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Eupho time

First, I've modified all of my Aneros by removing the tails. I much prefer them that way.

My session today was back to being great I used the Eupho today, and I think it is my favorite. I like the area that can be squeezed to drive it up and in and put pressure on everything. I find I can do that very gradually and it really allows me to feel the pleasure of it.

I've been thinking about rewiring and what that means. I've been playing with a couple of things. Helixer posted a link to a video of series of pin-up photos of a very busy blonde. His claim is that we are wired to respond to such images. I think he's right, but I think this is something that is being rewired. I've also been exerimenting with nipple stim, just to see what happens. There is something there, but it isn't yet wired properly.

Anyway, I'm no longer disappointed about progress. Things are moving right along.