the same with my MGX in.

Is it worth it to learn not to contract my abs or am I wasting my time and slowing down my learning curve ?

Your comments are more than appreciated !!!

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-06-12 05:59:52 by foxhunter

i also mess around driving the car while doing kegel and pc contractions it has almost led to some sticky moments at times and i need to hide my cumface at traffic signals breaks up a boring drive though and makes traffic jams more fun