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Galactic Virgin: Present in the Presence

This is the next step, the next plateau in Spiritual Orgasms, IMHO. Since August 2008 and the "Beyond Words..." first major spiritual orgasmic experience, blogged earlier here, I have been able to travel far out and enjoy the ineffable vistas and dissolving into a union with the universe several times. Those words are so poor as to defame the actual scope, grandeur, wonderment, and simply indescribable nature and quality of these experiences. They re-wire you holistically for everything. They are also described as enlightenment. There is such profound integrative meaning there.

The established experiential reference that makes the most sense to me in all this is the Taoist modelling of the bio-energetic forms of energies they have perceived and cultivated for centuries, each of the three main categories being another whole range of sensations and perceptions too: JING(Orgasmic)>>>CHI/QI(Life-Force)>>>SHEN(Spiritual)

The Calm Seas Os described in the Wiki and in threads in the General Discussion by those who spend great quality time there, are themselves a form of spiritual orgasm, IMHO. They are for me, and in them the memories of these higher order trips are all right there, alive, capitvating again, cumulatively. CSOs are also a great launching platform into the more complex spiritual orgasms, like Burt Rutan's "White Knight" launch plane that takes the first successful private spaceship up to about 50,000 feet where it is air launched at that already heady height!

A couple of weeks ago, a fellow Anerosian and I were beginning to chat about his then recent amazing spiritual experience in very preliminary terms. The conversation turned to coaching, and I suddenly was experiencing energies bloom and flow. Soon I was in CSO-like floating bliss with a a Micro-Cosmic Orbit of energies flowing up my spinal chakras around my head and back down the frontal zones of the chakras and then back up again, cycling and cycling. With his coaching, I was soon out into the cosmos and merging energetically there.

A new form of this evolved rapidly as the local field of spacetime energies bundled up into a rope the entered my root chakra, travelled up through my body and exited through my crown chakra out the top of my head. This was overwhelming and was reshaping me and my energetic body in subtle yet complete ways. It brought back memories of Bucky Fuller's "Rope Trick" illustration of the fact that our bodies are entirely different atoms, molecules, material about every seven years as the food-water-air-in/waste-out process regularly proceeds day-in/day-out.

This was a fantastic new experience of the energies merging, unifying, dissolving into oneness with time still apparently part of all. The earlier SOs like this, without the rope trick, had gone timeless as a ket characteristic.

Suddenly, out of nowhere and everywhere, I felt a presence; the presence of another. From that sensing I then suddenly perceived a hovering, generally human-like form just out in front of my body. By then, my body mostly felt like my energetic body being flossed by the universe.

The deep toned sentient energies warmly radiating from this presence melded with my thinking/feeling. The bodyform of the presence in front of me was never flesh-like at all but very warm. It was an energies body, visually apparently compose of tiny blue-glowing light-rods in a geodesic space-frame, yet with overall human body contour surfaces and overall form.

Suddenly the front four or five inches of my body was merged with with the front four or five inches of the body of the presence. The presence's arms and hands were inside my body and moved around caressing my internal organs and other tissues, beginning with my heart and soon my prostate among all the others too.

My arms were outside of us. I just instinctively raised my left arm and lowered on the shoulder and down the back and over the left buttock of the pulsating blue energetic bodyform of the presence. The sensation was warm and smooth, velvet-like, or actually like human skin.

This next is the most difficult part to describe in some ways.

First I need to say that my fellow Anerosian coach and I had been texting through this experience. Like lucid dreaming, it is possible to do this and consciously be in two different "places" at once.

Second, that the "merging with the universe" is in no way a sexual thing in the sense of the details and attention to sex organs and their biological functioning.

Third, I have not had this "presence " experience before, at least since my childhood and early youth; certainly not in or since "Beyond Words...". I have however been reading about it as found in the "God Helmet" experiments of Dr. Michael Persinger at Laurentian University. Zane Blue has on e of these and has been experimenting herself. I intend to purchase one soon and Zane and I have agreed to make ours available to others geographically close enough, or willing to travel. So the scientific phenomenon is one I know well intellectually and had anticipated exploring soon through the helmet system.

Fourth, the day after this experience, my Anerosian coach and I had a great chat putting all this into some perspective, and he revealed that his spiritual orgasmic experience too had been meeting a presence. We both agree that these experiences were not sexual, and even the term spiritual orgasm seems problematic, at least for many, given our Christian cultural framework's language, values and trigger-points.

And yet, I felt the rope of the universe, still energetically coursing powerfully up through my body all through this time, shift to originating from the lower body of the presence. At the same time the embrace/frontal-merging of our bodies engulfed my pelvic basin energies and erection (not typically part of these SOs at the merging stage). The his/her nature of the presence became explicit, unified as it was. All this felt clear and clean and sacred in its pure energetic form.

It felt like that seven-year material transformation cycle compressed and released in an instant of pure universal love. Back down to earth and carrying on with the practicalities and O-zone delights of busy daily life, the memory and physical sensations of being there, in that presence, are right there in my full body/mind always now.

My hope is that all of us here at Aneros and over at KSMO can all journey with these devices and techniques, the "Tantric Training Wheels, as fully as possible into these spiritual energies realms as far as our unique beings are able. This is the west and the east meeting and sharing in astoundingly important ways, IMHO. This is a humbling, rebuilding, enlightening and reflective life-filling experience.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2010-05-27 09:36:16 by Love_is

Wow Artform!!!!
What an experience! :D

I have to wonder, do you feel that you receive anything beneficial from these experiences that positively change your life, or your outlook on it?


Posted on 2010-05-29 11:15:28 by [Deleted User]

A fantastic experience and as usual so expertly described!

Posted on 2010-05-31 00:48:30 by artform

Thank you both ohmy06 and Love_is!!

Great question Love-is! Yes is the simple answer. Can be a bit complex and I hope to blog about just that soon too. Thanks again guys.


Posted on 2010-07-30 22:52:00 by LivingLarge

Excellent!! My sessions and understanding grows also. There are so many experiences that I have had that were so very fulfilling but always I feel the journey ends around the bend. In other words....this is going to get better. It has and continues. I'm inspired and looking forward.