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Experiencing Super (A)rousal

Here's a quick tip. Have some good sex, do not ejaculate, then wait 5 - 20 minutes and insert the aneros. It also helps if you've not ejaculated for a while and thus giving you a high sex drive/arousal. Insert the aneros and manually apply pressure with the aneros to your prostate to get that "need to pee" sensation. You should have some cum drip or even spill out. This should take 10 - 60 seconds. Don't keep pushing it if nothing seems to want to come out.

If stuff does drip out, good! It means there's a good chance you'll have some kind of success with this aneros session.

I build my arousal with nipple stimulation, sex and intimacy with my wife, and some aneros use. Also I've been trying something new, taking a shower before bed and sleeping naked; being free and fresh seems to encourage more erections... also allows chances of erogenous zones to be stimulated by mistake... by the wife or the bed sheets, heheh!

For me, I only experience pleasure during an aneros session if I'm highly aroused and I can only be highly aroused when I avoid ejaculation for as long as possible. I've gotten pretty good at resisting the urge to pour over into the refractory period. Now I have a new problem, learning to cope with constant pleasure.

One reason I like to be highly aroused is so that my wife can make me hard and throbbing at the push of a button. It gives me the desired effect of feeling like my body is my wife's play thing. One time I was aroused in a way which caused me to have the most deepest desire of love and attraction toward her I ever felt; I wanted to cling to her at every moment (which I did during a movie that day). I'd like to experience that again. This requires Super Arousal and lenghtly intimate sex without ejaculating.

I have a theory that it's possible for couples to feel that sparkly magic that we feel the first time we hold hands or first kiss, etc.

Last night, all it took was a few light touches of a nipple. At the push of a button, my wife turned me on. I don't think I got any sleep that night. Night very slowly became early morning... only when I was totally relaxed and wasn't thinking about anything sexual did I feel I might be able to fall asleep. These moments didn't last longer than 15 seconds... as soon as a stray thought went to my penis, I was reminded of the constant pleasure I was feeling from the tip, shaft, perinium, all the way back to the anus. This would cause an intense throbbing erection that would last minutes at a time. The simple feeling of blood engorging my shaft was enough to make me moan. I went from hard to soft and back over and over in the course of many hours, letting out a quiet moan each time (didn't want to wake the wife). At one point even my heart became a source of sexual stimulation; I could feel its pulses stimulating the frenulum.

During this I would sometimes stimulate my nipples causing my penis to go from erect to fully inflated. This caused my heart to beat wildly... At one point I felt like I was getting exhausted; my body was so sensitive that I no longer had a desire to touch my erogenous zones and instead just wanted to caress my skin; relax in pleasure. Also, any slight brush against my nipples sent GRABBING pleasure to my entire shaft and prostate; difficult to avoid.

Eventually I had to use the bathroom... turned out to be very difficult. The constant pleasure wouldn't quit long enough for my body to release urine. Instead, I went back and forth from dripping pre-cum to dripping urine a few times; decided to give up on that. The sight of my glans penis (the head) being fully inflated, red and shiny, like it was about to burst didn't help either! (It's the look of when you hold a strong contraction while fully erect)

I could feel my prostate begging to be stimulated (a first for me); inserting the aneros immediately caused a few drips of cum, a very good sign. Of course the aneros only did what it was made to do, exaggerate everything that I was already feeling.

All this lasted until it was time to get out of bed... I was desparate for morning to come! Supressing involuntary vocalizations was becoming too much. Many times I felt at the edge of a hands-free ejaculatory orgasm... Sometimes it feels like I'm battling my body; Body doesn't want to me to experience the pleasure of a dry o, so it does its best to torture me with unrelenting pleasure that leads nowhere as a way to tempt me to end it a wet o. Hopefully I'll transition to dry o soon. What a night... and I'm still feeling a light sense of that pleasure now.

I experienced many delicious emotions as well. I felt like I was one with my body, comparable to being in a dream-like state, totally free to experience unlimited pleasure (more like unrelenting pleasure *evil laugh* ), because every part of my body was more sensitive than I've ever experienced, akin to the dream world. Also, I exercised after the shower, pumped my muscles and felt manly/sexy... my chest, abs, and arms are starting to show these days as well. :) It's important to for me like what I see in the mirror, it adds another dimension to sexual satisfaction.

That's another good tip, feel sexy.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-04-10 14:28:31 by RipTheJacker

korkelz - thanks for yer thoughtful and stimulating blog and posts - i like graphic visual descriptions of genital engorgement both female and male in response to erotic stimuli as well as mental/spiritual ideation of all things sexual - i find it easy to identify with those descriptions

i just read yer blog entries with interest and vaguely recall a few of yer other posts ...

correct me if i'm wrong:

YOU ==>

< i sorta recall you being a young dude in his twenties married less than five years no kids yet unity or unification church (?moonie[?]) background or member and pretty conscientious somewhat introverted thinker > ? ...

