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A year later, dreams have come true…

Finally back after several months behind a content filter, where I couldn't access this site or add my own experiences. I'm glad to be back! And it's been a hell of a year since I first started with the Aneros.

Last July, I had finally tried an MGX that had been sitting in my closet for a couple of years. Within a week, I'd upgraded to a Eupho, and then by the end of August, I'd ordered my Helix and Peridises, shortly before leaving the country. I left the MGX behind, but took everything else.

Almost immediately upon landing overseas, I rediscovered Binaural Beats via numerous apps for my iPhone. These have become my essential asset, far more useful to me than either porn or smoke (though using all three together has consistently been fruitful ;-). Gonna write a separate forum post about the value of Binaural apps, so that this one can focus on my specific dream come true (after a couple of paragraphs of context below).

By the time I was overseas last fall, I was already past voluntary contractions of any sort and past breathing exercises. That is, I was having consistently increasing depths of experience just by insertion and hitting "play" in a Binaural app. (At this point, a Binaural Beat is like an "instant on" switch for my pelvic muscles.) In fact, I've experienced the extraordinary heights with any of my devices, or with just lube inserted, or with nothing at all in there. (I'm a big fan of every approach, particularly the "lube only" method, which seems often like best of both worlds for me, though a device requires less active imagination.)

My average sessions are usually 3-5 multi-sessions of 45-75 minutes apiece. (My job affords me a LOT of free time, and there's little else to do over there.) In between subsessions, I usually go ahead and pop my device and lube out, take a fifteen break (for a couple of cigarettes, urination, any belated defecation, and fresh smoke), and then start over. My second subsession is inevitably better than my first, and my third (usually having switched between my Eupho and Helix in either direction) is usually better than my second, and sometimes my fourth is better still. Sometimes I'd get so high that I would finally "hand off" just to come down and sleep, though I'd avoid direct stimulation completely otherwise. Sometimes my sessions are spread out over a day, but the total hours spent is usually three or four (after that initial enthusiastic summer of six hour marathons almost every day).

What about the Super-O? For a long time, I wasn't sure if I was in the territory or not. [i]Every week or ten days[/i] seemed to bring a sudden radical new order of magnitude (other than one month of more gradual progress). But back around March, I felt sure I had reached the hallowed ground by anyone's standards: long tidal orgasmic blisses with peaks and comparably blissful plateaus. In fact, the experience of the big brain-scrunching climaxes was one I preferred to avoid (though they certainly came), in deference to longer less severe orgasmic releases. From almost the beginning, I'd been seeking [i]continuous[/i] orgasm with gentler expenditure. And almost every week, it (I) was coming more easily, powerfully, overwhelmingly, and "smearingly," when actual climaxes are merely finite events within the context of a broader more long-lasting orgasm.

But in April, I did some specific practice that has made all the difference since then, and brought me the orgasms of my dreams. I finally took some time to fool with Super-Ts, rocking back and forth between penile stimulation and Aneros stimulation, until I'd finally ejaculate from pressure within. No surprises here (if you've done such things), but it opened an unexpected door.

It taught my body that I CAN blow a load from pressure within. Which has mostly [i]not[/i] actually happened…

So my body now [i]just tries and tries and tries to do so![/i] My internal dance has become one of endless reconfiguration and re-attempts and exploration, as my body persistently seeks to force an ejaculation that does not come. And if you're misunderstanding me, the results are FANTASTIC. My body's auto-pilot and involuntary contractions are now ON A MISSION, and [i]very[/i] motivated to succeed!, and I am helpless to come my brains out (dryly) while it keeps trying and trying to find the secret formula.

This was the huge progress explored in May, which then led to even greater heights in June, when my body started convincing ourselves that we ARE ejaculating. I can't count how many times I've felt a huge throbbing erection insisting that "I MUST be gushing my brains out," only to "awake" to an almost perfectly dry belly. It was baffling, but not frustrating, because the long continuous sensation of gushing, churning, pumping out spew is exactly what I'd been dreaming of from the outset.

Which in July has become even more pronounced, as the "not gushing" sensation has become *less frequent* than the spewing sensation, the brief intervals while my body [i]feels[/i] as if it's refilling the reservoirs of semen that it [i]feels[/i] like it's steadily emptying.

Recently while listening to an 1:10 sex file on my iPod, I was "up to seemingly spewing" within five minutes (it was my second subsession of the evening), and it never let up for the remainder of the audio, only seeming to tidally increase and plateau in intensity. And yet still, my belly was virtually dry afterward. But this IS more or less exactly the quality and quantity of orgasmic experience I'd been dreaming of since last summer. I certainly feel no need whatsoever to touch myself afterward, other than still occasionally just to bring myself down.

Last week, I did a couple of times finally actually pump out some real spew and find some small puddles afterward. It's become a "sometimes it happens" thing, and it surely feels incredible. And yet, when I find those puddles, I'm never exactly clear on when it had been pumping out or not, because sometimes I've looked right down at the sensation and yet seen nothing coming out.

Now, with my body having learned so much, I'm just lately "spreading out" into more full-body experiences, where my whole body becomes more floaty and lost within the "cavern" of bliss. And I had a deeper orgasm last night back toward my spine that was an entirely new order of magnitude. So I'm not feeling that I've reached any "end" of a journey at all.

But I am feeling very much that a dream has come true, and continues to come true, as my body continues to be overwhelmed, by complete liberation from the refractory period, and the freedom to feel as sexually extraordinary as my senses can perceive.

It's been one hell of a year. Or rather, one heaven of a year.


Reader Comments

Posted on 2010-07-28 22:56:04 by rook

Nice post Tremelo and congrats on a great year !!
I also adopted the 'sub-session' modality this last March. Very happy with the results.

Posted on 2010-07-28 23:21:10 by Tremelo

Yeah, it's funny, but in my first few months, I went to great lengths to remove my devices as rarely as possible rather than ever "start over," but now I think nothing of taking it out and sliding it back in, and think I'm even benefiting from doing so. Sometimes I even have a dud sub-session to start with, but then easily get into the groove the second time around.

Posted on 2010-07-30 10:22:56 by LivingLarge

I can relate to all these stages your speaking of. In my case things have only gotten more and more intense. It's a great product and a great journey.