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Wider and Deeper Wave

So last night I had an anerosLESS session while chatting with an aneros friend online and then I moved to my bed with helix. Words to describe my anerosless session .....orgasmic spikes and intense. Words to describe my aneros session ...............serene, wonderful and delicious.

I think it is curious that I seem to get so turned on when chatting with other aneros users. It definitely starts my engine. Once I got going, the waves were looping and would go from periods of extreme activity to a settled time and then it would repeat. I was hopping all over the chair with a lot of muscle contractions.

During the aneros part, the wave of pleasure seemed wider and deeper then usual and I seemed to be riding one wave the entire time as opposed to a more orgasmic rollercoaster. I was in a constant heightened state of pleasure and rolled around, not thrashing or shaking, on the bed. I seemed to have transcended the orgasm and moved into a different stream of consciousness or zone. At the moment, I didn't realize this, but I felt myself return to a normal reality when I was finishng up later. humm - interesting.

I was slowly pulsing with my thumb the reflexology spot on the top my glans. This produced some great energy (no erection) and seemed to make the wave ebb and flow. My P was itchy as was what felt like the inside of my urethra about two inches down inside my shaft. At one point, I could feel the aneros rapidly pulsing in and out. I felt sort of in slow motion. I was constantly moaning in ecstasy. It all was, oh so good.

I think the most powerful thing I learned last night was to have the mindset of "lets see where this might go" ..and then to just let go and follow. I think that helped move me from, me chasing aneros to me following whereever ANEROS wanted to go. This...rather....then me searching to find some orgasmic destination. Hope this makes sense.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2010-05-05 07:18:31 by XIII

After reading your last entry yesterday, I decided I'd try the body-mush thing today, as yesterday I found myself losing what could have been some truly powerful orgasms early on because I started to tense my stomach, blocking the early waves completely.

I'm about to start what one humbly hopes will be an improvement upon my road to contentment. Congratulations on reaching the leisurely zone. That's one I have yet to experience except with dopamine-inducing drugs... Of course, we know better now, that the body must remain pure of shortcuts to pleasure. Otherwise the path to enlightenment is lost unbeknownst to us.

Wish me luck!

Posted on 2010-05-05 08:40:31 by artform

Wonderful buck!!! You are in the richly expanding O-zone and diversifying energetics section of this journey friend. ENJOYS indeed!!! Both the energy boosts chatting and sending, and time shift into altered states, like the Calm Seas Floating Bliss O you describe in you Helix session, can be understood in the emerging quantum/consciousness model that neuroscience is exploring currently.

I too have great results with the top-of-glans spot. Zings right down to the prostate for me and pumps energies too without an erection forming, unless one turns one's mind to that switch.

Take a look at privateidaho03's signature quotation, and your last paragraph here buck! You have made ultimate sense friend.

XIII, you too will start finding these pathways, as your new rewiring here proceeds, IMHO.

Posted on 2010-05-07 21:51:16 by strongone

Excellent description..and I agree, not to chase, rather let the aneros lead.

Posted on 2010-10-28 18:53:22 by [Deleted User]

This totally makes sense to me - I have experienced similar events with the Aneros and I definitely get more wired when talking with another buddy. Would love to find a bud WITH an Aneros to talk with on fone while I'm riding those waves (that continuous stream rather). Would be wonderful to share those sensations verbally with someone else also experiencing them with me.
I'm interested about the comment you made about the reflexology spot -- I never heard about that before. Where did you know to do that - was it posted someplace on the Aneros board or by another member?

Are there any other "hot spots" that guys put pressure on to increase their orgasmic intensity? I really want to get to that DEEEEEEEP level of orgasms that last seemingly forever and come in wave after wave (non ejaculatory).

My nipples are VERY sensitive and I usually will insert my Aneros, sit back in my recliner with legs spread wide and feet together, poppers nearby, and will lightly start to scratch and pinch my nips until they start to become fully aroused and engorged. As they get bigger and fuller, I love to take a long deep hit of poppers and twist my nips. This usually brings about the start of the O's for me and my contractions begin very strongly as the Aneros pulsates and presses upon my P spot. Wondering if I have any other "spots" such as my nips that I haven't discovered yet? Would be INCREDIBLE if I had some areas that could bring about even STRONGER and more powerful O's than I've been having with my Aneros so far.

Also - how long do you guys usually leave your Aneros inside you? I've sometimes left it in for several hours and just wonder if that is "safe" or it if could harm me (or my prostate?) in some way? Thanks.