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Recap: The breakthrough in January, part 3


I had aftershocks following both these sessions.
Both times I could partially recreate the leg effects without the Aneros in me.
After the second session there was even some moderate shaking, although they were not as long, violent or pleasant.

Some day or two later, when I had gotten some sleep, I tried to make the shakes come back using nipple stimulation.
This time they became better than both the aftershock experiences.
Then I also tried the sideway position with no nipple stim, just breathing.
I now also could make my upper body move by itself. This was twice as pleasant, and soon I felt my sweat pouring out.

While this was fun and interesting, I also had some muscle soreness in my neck, back and shoulders.
No doubt this was because of the violent shaking I had experienced earlier.
Even later the back of my thighs got the same soreness, but by then I was having more sessions.