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An open insight Into a personal aneros journey part 1

Well I have never kept a dairy so i thought why not keep a blog on all my goings of my aneros journey. This will be my first blog i will keep adding new stories and tell you about the sensation I have.

Well lets begin, I have always been a bit of an adventurer with trying out new things and this started with buying a fleshlight was a stamina unit this followed by another fleshlight a few more months later, although these gave me pleasure I wanted something more.

I came across the mystery that is aneros and I continually read for about a month thinking wow I have missed out so I brought one of a website. Then the worst happend, if things couldnt get any worse I was hungover when I got a call from my mum back at home she had no idea what it was she thought I was gay a very common misconseption I admited to it, I told my mate and he thought it was the funniest thing he has ever heard.

When I first started to use it I was very uneasy with the whole idea being new to anal play it took me 2 sessions to get the damn helix in, I even took long baths and watched some porn but it eventually worked was relaxed as it was christmas i had a small christmas tree to watch as the lights filled my room.

The first 6 or so session nothing much happend just a few little sensations. I then sadly realised I wasnt even touching my sweet spot like a silly fool I thought that this meant where you recieved the most pleasure. After this was corrected nothing much happend for a week later. I suddenly felt sudden pleasure about my perinium and the helix started to move in and out on its own finally some involuntaries not much else happend as they didnt last too long.

I came across nipple stimulation during a session a few weeks back now was shocked when I started to feel the effects of nipple stimulation during aneros sessions its wild I never knew that your body could produce all these new sensation most enjoyable I felt electric shocks all over my body when stroking the skin.

Recently a week ago I decided to purchase the Hypnaerosession as I found it hard to relax and take my mind off stuff, It was very useful to relax and a good way to help think of kinky thoughts which is vital. It was whilst using this in a session I had managed to get myself more relaxed than I have ever been about an hour or so into the session I held a contraction and started to feel very subtle waves these waves began to build and it felt like they where moving from right to left over my groin for a while they increased in pleasure but this soon subsided. This sensation happend again at a later session.

I decided to tell one of my close girl mates about my experiences as Im quite open about stuff and its good practice as I want a girlfriend that would be cool with this stuff.she was really cool with it and its nice to share with people close to you. Turns out girls are cooler than us guys thought.

My biggest and most intense session of them all happend this week a few days back it occured the days after a session. I was sat in my lectures and I would get warming a nice subtle sensations throughout the day who knew maths could be fun. It wasnt until later that night that things started to get really session was really intense and at the time I didnt even have the aneros inserted at all was sat on my laptop just talking to mates and I felt the same weird sensation as before but now on my thighs and then my nipples started to feel nice as well, so I thought lets play around I just layed on my bed and started stroking them , the sensitivty and pleasure increased then i started to stimulate my nipples and the rest of the body about 20 mins in i was just stroking everywhere and I just felt pure pleasure all over my body where my hands where touching which seemed to spread I then about 10 mins after all this felt another new sensation of that tingle in my dick followed by a sharp electric shock run up it was weird, it also seemed to increase its my dicks sensitivity by about 5 times. The feeleing would subside , then after playing around with my dick it would it seemed to ramp up the pleasure and i would go back to feeling my body. I stayed doing all this for a good hour just really enjoying it, stopped as my prostate got worn out fun times.

I look forward to all new sensations that I can share and look forward to.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-02-02 04:33:19 by MindTravels

Sounds great, maybe I'll try some nipple play myself. It's something I haven't really explored to this point, but I'm kind of excited about it now. :D

Posted on 2011-02-02 07:56:19 by Rocketman10

yeah nipples play is great I mean as a man its like unlocking new super powers if you keep at it I have started playing around with them outside of sessions also increases pleasure if you like back and masterbate and stroke you nipples along with your masterbation with the strokes and hold off from ejaculating and keep doing the process inbtween relaxing from masterbating I play around and tease my body by stroking past my nipples and slowly sliding my hands down my body and stroking and teasing others parts like my balls and thighs ect ha just like woman guys like a tease as well surprisingly lol I have been experimenting

Posted on 2011-02-03 07:33:10 by Rocketman10

Well some nice stuff happend last night :) way cool but im recording a lil dairy then make it into a blog after a month ha so peeps will have to wait for my dirty secrets