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The next step?

So my most recent progress in my Aneros journey happened today. This morning I woke up in bed and decided to just have a quick and not terribly focused no-Aneros session in bed. The difference was, for some reason I got the idea to imagine something rubbing against my prostate. A ghost Aneros so to speak. And I was very surprised by how much pleasurable sensations started being generated there! Later in the day in both my no-Aneros arousal builder looking at porn, and also after during my Aneros session, I used this technique very successfully! I even got to the point where I was imagining rubbing my prostate with my fingers, and more towards the top of it, as that seemed to be more sensitive. Now I didn't have any mini or dry-O's from this. But I felt like I moved a step closer in the amount of pleasure I was receiving. It was very nice. And I know it worked as I could feel my body responding. My nipples got quite erect, my prostate swelled and got very sensitive several times, and I poured out quite a bit more pre-cum than I have in a while. At a few points I felt I was so close to having some sort of orgasm but never went over. Although my prostate was so sensitive, that if I completely relaxed, I could feel these minuscule involuntary anal contractions occurring which caused a very pleasurable sensation from my Helix ever so gently rubbing against my prostate. I loved it! As I progress, I'm learning that there is indeed merit to the “do nothing” approach. And I as a long time user of a bit over 3.5 years without having achieved super-O's yet, the do nothing approach in Aneros sessions doesn't make itself obvious or known to you until you get to a certain point(milestone?) in your Aneros journey. It's only in the last two or three months that I've started getting some pleasurable sensations from doing nothing and just relaxing in an Aneros session. But it's certainly not everything. As I was also able to get some really nice and intense pleasure from holding very slight to moderate PC contractions. So I experiment and go with what seems to work.

When I felt I could not get any more pleasure from the Helix, I removed it and inserted the largest of the Peridise advanced set. This was quite interesting. In the past I've only had a handful of times where I got pleasure from these anal toys. But that was more from doing hard voluntary anal contractions. Where as they otherwise were mostly duds for me, so I almost never used them. After I put it in I felt it squirming around in my anus. And giving me more of a teasing pleasure. Like it was creating this sort of sexually pleasurable itch that couldn't be scratched. But I missed the prostate massaging that the Helix was doing even though I was still imagining rubbing my prostate. I think I can see where this device has merit, and will start using it more often after my Helix sessions. It will be neat to see where this goes. Besides, since I have been recently diagnosed with some small internal hemorrhoids, I'm hoping Peridise use will help them heal and go away as that is what they are sold for on High Island Health's web site. It's amazing that I can get pleasure from the healing practice of the Peridise! LOL

What I find even more interesting is that I had such a good Aneros session the day after having ejaculated from a two week wait! I still practice ejaculation abstinence, but have found that there is often a use for ejaculating now and then. As sometimes if I go too long without ejaculating, my body seems to get less aroused from Aneros sessions, there is less prostate sensations and pleasure, and my penis tends to get more erect during Aneros sessions, thus putting the focus on it and having a mild to dud session. And then I'll find that finally ejaculating kick starts my body into higher arousal, prostate sensations that return and therefore better Aneros sessions. So it's almost like my body is trying to tell me when it is time to ejaculate. But I try to keep it at no more than once a week. And without having a girlfriend at the moment, it's not an issue at all. This last two weeks flew by for me and I hardly noticed it. What a change from the way I used to be of masturbating to ejacugasm almost daily! LOL