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I'm keeping a LOG to track my RETURN to success with Aneros. I just had a WONDERFUL session with modified Helix(tail cut off). I just kept REMINDING myself to LET the ORGASM CUM to you, and to NOT RUSH the session. Well, I sure was REWARDED. about two hours into a NICE session with a few mini-o's I SUDDENLY got a HUGE DRY-O!! they just kept CUMMIN one ON TOP of another. Then I got an ANAL ORGASM on top of all those DRY-O's! It was delicious!! I thnk the O's lasted about 20 minutes!!

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-02-05 04:23:22 by priapusone

Wow, sounds like you are making progress utubeplay! Making me horny to check your blog too man! Jealous some!

Posted on 2011-07-26 14:03:33 by aneros_user50228

Hello...I just ordered a Helix..this will be my first and was wondeering where exactly is the Boy spot located? and what is the difference in a Dry-O and and anal -O...Thanks