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Session 3 -- No handle dilemma

I went on the chat Friday evening, and we discussed the benefits of cutting the handle of my Aneros. That night no one on the chat was against it ... in fact they were all giving me benefits of doing it and there was no downside to it. I decided to ponder about it before doing anything I would regret. Sunday I finally got the courage snip the handle just where it attaches to the bulb. I finished the job with a fine file making the bulb smooth and round.

I couldn't wait to see how it feels now ... and up it went. I noticed right away that the Aneros travels better and I don't have the Aneros pulling my hair anymore, Hmmm without the distraction of the pinching and hair pulling I was getting a better awareness of what was going on inside. The feeling of the stoke caused by the contractions is the only thing to focus on now. Thankfully I can say that I made the right decision, thanks to the good advice I got in the chat room. I was just relaxing watching tv and enjoying my self until a felt asleep.

The real deal happened this morning when I woke up and realized the the Aneros was still in. My morning woody with the unexpected pressure on my prostate did put me in the mood right away !!! The touch of my skin was electrifying. My canal felt warm and pulsating. The stroke was smooth and my breathing got heavier quickly. Half awake or half in trance the sensitivity was definitely enhanced, I was on my stomach feeling the sheet on my penis with each hip movement and the uncontrolled spasms. I was feeling the explosion building up so I turned on my back with my feet flat on the bed thrusting my hips. My hands caressing my stomach, inner thighs and pelvic floor. I can't say if it was the mini oh but after few waves of intense pleasure I was convulsing on the bed feeling the precum showering me. I barely touched my penis once and came .... I really have to learn to keep those hands off and see how far I can go with my new friend.

This was by far my best experience to date. Thanks Aneros and thanks to the support of the chat room.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-02-20 23:27:43 by tog347

Which part do you call the tail? The handle?

Posted on 2011-02-21 08:03:34 by apliz


Posted on 2011-04-24 18:54:24 by lĪve hĪle

hi apliz.
I'm ok till this blog.
However i'll have to wait a while till i can get my head around your last blog. ( i won't say last post for obvious
There's still loads of blogs lightyears from where i wannabe. i.e. retracted penis's etc...
This makes me queasy.
Love your posts