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Rewiring to Rewire

I thought it might be best to start this blog with a short history. My avatar represents not that I'm an angel, but that I'm free from a demanding negative relationship. My signature is not historical (progasm ice is in the mail), Rook advised me to "Don't sweat the milestones--smell the flowers along the path". My signature is my attempt to visually represent those perceived flowers along the path, albiet with a little humor! Sorry I know dumb-assed kid here,

Six months ago I pulled the plug on a relationship that had evolved into a disaster for me. All of my energy was flowing away from me and I was becoming bankrupt of what I call my male grounded center core. I was at the time, in a position to take a break from school and work and that's just what I did. I ended the relationship with her, with class on my part, moved out, and began this spring doing fun "guy" stuff. Spending my time exclusively for myself for a change, swimming, working out, playing soccer, reading, and flying my stunt kites. Free from the demands of the relationship and responsibilities of work and school, I quickly free fell into a quiet routine. My private alone time changed drastically from a frantic fast paced affairs into hour + long sessions based on self full body massages. 80% of these sessions end in slumber with no loss of fluid or energy. My male grounded center core has returned in full force. I feel I'm on my way to a more mature version of myself.
I consider myself bi because I have a couple of close long time friends that I enjoy oral with. When I was 15, my first experience was with a male about my age now, 24. External prostrate massage and oral; my body ran off the rails! I had very strong muscle contractions in my legs and lower chest. I went into ejaculatory pumping mode that was full bore on! It simply would not shut off. I have never before or since been able to even come close to that out of the ballpark home run. Some how my brain shorted into some self generating feedback loop. This is why this sight made sence to me right away, I kinda knew what you were talking about here. I feel that the recent past rewiring of my life has left me in an excellent place to begin rewiring for Super O's. They will simply take as long as they take. I intend to savor the journey. Warning! There will be questions along the way. Derick rewiring.