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First time

So, I had my first session. Showered, cleaned, lubed, ready to go.

I initially inserted it while laying on my side, then i turned onto my back laying normally. I started doing some deep breathing while contracting, as if when i breathed in, i contracted. They were intermediate contractions, nothing small or big. After about 30 minutes, I think I had my first p-wave.

It didn't feel like any orgasm, but it definitely felt like a wave. A strange feeling occured during it; As I felt my heartbeat, it felt as if the beat was going up and down my back, it was... very strange, to say the least. Such as they are.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2010-09-15 22:29:57 by rook

Congratulations. That pulse was probably your abdominal aorta throbbing. Good that you felt it on your side. I have to roll onto my back to feel that. Be alert also to that pulse showing up along your perineum, anus, rectum and perhaps in your prostate. Note and cherish those. Be alert for involuntaries at those locations.

You will probably get an arterial pulse in your penis -- for the time being, try to ignore that one and focus on the others.

Posted on 2010-09-20 01:52:51 by equalityboy81

Is there really a pulse in the perineum, anus, rectum, and prostate?

Posted on 2010-09-29 17:55:27 by rook

Nice starting session. Good focus on your breathing, helped you relax and that revealed pulsations in your descending aorta.