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am i the only one who can not get off on this? I have read all the instructions, I have tried all variations on trying to use it, and it is as useless as bubblegum machine in a lockjaw ward.

I have tried for two days, I have tried all the different insertion options and positions, still not a thing, nothing!!

I know i can have phenomenol orgasms when i have didldos in my anus, but this thing misses the beat by a mile!

Any suggestions?

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Posted on 2010-05-05 07:09:11 by XIII

I am relatively new to the aneros, but have a lot of anal experience. It sounds like you are still not fully "re-wired" as they say around here.

Remember a few things: Prostate ejaculation can be achieved by some through rough play, for others, milking of the prostate roughly can actually have the opposite effect, making a man incapable of orgasm. I have regularly in the past been put through this treatment during S&M sessions, and thoroughly enjoy being deliberately deprived of orgasm.

Does this mean the Aneros won't work for you? Not at all. This means that your body is still thinking of orgasm beginning with the penis, and ending on the bedspread/sock/towel/what have you.

There are several varieties of sexual climax. There are ejaculatory climaxes, anal climaxes, and prostate climaxes. Then, there are the other sorts. There are full body (sensual) climax, emotional, and mental climax. These sorts of climax, I have ordered in (what I consider from experience) to be least to most powerful.

My advice is simple, understand that an orgasm does not start in one place and go somewhere else. One does not have to ejaculate to enjoy masturbation, and one does not have to have an orgasm to call an aneros session anything but a waste.

The guide gives good advice, but the most important words in the tips and guides can be summarized in few words:

1) Relax.
2) Explore.
3) Enjoy.
4) Let it be.
5) Be patient.

The reason you can have such good orgasms with a dildo in the anus is probably due to the fact that you are stroking your penis as you use the toy. This will trigger a regular ejaculation, which causes anal contractions abutting the prostate. If the sphincter closes on an object, the body will sort of rebound, then squeeze tighter. The object will push against the prostate, and the muscle contractions will intensify. They will then milk the prostate giving just a taste of what a p-gasm has to offer.

These are cheap thrills. Short, draining, and frankly, just a fly on the wall compared to what's there if you are patient.

Aneros play can be time consuming. An hour long session may not do it for you. Get some good lube, make sure it is as mobile as possible, relax, wait for the feelings, experiment with the position of the device, try things. and most importantly do not expect to "get off". Getting off is an impatient word, and from your post here, I can tell you just haven't given it the time. You want the orgasm, and in full cosmic humor, you will not receive it until you stop looking for the orgasm. Instead, focus on what you have. Focus on the fullness, each gentle curve and heartbeat, how your breathing moves your device ever so slowly. Feel the blood engorging your sphincter, feel it pulse as it courses into the device itself, imagine that pulse being the aneros itself, and not your movements. Massage yourself gently, and let it come. Lay, as though on a beach, not a care in the world, waiting for the tide to roll in and take you with it. When the feeling comes, don't force it to move further up, don't tense up, don't fight it. Just relax and feel yourself wash against the sands again and again, with you floating in the medium, acquiescent, calm, content.

At the end of it all, when you really feel you've had enough, just slide the device out and put it away. Tomorrow's a new day with new experiences. There will be time for more. After all, knowing ourselves is often a struggle, but truly becoming content with ourselves is a savage battle.

Time, patience, and love friend.

I highly recommend picking up a physical and spiritual activity, by the by. Martial arts (particularly those not focused on belt-work or fighting, but more on balance, discipline, and the cultivation of the spirit) are a great choice. Learn meditation, learn to feel your energy. Even if you don't believe in the eastern philosophy, there is some fundamental truth in it, as are in all things. Nobody can disagree we're all made up of energy. Why not learn to sense and harness it?

Posted on 2010-05-05 08:57:47 by artform

Welcome fitstraw. XIII has given you the keys here very eloquently. Your prostate is your third stone, your philosopher's stone that can transform quotidian impatient days, into vast universal union daze and then enlightenment for a lifetime of lifetimes.

Patience, deep relaxation, quiet listening within, opening, allowing. I second XIII's motion/advice.

Some guys take two years. Two days is nothing. Nothing reveals the answer. See the Grinders Group.

I suspect your previous anal experience will actually help you arrive at the key separation of the orgasmic energetic response from the fluid release ejaculation response. When you get to that stage, all things become possible as you learn the energetics.

all the best as your journey unfolds uniquely for you


Posted on 2010-05-05 20:37:25 by buckingbronco

Great post XIII

Posted on 2010-05-07 00:07:06 by vitocchondo

Just RELAX!! You may have to go through a re-wiring phase. Just "empty" out first. The Higginson enema is great for deep cleansing. And you loose weight and detoxify your system. Shower! Then Lube up. Outside the anus and a tad inside. Use the lube injector. Then watch some porn. Caress your body. Play w your nipples. Insert the Aneros. BREATHE!!!!! RELAX!! Focus on your breathing!!! RELAX. Contract gently your sphincter and add more strength. Hold it. Release a bit. Contract. Focus on the sensations and what you are feeling as you contract. Try laying on your side with a knee or two to your chest. Lay on your back and spread your legs. On your knees, butt in the air and face in a pillow. The positions are endless!! Focus on your deep ab breathing and what your anus does when you do so!! ENJOY!!

Posted on 2010-05-07 00:12:50 by vitocchondo


Posted on 2010-05-07 09:03:40 by LivingLarge

"Some guys take two years. Two days is nothing." artform is correct, I took all of 2 years to reach a super-o. I am so glad I kept trying because it has added so much to my life. It has also kept a BPH problem in check. Good luck and have patience fitstraw. LL