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Hidden pleasures-my story

Hello to all,

First I would just like to say, I am not in any way claiming any special knowledge or insight in these matters, they are purely my own experiences & observations. I count myself very fortunate to have a very understanding/loving partner, and the amazing progress I have made in such a short space of time.

I have been using the helix for about 6 weeks now, about 20 sessions, I will try not to digress too much (see my previous posts). I have a rigid discipline of not touching my penis during sessions, except to finish off sometimes.

I had some minor success after a few sessions, then came a period of frustration, then after about 10 sessions I believe I experienced dry o/super o.

A warm feeling started in the prostate/deep groin, the pre-cum oozed, I had adopted the do nothing approach for this session & for the most part subsequently, just a handful of moderate clenches started the involuntaries, the helix just took over for short periods of time.

The wave built up on me tingling in the balls, a very strong erection & the pulsing was unbelievably intense (I can only describe it as like having a cock ring on multiplied by ten!).

The 3 orgasm's I had during this session lasted a few minutes each plus the build up, recently I posted about having a short break from using the helix (5 day's) then going to bed early & having overlapping orgasm's this is the point things have really took off for me.

The belief is there now, just insert let things take off by themselves then just do subtle movements to escalate the session, and I am now finding that hardly any interaction is required. My prostate area has definitely awoken, and the re-wiring process is being felt & is ongoing, with pleasing results outside aneros use, sudden erections, twitches/mild pulsing, pre-cum etc.

I usually insert & wait 45-60 mins, by this time I get the precum flowing & I feel my prostate is aroused to the point I want to orgasm, for example a few days ago, I was at this threshold & I started the clenches, I only did about 3 then I just felt the urge to hold the clench, almost immediately the orgasm started building, I had a chain of orgasm's over about 10 min, the helix just took over.

For me I just open up to the helix, relax as much as possible & let it take control, a sort of letting go if you will, this has taken time to accept & understand, no more pushing for the orgasm, I let it come to me.

So that is where I am at now, whenever I have a session I am getting confident about achieving orgasm, things have just seemed to click, I feel so lucky to have got to this stage in such a short space of time. For me I cannot stress enough the patient do nothing approach, see what comes, things just pop up & take you by surprise!

It has come at a price though, I am in a hetro long term relationship with kid's, until recently I kept the sessions solo, my partner has always known about the aneros & I said that after some time of solo use I would introduce it into the sex session's. As she was fully aware of my previous prostate problems she accepted that I had got the helix to primarily massage my prostate, as the self massage using fingers etc was awkward to do.
Go shove a thumb up your ass with a latex glove on with plenty of lube & try it sometime!

But my sessions until recently stayed solo, and i became more aware with every session that there was something in this as a device to achieve orgasm so I got a bit self obsessed with achieving that orgasm, our relationship was strained, me disappearing for hours on end with my aneros was selfish, I now realise.

I did purchase the helix with prostate massage in mind but i would be lying if i said i wasn't intrigued with the possibility of a hands free orgasm, the use of it in hetro sex did also interest me. My partner is reasonably open minded (we have a few dildo's/sex toys). But with anything new like this it has to be introduced gradually.

So I have had a couple of recent sessions on my own & then after I have had sex with my partner with the helix still in, the first time I only lasted about 5 min!

The second time was better, about 15 min, I managed to reach near orgasm then clench & hold it off a few times, my partner commented that my cock seemed to be pumping during this time, it is a very pleasant & erotic experience to have occasionally. I am talking with her about doing a post of her perspective which she seems keen to do at some point.

I have also purchased a progasm to see what other doors may open up, I must say my first session with it was a dud, my first impressions are of it being a blunt tool.

What I have done since it use the helix for an hour then introduce the progasm, I have had some p waves with this method, no involuntaries though, one time I felt on the verge of an orgasm starting but I lost concentration. Another thing I have noted is not much movement & not seeming to connect with me like the helix does especially the p-tab.

I have suspended use of the progasm for the time being as after a session I have felt discomfort for many days after, deep within me, not on prostate but higher up beyond.
Also I am worried that if I continue to use the progasm it could slow/halt my progress with the helix.

I am not new to prostate massage as I have stated on my posts, initially I bought the helix to massage the prostate, with the idea that there could also be some pleasure along the way. About 3 years ago I started with mild to med prostitus that felt like I was peeing through a razor blade, it nearly killed my sex life. I had numerous courses of various drug treatments but it always came back with a vengeance, erection problems discomfort during & after sex. Then about 18 months ago I stumbled onto a website about self prostate massage, after some initial straining I got quite good at milking 2-3 times a week to relieve the symptoms.
The prostitus symptoms have long faded, but I did one milking a week to keep the prostate clear (recommended).

One other thing I have found is never take lack of lubrication lightly, I have had a few lengthy sessions & after removal found the aneros was dry!
This can lead to days of discomfort so be aware!
On the other hand I have had shorter sessions & found the same thing happen, maybe some anomaly for this?
As I always use the same amount of lube internally & on the aneros.

Also on lube initially I tried some non branded water based stuff, but soon ditched it as it was very watery, I now use only k.y. jelly it can be expensive but I have found a discount shop that sells it very cheap.

I have shaved my balls for a number of years, and now I shave my perineum it keeps things nice & sensitive & drier, also good placement.

The only mod on my helix is a rubber bung on the as I was getting some discomfort before, this does not seem to affect the sensitivity in any way & may help to maintain correct placement.

My main position is on my side with one leg bent, this is where I have had most of my progress, but recently I pull both knees up towards my stomach this seems to allow better still prostrate contact, and increased sensations/orgasm potential and also it has the added benefit of holding the central just where I want it.

Also at times I have tried to have sessions too soon after the previous one, eager to experience those feelings again, and got tender, lesson learned!, one other thing I have found is my sphincter is usually very tender after sessions where the helix has taken over for periods of time, it must be doing a lot of work for this to happen.

I have tried to cover as much as I can think of in this first blog, however more will no doubt spring to mind in due course.

I hope someone may gain some understanding/inspiration from my good fortune.

Best wishes to all.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2010-05-12 09:21:14 by LivingLarge

It sounds like you and I came here for the same reasons. Prostate massage has pretty much eliminated the discomfort of BPH for me also. About the discomfort you have experienced, I found that this has disappeared over time with regular use of these Aneros tools. I have found even when using the Progasm now I have very little discomfort afterward. Good thread and good luck to you. LL

Posted on 2010-05-14 15:39:52 by [Deleted User]

Great entry. Thanks for sharing everything. I too got the Aneros (an MGX) to deal with BPH and what I would call general prostate irritability.

I have enjoyed my sessions thus far, but do not really sense the irritability going away...mild tingling sensation, etc..and wonder if in fact all the prostate stimulation is contributing to it! But I'm having too much fun exploring...