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Distracting negative energy

Interesting topic title, ey? Let me explain! I live in the third floor of a very old 3-story house, each floor its own apartment.

I've been waiting and expecting this, the time when the orgasms I experience in my dreams change. If I was more disciplined I would practice Lucid Dreaming techniques to quicken my journey to the super o, but sadly I'm not that disciplined. I used to practice it with a lot of success, actually. Anyway, last night I experienced the good and the bad; great pleasure and also great fear. The night seemed to draw on and on, I wished for it to be morning again.

Used the MGX in the evening before bed.
Last night I was lying in bed and I was feeling P-waves. As I fell deeper into relaxation, I began to feel intense tingling starting from my feet and creeping all the way up to my head, the first time I've felt pleasure there! At this point I can't say whether I was dreaming or still awake. I began to hear a loud rushing sound (close your ears with your hands and tense your arms until you hear the rumbles) as if the energy rushing to my head made this sound. I suspect all this was happening because of the dream world's ability to enhance reality.

The breakthrough I had last night was after reading Darwin's "Theory of Orgasm Success" in the "Incorrect Muscular Tension" and putting it to practice.

Soon I entered fully into a dream state, but I wasn't aware I was dreaming. I began to hear loud shouts from someone outside our apartment door. Someone was trying to break into our apartment. I couldn't move, I had sleep paralysis. I desperately tried to move out of bed to meet the threat. I managed to get out. A dark figure then entered the bedroom, it was all too dark to see anything but a shadowy outline. I wanted to fight, but I was so weak. I then knew I was dreaming, and I started to call out to my wife who I knew was sleeping next to me, I wanted to be woken up. All that came out was a quiet gurgle. I finally struggled awake.

My mother is known to make gurgling noises in her sleep, and it's always due to a specific type of nightmare. Seems that now I'm experiencing the same thing. I tell my wife to wake me up when she hears me. It's the kind of nightmare that takes place right in your bedroom, the kind that you can't tell is a dream until you wake up and think about it. It feels spiritual, out of body, comes with exaggerated fear. It's always dark, always about the unseen, and feelings of daemons trying to take over you and people around you.

This is the second dream I've had about this apartment, coincidence? I think this apartment must have some lingering negative energy similar to a house I used to live in.

I used to live in an old house in Massachusetts when I was young. Had similar nightmares about the house the entire time I lived there up until 7 years after my family moved to Arizona. I then moved in with my wife to this apartment in Illinois. Never had a nightmare about the house in Arizona; it was not an old house.

For the Massachusetts house, it seemed to be haunted in some way. My parents bought the house falling apart (huge holes could be seen in the walls from the outside, lots of money spent fixing it up). Afterwards, it was a very pleasant house. Still, I had countless nightmares. My parents felt it needed to be blessed; we invited a spiritualist. My sister felt the basement had some scary presence and had a dream about meeting a man there.

Later that night I had another dark nightmare about the apartment; once again I woke up in great fear. My mind wandered onto creepy thoughts...

...I know of a couple who's husband passed away in his sleep, the wife heard him dying; the sound of one last great breath of air escaping from his body. An autopsy did not reveal a cause of death. The thought was unsettling. We believe God called him to the spiritual world; he signed a paper in the early years of his marriage, a paper to confirm that he is candidate to be "called". Apparently our religious leader needed people to be ready to enter the spirit world to work for God and mankind. Coincidence?

Luckilly my wife was awake, needed something (someone) to cuddle. :) I began to feel P-waves again until suddenly WHAM! a huge wave of pleasure slammed into me, it was incredible, I was stunned, immobilized, I couldn't believe it, my mouth held open for an entire minute. Almost all of my body was tingling; an intense erection ensued. Subsequent P-waves felt like the after glow of this supernova of pleasure...

Ahh, finally it was moring again and took comfort in my wife's breasts... now I can tell everyone about my experience on the Aneros forum.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2011-01-01 16:14:15 by Korkelz

ok... didn't bold right.

Posted on 2011-01-02 12:26:55 by Love_is

Hello Korkelz, :)

I want to you to know that I get similar like dreams occasionally that seem to have been prompted by whatever energetic work goes on in the body from Aneros sessions. As I would rarely have these dreams prior to my Aneros journey. I think there is different ways to look at it and approach dealing with it. I suspect our fear in the dream muddies how we perceive what is going on. I know in one dream I was able to change my approach of fear and fight, to asking what this presence was. And I was given the impression that this was another aspect of myself trying re-join with me. Whether this is true or not, this was a much better outcome than a scary nightmare. Like yourself during and after these dreams I can feel all sorts of energetic sensations going on in my body. Although, not pleasurable feeling. I've also had one very interesting dream where I became conscious within it. A pretty neat feeling. I'm sure the Aneros journey has something to do with these experiences.


Posted on 2011-01-07 16:37:03 by Korkelz

Hey Love_is, just wanted to say thanks for your wisdom and reading through my post.

Posted on 2011-04-10 13:19:45 by RipTheJacker

dude ya need an exorcism ...

get yer house blest by an R.C. priest

... no i don't believe in this shit and i'm not a catholic but the razzle-dazzle of liturgy and discussion with a believer - assuming father amityville is himself a believer - can help you confront the crap you (and all of us) have buried in the subconscious

- rip

p.s. i enjoy most all of yer posts

Posted on 2011-04-10 13:22:33 by RipTheJacker

korkelz - meant to say yer [b]house[/b] needs an exorcism (with you the head of household present)
- rip