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The Key Sound is the key.

Now that I've posted a few tales of my recent successes with MMO techniques, I want to try to sort out what practices and tools I think have been most useful, and why.

To begin with, about the Key Sound: I can say with certainty that the MOST important practice along my journey, the most fundamental tool has been the Key Sound, as created and described by Jack Johnston ( I won't go into too much detail about how to do the Key Sound, you'll have to head over to Jack's website and forum to get the details. I will say that both of the sets of mp3s that he sells are, while expensive, well worth the investment. I've listened to them many times over now, and each time I do so it helps to refine my method.

(One word of warning: the "beginner" and "advanced" mp3s were created some years apart, with the second set being more of a refinement of the first, rather than a continuation. There were many things about the first set of instructions that I found confusing or or even in direct contradiction to the latter ones. I'm hoping, as he says he is doing, that he'll release a single, up-to-date, consolidated version of the whole set, to avoid sending those who buy just the first set down dead-ends. In other words, you are best off getting the whole package, and listening to it as a single unit, right from the get go.)

So why was the Key Sound so important for me? Jack presents the Key Sound primarily as an amplifier of arousal, but I actually think that it's ability to amplify arousal is a secondary effect. He also describes it as a means for releasing tension and pent-up energy, and it is my suspicion that THIS is its primary effect. It seems to me that arousal and erotic energy is stopped in its tracks by tension, pain, negative energy, etc. By using the KS to release these blockages, arousal is then able to flow naturally. I have several bits of evidence to support this understanding.

As I said earlier, I began serious study of MMO about 6 months ago. I'd "used" the Aneros on and off for a few years, mostly to enhance ejaculatory orgasms, but also experimenting a little with generating MMOs, with very little success. When I decided to get serious about all this, I began by learning the KS, since I was unsure that the Aneros method was going to get me anywhere. (My feeling about this has obviously changed, but, at least for me, the Aneros method was not going to succeed without the KS under my belt first.)

So for the last 6 mo or so, this has been my practice: following the 20m, 2-3 times/week KS "protocol", as a pure practice. By pure practice, I mean that during those sessions I do not incorporate other tools or practices, I simply do the key sound for 20 minutes, while relaxing and using small amounts of gentle erotic stimulation. (If you are unfamiliar with the KS protocol, the details are in Jack's mp3s.) I tried my best to do this at least a couple of times a week, usually in the mornings before work, when I wasn't already distracted by other things. (Doing it in the morning was my own idea, and a great one, if I don't say so myself, since it turns out to be a wonderful way to start the day.)

Meanwhile, when I had time to explore OTHER methods such as the Aneros, I did those outside of my regular KS practice. (One way I diverged from the protocol as described by Jack is that I also used the KS during these "experimental" sessions. He suggests avoiding such mixing and matching, but I assumed, rightly for me, that if the KS was an amplifier of arousal, it would help to increase the effects of most other practices.)

Progress was very slow, both in my general KS practices as well as in my "side projects", happening mostly in fits and starts, but it did occur. The first indication that something was changing as a result of my efforts was that gradually my need for ejaculatory release, either in my sessions or outside of them, lessened.

When I first began all this, if I began a session, and (as I never did, until recently) I did not achieve an orgasm, I would ALWAYS finish the session with an ejaculation, except on my morning 20m sessions. At the end of the session, would find myself keyed up, frustrated, and feeling like I'd wasted time and energy, with nothing to show for it, and would give myself a consolation prize of an ejaculatory orgasm. (This is the primary reason I felt the Aneros would not work; I just could not for the life of me plug that thing in without having a traditional orgasm at the end. Try as I might, I just could not deny myself some modicum of pleasure at the end of another dud session.)

But as I continued practicing, I noticed that this need for resolution or satisfaction fell away. Little by little, I found myself enjoying the session for what it was, even if "nothing" much happened. I'd close the session free of some level of sexual tension that had been there at the opening, even though I'd had no orgasm to speak of. Soon, it became the norm. I even had several instances of non-practice intercourse with my partner where I was perfectly happy to forgo ejaculation. Thing is, I had no explanation for this transformation, aside from regular practice of the Key Sound.

Here's what I think was happening: doing the KS regularly allowed me to release pent-up sexual energy and tension. That pent up energy is the source of the need for ejaculatory gratification; by releasing it, I began to lose the need for it, both in my MMO sessions and elsewhere. Long before I started having MMOs, I started ejaculating by choice rather than out of need, and all thanks to the KS's ability to release tension.

The most important part of all this is that the KS works on this level EVEN IF nothing much "happens" while following the 20m protocol, or even afterward, in the form of Echo Effects. In other words, it has this effect even if you don't know it, even if you think it's not working. (Even now, my morning sessions are relatively tame, although certainly much more happens than used to.) That is why I think releasing tension is its primary function. The Key Sound is a valve for releasing negative energy.

Here's another anecdote to support that idea. Once, on the heels of an argument with my wife that left me tense and angry, I had the thought to try doing the KS, not to generate arousal, but rather to release the tension that had built up within me. In just a few minutes of doing the practice, I felt calm, free of anger, and forgiving of her and myself. The Key Sound is a valve for releasing negative energy.

One last anecdote: Since I've had more success with MMOs, here is what I've noticed: When I feel the energy waves building, I notice that they flow freely through parts of my body, only to be blocked in other places. When the waves encounter blockages, those areas tense up, as if they are attempting to bar further movement. If I focus on those areas and make a KS, I can feel the tension release, and the wave begin to move past it and grow stronger. The Key Sound is a valve for releasing tension, allowing other energies (arousal, orgasm, etc.) to move freely and grow.

That's all I'll say for now, but I welcome questions and comments.

Remember, RELAXATION is the key to all this, and relaxation is the absence of tension. The Key Sound is an excellent tool for releasing tension, and an essential one for me.