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The waiting time

Here I am, 42 years old and I just purchased my very first Aneros for my birthday yesterday. Now it is the waiting time until I get the call announcing that my package is at the store.

I will write about my first review and experience as soon as I get my present to myself. Meanwhile please allow me to introduce myself. My first language is french so please forgive any weird expression or grammatical errors :)

I have been experimenting with anal play since my pre-teen on an off on a regular basis. There are so many pervertables that can be used for that purpose that even at a young age, long before my first sexual relationship I was practicing anal play. As I became old enough and brave enough to enter a sex shop, I realized that a whole world of new sensations and toys are available for my own personal pleasure. Unfortunately back then ... the only toys available were designed for woman. So I did use dildos and vibrators for years experiencing some pleasure. When the G-Spot stimulator finally became available I managed to reach partial erections and pre-cum secretion without masturbation.

Male sex toys are not very popular and the publicity/documentation about them often appear to be too good to be true, therefore I never actually tend to use them.

Now Aneros have been available for quite a while ... The designed by itself did get my attention right away but the price combined with the <out of this world> reviews did make me cautious and I could not justify buying one. To be perfectly honest the part the really convinced me to go ahead and invest in one, are the videos of men using the Aneros available on-line.

I guess, I could say that I am bi-curious ... I really don't mind looking at a men enjoying themselves and joining in with the right person. This said all my serious relationship have been with woman and in between I only had two short attempt to be in a gay couple.

So that's it for now .... My next entry on this blog will be about my first entry ... I CAN'T WAIT !!!

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-02-16 22:13:21 by priapusone

Cool man, I am enjoying your blog! Maybe we can chat this week end?

Posted on 2011-02-17 11:07:23 by apliz

Thank you Priapusone, I appreciate the comment. I work this week-end but I will be on-line somewhere after 10pn EST.