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Hidden pleasures-my story

Hello again,

Since my last blog i have made a big breakthrough with my progasm. I did say that i was putting it away for a bit, but i went on live chat a few days ago & got some positive feedback, so i decided to try to put this into practice. My last few sessions have not produced any super-o's due to wanting to piss & a bit of discomfort due to overdoing things a bit, it can get quite addictive at times!

I had not planned to have a session today as i got horny last night & jacked off! Also have already had 3 sessions within 1 week but 3 day's since my last, anyway the opportunity came so i thought let's give it a go, because of this i did not expect much to happen, how wrong was i!

I started with the helix for the 1st hour & got a few erections & some pleasure & pre-cum like usual, but instead of trying to take things further with helix i decided to swap to progasm, the first thing that occured to me was how when i inserted progasm it seemed to hit the spot & was drawn in so that the p-tab was snug against my perinium, previously the progasm seemed not to want to stay all the way in so that the p-tab was not touching the perinium & if i worked it back into place it would keep sliding back out somewhat so the p-tab was not making any contact. So something new learned there then, i felt so horny & for the next 30 min just relaxed, then started some moderate contractions, as i have said before i was not convinced that the progasm would make me orgasm like the helix, but after 2 hours & lots of pre-cum i had a super-o. The progasm took over for about 10 min when i had my orgasm, this lasted 1-2 min, it was a more prostate arousing experience than before as i was aching to release, there was maybe more orgasm's there but i think because of the circumstances i had to be happy with the single orgasm i had. But unlike previous sessions the pre-cum continued to appear for the full 3 hours & my prostate was so aroused it was torture in the most exquisite form. It seemed to satisfy me more fully literally! but at the same time i could not get enough of it, the progasm is a real slave driver. I am now looking forward to experimenting further with the progasm, it is absolutely not as previously described as a blunt tool!

My ass is still pulsing several hours after & i had some pre come too, this is an exciting time for me now to see where the progasm takes me over the next few sessions.

I have also found the ideal amount of lube to use, so post sessions are not as uncomfy on my ass hole etc. I think before i used not as much as i should have at times especially when changing models mid session. I really am learning new things all the time from my sessions & from you good people on your own journeys.

Best wishes to all.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2010-05-24 08:45:21 by LivingLarge

This sounds all good to me. Over time I have become more and more sensitive to aneros use. Every session is enjoyable some more than others. There have been times I expected great things but had an average session. Other times I have been rushed and had awesome sessions. Go figure. Prep is everything.

Posted on 2010-05-28 20:01:39 by cmf

Hey mclacj.
I had a few little previous experiences with a smaller generic model that just couldn't reach the spot. I figured every one is built differently. So, I decided one day to just go for it and ordered the Progasm. I was only using ky at the time. My first session with the Progasm was different. It was definitely a full feeling. I had some good sensations, but no super o at 1st. The 2nd go, there was some better sensations that lasted longer. But no super o. My 3rd go, after reading about older posts on the site, I decided to try what another user does. I put a layer of petroleum jelly on the Progasm 1st. Then I put a layer of ky over it. (for me, my prep is to make sure you are hydrated and ate well during the day. Take a warm shower and do the prep work.) I have this ocean/beach/waves cd, so I put it on to relax the mood. Room is dark too. Read some sex stories on line, think about your girlfriend, and what ever has turned you on the most, this helps with the session. I will drink a couple of drinks sometimes if I have been stressed, so to relax me. On this 3rd time, I drank two whiskey and colas. I put Progasm in. I did the 15 minutes of deep breathing exercises from the abdomen. I started out with 20 contractions. (5 full contracs, 5 medium, 5 smaller ones, then back to 5 full contracs/ and hold them for about 10 seconds on the last 5 reps b4 releasing the contraction.) I repeat the cycle again (Breathing/relaxing/then contracting again.) By the 3rd set of contractions, the aneros took me over. I think this new method I tried w/ the petroleum jelly and ky made all the difference. Progasm was going to town. I lost my breath and felt like something took over completely. I had the waves of orgamic pleasure they talk about. I went about 4 hours that night. I started with the traditional lying on your right side, bottom leg stretched out, top leg up towards your chest. But when Progasm took over, I was convulsing all over the bed. My head thrashing about and body completely going crazy all over the bed. This was my" 1st Super O." It calmed down, so I tried to catch my breath and breathe. But Progasm wasn't done with me. It took over again and again. I was thrusting, jirating, and even hitting my head against the head board. Lol. It felt that good. These waves came and went about 15 times the next few hours. I lost count. But I agree, the perfect amount of lube, the right setting, and frame of mind all helps make the journey so much better!