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I dream of incredible progress.

About three days back if I remember correctly, I was napping on the couch. And I started having a dream that there was some sort of dildo shaped vibrator pushed in my ass with just the end sticking out. And then within the dream I started massaging my perineum with my fingers. And as I laid there I felt this slowly and gradually building pleasure just like in an Aneros session. And it started to get really pleasurable. And I thought, “Oh my God”, this is going to be really good! And then I woke up!!! GaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Fast forward a few days and sessions...

So last night I was scheduled to have my Aneros session. I started with my standard no-Aneros session to hop up my arousal sitting at the computer looking at porn while rubbing my nipples. I got some really good prostate sensations from this. But I had some other things to do. So I had to come back to this later in the evening. Thankfully I was able to recreate the pleasurable prostate sensations in the no-Aneros warmup. One thing I did notice was that on this particular day was that the faster I rubbed my nipples, the more aroused and thus more pleasurable sensations occurred.

Then when I got to the Aneros session in bed laying on my back with knees up using my tailess Helix. I'd say within the first fifteen to twenty minutes just like within that dream I felt that slow and gradual build up of pleasure. And I did my best not to interfere with any intentional contractions. Just notice it and let it do it's thing. And I just gradually increased the speed I was rubbing my nipples. Now I know I've said this before, but I think I honest to god finally had a real prostate mini-O! This is an entirely new pleasurable event that I have never felt before. The prostate pleasure built higher than at any other time within any of my Aneros sessions ever before. And then for two or three seconds it peaked much like a traditional ejaculatory orgasm. Boy did that ever feel good!!! :D :D :D And there was absolutely no penile stimulation of any sort going on, and no ejaculate came out. Just loads of stringy pre-cum. Unfortunately, I was not able to recreate the experience within the same session. :( But that's what future Aneros sessions will be for! :D

A few things I noticed. Lately, my best pleasure within an Aneros session is within the first fifteen to thirty minutes. I think I'm much more likely to just relax and let it do it's thing without interfering in that time frame. And then after that, I'm often doing some sort of contractions to try and squeeze some sort of pleasure out of the session.

The state of mind I was in when this mini-O gradually built and occurred was a really detached but focused on the area where the pleasure was happening. I was trying to recreate the state of mind that The_Bishop talks about when he vaporizes and inhales some weed before an Aneros session. A sort of detached and dreamy not in this world, not in that world kind of thing.

What I found really interesting, was that once the pleasure increased to a certain point before, during, and after the orgasmic peak, all sensations in my penis just disappeared and it stayed flaccid! It was no longer the center of where sexual pleasure originates in my body! That really blew my mind! But it felt so good I didn't care. :D I'm definitely on the right track now. And this good progress just adds even more to my motivation to keep at this and realize this really is for real and I can experience these wonderful pleasures. Even as I type this now I'm feeling these wonderful sensation in my body and prostate. So I may just go and have another session shortly. :D

Reader Comments

Posted on 2010-05-27 22:18:29 by The_Bishop

Wow! Sounds like you made a huge leap in your sessions! Those mini-Os are sweet, aren't they? Bet ya can't wait for the next session, eh? :)

Posted on 2010-05-28 09:48:16 by Love_is

Thanks The_Bishop! And yes they sure are. More like can't wait to reproduce that event again. I've already had another session since then without it happening again. But I'm sure it will happen. :D

Posted on 2010-06-29 21:19:32 by LivingLarge

"The_Bishop talks about when he vaporizes and inhales"... you go bishop!! I have had some of my best sessions at 4:20 time.