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Oh My!

So yesterday I had quite an Aneros session. And what's worth talking about here without repeating myself, is that as I practiced the imaginary prostate rubbing that I mentioned in my previous blog entry. What I found is that just by noticing the sensations, they would increase in strength. I think it was one of Darwin's posts from a while back that talked about this. Well by golly it worked! Wow I had some pretty intense and pleasurable sensations. Although it didn't feel orgasmic in the sense of going over the top, it was really nice pleasure. And I could feel my prostate involuntarily thumping against my Helix. In addition, with this method, there was mentally no room for thinking about arousing thoughts. Doing that just got in the way of noticing the prostate sensations and ended up decreasing the pleasure. It made me chuckle to think that I could be aroused and feel pleasure without thinking of something horny! LOL

As the pleasure lessened and became more difficult to initiate, I switched over to the smaller of the two advanced Peridise. This was nice, but not anywhere near as nice as the previous days session with the larger Peridise. I found that my anus seemed to have a difficult time gripping it. Which implies to me that I need to continue to practice with the larger Peridise until my anal muscles are stronger. Now the interesting thing is that after the session ended, I noticed a definite change in my sense of well being. I felt lighter, happier, and more relaxed. I remember thinking how this Aneros practice of noticing subtle sensations could be applied to many thing in life and alter our experience for the better. What a nice side benefit! :D