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J4's Vice Review and General Update

Has it been 6 months again since I last posted an update? Well, it was back in July of ’10 when I went away for a week. When I came back, Mrs. J4 confessed she had been using my toys while I was gone! She went on to say that we had neglected attention to our backsides for far too long and encouraged me to go online and get a selection of (mostly anal) toys for us to try out. My journey since last summer has been mostly about coupled sexual exploration. Since I had already begun my backdoor exploration, I was able to teach Mrs. J4 all I knew about preparation and lube and we have been at it ever since.

When Aneros announced the introduction of the VICE, she said what every Aneros loving husband wants to hear: “You’ve got to get one of those!”

I have learned over the last year a couple of things, Frirstly, I have a very tight anal canal and Secondly, I don’t have as much volume in there as Mrs. J4. I do not easily accommodate the larger objects – and by that I mean 1.5 inches in diameter is pretty much my max. This is a whole other discussion topic on differences between individuals anatomy’s and the success of one Aneros product over another. Getting another Progasm sized toy probably wouldn’t have been my first choice, but the promised flexibility of the new VICE, the promised extended wearablility and the off handed Aneros Support Staff comment along the lines of “just what grinders might be looking for to push them over the edge…” (thanks Aneros Support for including Forum Vernacular in your Sales Pitch) I ordered and received my VICE just before Christmas.

What do I think? The VICE delivers in its Comfort promise. You can indeed sit in a chair with it, so long as you exercise proper posture. Slouching causes the device angle to put too much pressure on my prostate. The fact that it is less long and has less of an aggressively angled head are also pluses for me since I have naturally gravitated towards the Peridise sized models for comfort reasons already. Insertion is pretty easy and the texture and the slide ability of silicone are fine. It has not pushed me over the Grinders hump nor has it unwantingly produced any wet orgasms either. It is okay to walk around the house in, but the wider base got me poking at it to keep it from slipping out when going up and down stairs (it never did slip out – maybe I was just more self conscious of it). I have had no issues the next day, after a couple of two hour sessions, as would have happened in the past with the Progasm. The Progasm was never comfortable for me to walk around in and because it was so aggressive with the prostate, never found its way into the kind of back to back daily sessions you can have with the Peridise models. I have yet to try it with the vibrator stick even it. Mentally, the vibrator does nothing for me. I’ll have to review that later.

Here’s the kicker: Mrs. J4 wanted a turn with it. So in it goes in her, and boy does she love it. What a ride. When we get the time, we like to go at what I call All Holes Filled Sex. With the VICE in her, on vibrate, me in her and a Peridise in me, we took our time cycling through all four vibration settings before settling on our favorite. I have rarely in the last 20+ years seen her so thoroughly, mind bendingly, satisfied. I’m pretty sure I like the vibration on her more than I would like it on in me. Time will tell. Thank you Aneros for yet another fantastic side path in a surreal fantasy journey.

The VICE gets five stars from the both of us.

Here’s one last thought for us guys on our journey. I’ve been as active sexually with my wife in the previous 6 months as I ever have in my life. It’s tough to follow the path to the Super O when you’re getting busy every other day. So would trade 6 hours of Super O’s a week for 6 regular O’s during fun loving couple sex?

There will be plenty of time for solo Aneros work in the future, but I wouldn’t trade this time away with Mrs. J4 for hundreds of Super O’s. Maybe someday I won’t have to.

Good sessions to all


Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-01-03 17:14:40 by artform

WOW!! Wonderful J4 for you both and your relationship!! Mrs. a and I are right with you two as to priority of couples times. All the very best on this so gratifying new dimension of your journey!!

Posted on 2011-01-04 12:08:19 by Love_is

Great post J4. You should also put this in the Vice review thread in the forum. I find it fascinating that your wife liked the feel of it so much when it is not even designed for women. But what a cool experience that she is so willing to explore anal play between the two of you. Wow! She sounds like a keeper! Ok, that was admittedly shallow. But I'm sure you get my point. LOL

Posted on 2011-01-04 19:01:13 by needit_

as the 2 other men have stated ...your wife is a definate wonder woman.would love to find a lady like that for my self