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One kind of O lost, but another gained?

I've been at it for a little over a month now, and it's been two weeks since my first real breakthrough. I had my first traditional super-o experience, or something just on the doorstep, this last Friday.

But this entry isn't really about that per se. Instead, it's about a curious contrast between my first orgasmic experiences and the ones that followed.

Initially, I think I was too mentally focused on my cock during my early attempts. Although it wasn't long before I could distinguish pleasure coming from the prostate, I would feel disappointed if I couldn't get or keep a big, throbbing hard-on during my sessions.

Strangely, though, I think my early successes were due, in part, to my penis focus.

Here's what happened. When I began to feel the first tingling in my prostate, I would then get some involuntaries going. But more like slight, twitching ones, as opposed to the more rhythmic, totally automatic ones I experienced later. Then my awareness would shift to my cock, and I'd get very focused on feeling how each stroke caused a wave of pleasure to rush from my prostate and up my penis, growing harder and fuller with each wave.

The strange thing is I had to concentrate very hard on getting my contractions and breathing just right to keep the build-up of tension in my dick going. And if I did that, the tension would eventually crest and a massive pleasure wave would course through my whole body.

In a way, the p-wave wasn't much like a wave at all, instead it was just an intense tingling, a bit like the pins and needles feeling when your arm falls asleep but pleasurable. I was in such a cocoon of pleasure that it wasn't even possible for me to think about trying for a second one. And after the feeling faded, I felt mostly sated and just ended my sessions jacking off.

Throughout this whole time, I had no muscle shaking, just a bit of tension as my thighs squeezed together, but that was it.

I had three of these. There was a fourth time that had the same build-up but ended in an ejaculation with none of the tingling.

Has anything like this every happened to anyone else? In contrast with my recent more traditional super-o's, it felt like I had an extremely intense, non-ejculatory penile orgasm.

The thing is, though, now that I start getting more typical involuntaries with muscle shaking almost right away, it's like my body has forgotten how to have the other kind as much as I've tried.