ME ==>

all i have on you is a few more years of experience i just turned 50 last week married almost 32 years since age 18 and 4 kids ages 20-31 ... i'm relatively fit and athletic and don't really feel middleaged 'though i know i am

... horny most of the time was a master 'bator from age 11 'til my experience with the opposite sex at almost 16 married at 18 not raised with as many sexual inhibitions as a lot of my contemporaries butt since marriage nonetheless sorta "saved myself" for conjugal sex or mutual jo during menses or postpartum or periods of solo travel (phone sex with the wife used to cost $ for long distance so they were quickies LOL) ... still screw 4-6 times weekly but additionally re-added solo the past several years and solo anal/aneros experimentation the past few months

we all have baggage but unlike you i didn't get much of any religious baggage - personally rather be a follower of jesus and his words than the follower of any religion christian or otherwise ... IMO they all serve their purpose only if a person can avoid worshiping the religion or its preachers


sorry for the digression butt i wanna encourage you ==>

... you seem to be more penis-oriented than most of the aneros pros on this forum butt so am i and i think that's fine ...

i don't see the importance of saving yer ejaculate although i can assure you that ya don't need to cum in order to enjoy prolonged orgasmic bliss - i learned this early in my marriage

... yer descriptions of intense identification with all the erotic sensations involving yer body beginning with yer penis and genitals is very much the same as my experience(s) both past and present and i refer you to my recent post "feeling insane and becumming the orgasm ..." on The_Bishop's 04/03/2011 thread "Twenty minute orgasm" ==>

[ "feeling insane and becumming the orgasm
Originally Posted by The_Bishop
I feel insane.
I finished a 20 minute orgasm 30 minutes ago. Fired up the HypnAerosession MP3 (track 2) and vaporized some sweet smelling bud. Fuck, the common phrase around this forum is that it is a "journey" is so appropriate. I feel like a visited a different planet. Hallucinating with my eyes closed. Felt like I was cumming buckets, without a real drop flowing. I became the orgasm. I rippled and rocked and moaned in rhythm to it's deliciousness. I fell into my mind and disappeared. My body was energy. Taut, sensual, energy. Warmth and pleasure mixing and flowing from my head down to my toes. Ambrosia slowly seeping out of my dick. Slowly, like a spring of white light pushed up from the depths of my being. I am truly addicted.
dude congratulations believe me i am less far along with prostate orgasms by progasm butt i have years of experience with "multiple" or prolonged male orgasm much as you describe ...

like your experience my first prolonged orgasm was when we were stoned on some good weed back early in my marriage around '79 or '80 at the age of 18 or 19 and i have described it multiple times as "i became my penis" and visualized i was riding my swollen dick as i probed pussy (and mouth) every sensation of the skin moving along my rigid dick and the 4skin slipping back and forth over the ridge of my enlarged glans penis even the pouting of my meatus ("cum slit") on the instroke the tug on the nozzle of my 4skin on the outstroke the swinging and slamming of my heavy balls it was fuckin' bliss and lasted for well over an hour the first time and subsequently i have either fucked or wanked at the glorious edge for as long as three hours - my wife can't handle the long ride unless she is baked as well

... whether my description of the sensations in my genitals are real or imagined i can tell you the sensations and ecstasy themselves are definitely very real and totally edifying whether i ejaculate or not i am always blissfully rested even though the bed and participants may be soaked in sweat and the ambrosia and fluids of sex

bishop - you should anticipate longer and longer trips to higher and higher altitudes ...

this wonderful expectation is what keeps me involved on an almost daily basis with my progasm - already unbelievably pleasurable - but i know there is so much more

... i fuckin' KNOW there is no way to go but UP

- rip "]

anyway to cut to the chase i wouldn't worry about "spilling yer seed" and "refractory periods" especially at yer age - and even mine - if arousal is a real problem for you ya need to examine yer inhibitions everyone has them and they can and must be worked through and overcum ...

aneros and prostate stimulation are terrific adjuncts butt the extended sexual orgasm and "multiples" are not dependent on them - i see yer on the KSMO site which i am contemplating joining myself in addition to this one at aneros as i wanna know everything i can about my sexuality and how to best use it enjoy it and share it with my partner

sorry for the rambling and no i'm not manic or stoned - i just seem that way in print ...


i do believe the use of cannabis could well help you on yer journey as it has me and The_Bishop and so many others on this forum

... herb is NOT addicting nor does it cause dependence and i rarely use it practice mindful meditative ecstasy-seeking sex and masturbation generally at least daily and almost always totally drug free

i appreciate this forum for you and all the others sharing yer experiences and insights and it's all been helpful to me hope something i share enlightens and helps someone else

- rip