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An open insight Into a personal aneros journey part 2

Well I said to myself i would leave a month between blogs but lots of weird and new experiences has happend in the last few weeks. I have learnt alot about my body and have gotten to know a few members of this forum and its clear to see regardless of age or sexuality we are all a family in what we share.

So what have I learnt so far ?

1) Always try new experiences
2) anal isn't just fun for homosexuals and there shouldn't be any stigma attached to it
3) Always take onboard advice from others to progress and learn new tricks to improve your journey
4)Don't stress over your progress or label what your going through just go with the flow
5) Mind is the power take note to new sensation and use your mind to amplify your arousal
6) Naturally work out the best way to keep your self relaxed and in a calm state
7) Patience dont rush the process take your time with it just know It will happen
Enjoy every little bit of the journey take it for what it is however subtle the sensation
9) Dont compare this experience to other sexual experiences such as masterbation or sex its a new form of expressing and releasing new kinds of sexual energy
10) Its a ride so just have fun it isnt a competion

Well I now keep paper in my hidden draw in my room where I keep my aneros to jot down stuff maybe one day I will have enough to write a kinky novel lol

2/2: Well I started my session off as normal just watching about 30 mintues of porn ect then panic the tip of my syringe fell into the lube this was annoying and ruined the mood and I rushed to get it out so I could start my session, eventually I managed to get the tip out and I got relaxed on my bed for my session. The session itself was very nice and relaxing to begin with then bang I could feel energy build and I felt some p-waves moving over me. This was great as throughout the session I managed to achieve a fair few which up to this point is a little out of the ordinary this was the highlight of the session so I finished and went to sleep.

Much without thought my prostate was making its magic mojo over me whilst I slept. I was transported into a lucid dream world. This dream was straight out of a well scripted porn film very weird for me as I haven't had a dream like this since I hit puberty all those years back. In this wild dream I was given a necklace with a wierd triangle pendant by a woman she said it would give me powers over woman. I walked through a set of glass doors into a big bathroom with a big bath tub, in the bath tub where not 2 woman but 3 I got in knowing I had powers over them and i got them to do what ever i asked at one point I had one of the ladies doing a reverse cowgirl and had the other 2 ladies draped over my chest playing around with it.I had to make them leave as I told the powers would stop after a while. I hope these dreams continue.

7/2: I have never exprienced day after effects this frequent but yet again I had the pleasant feelings happening which thank god yet again made my morning maths lecture a thousand times more interesting. I had to hide my mouth to make sure anyone watching thought I was actually enjoying maths.

I got back from a busy day at uni and did some extra work I felt really tired and wanted some fun so I relaxed and started a session. I was in a rush so I just felt like a tease, yes ladies we like a tease as well so I put on some medative music and got at it. I started by massaging my belly and a new spot I had never thought about the spot called the boy spot as well. I massaged my boy spot and stroked my nipples at the same time as well as lightly stroking the rest of my body. I felt the energy moving around my body like little faint charges building. Then I felt something new the energy flowed into my balls and travelled up my dick. this felt great I commited the sin and masterbated to a super ejaculation.

9/2: Started off a session watching a very Kinky Sasha grey enjoying a dude. She is mental tho clearly fake but she does give it her all to impress :) I layed down and relaxed with medative music and began, My prostate about an hour in felt so engorged so much it was touching and teasing my prostate. I felt energy waves move up from my crutch towards my chest, this was when my heart beat raced as the energy drew into my dick as I felt it expanding. I had been at it a while and was worn out I was so close.

11/2: Got back from a long day of uni work had a nice relaxing session, my prostate now appear to be awake as its now more sensitive. I felt warming and pleasurable sensations without even contracting. later on in the session and I had frequent involuntaries which was nice to see those guys return they must have gone on holiday for a while.

12/2: Had a session my prostate was raring to go. After an hour I felt lets do something different so as I'm a lucky student with an en suite bathroom, I hoped into the shower and turned it onto a nice heat and rested my back against the wall. Im sure if this was a porn scene many woman would be watching as I pointed my groin out so the water would hit it as I played with my nipples. this felt great I couldnt resist so being a bad boy I masterbated being in the shower where no one could hear I let out a manly moan. I wrote this into my diary whilst still in my towel. Safe to say im gona take a few days off from my helix.