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The first hour


Two days ago, I thought I had experienced everything. I found in the last hour that I still have much to learn. At a very young age, I discovered masturbation. I lay in bed one night at the age of eleven, and began itching my flaccid penis. I had not yet begun the journey into puberty fully, I suspect that I was just on the precipice, as puberty was rather uneventful for me. However, this night was different. I found the movement of my skin back and forth enjoyable. I stopped itching, and began to stroke my penis. Soon, the sensation became overwhelming, and I found myself spitting in my hand, and aggressively stroking my member. I began to get an erection, but only slightly. My penis became heavy, my eyes unfocused, and I felt for a moment as though I had fallen asleep. Everything stopped for a moment, and I regained full consciousness sensing a sudden wetness on my stomach. I thought for a moment I had urinated on myself, but I soon discovered otherwise. My first orgasm wasn't just a simple ejaculation, it was a full blown orgasm, something I later found that most men never achieve in their entire life.

The years passed with my virginity intact, until the eve of my eighteenth birthday, when my girlfriend at the time fully assaulted me. This experience took over an hour and a half for me to cum. This experience was my first, and probably worst I've ever had.

The years passed, and several partners came and went, some satisfying, others less so. At about the age of 20, I developed an interest in anal play. I mostly used my hands, and eventually grew tired of it, having never achieved full blown orgasm, or even ejaculation from anal play alone. Two years later (last year), I felt the urge, and began a slow, sensual session. I pushed, pulled, explored every part of my body, and found "the spot". I ended up writhing in pleasure, silently screaming "oh god" over and over. I found myself ass in the air, face in the ground, pushing harder and hard against my prostate, cum shooting from my flaccid penis, covering the floor in front of me.

This experience reignited my love for rectal masturbation, and a few weeks later, I was in possession of my first toy. I bought a buttplug, but in order to ensure that I could scale it up as I needed a bit of spice, I purchased an inflatable one.

I enjoy it thoroughly, but there was still something missing. Some sessions left me wanting more stimulation of the prostate, as generally, I'd pull the plug out (inflated to 3 or more inches in diameter feels amazing when popping out of you.) and start fingering myself until I couldn't feel any of my extremities.

I stumbled upon the Aneros yesterday and decided that since I was an experienced user, that I'd buy the progasm. It arrived this morning, discretely packaged, and immediately took it into the bedroom for a little fun.

The session

I slowly inserted the lubed progasm, and immediately felt the effect of it pushing into my prostate. I relaxed for several minutes, focusing on my breathing, I found myself meditating, letting myself reach into my spiritual center. After I came back to, I found myself well adjusted to the progasm. I began to contract my muscles, slowly at first, and after a few minutes, my legs began to shiver. I began clenching harder and faster, and soon I found myself panting, my mouth turned into a wide grin, and my eyes lost focus. It felt good, but it had no real power behind the feeling. Determined to reach a real high, I pushed on, focusing of the feeling growing in my center.

After a small lull, I found the feeling climbing again. I felt the urge to begin rubbing my legs and my chest, and soon I was moaning slightly. I tried to stop moaning, but I couldn't. Soon I found myself face down, head pushed into the pillow, screaming my lungs out into it. I began gyrating my hips, and the feeling intensified. Soon the contractions started happening on their own, free of my control. The lull wasn't as long or as uneventful this time. The feeling only retreated to the top of my stomach this time.

After what could only have been five minutes, I felt the feeling climbing again. It crept to my throat, and it locked my jaw open as the gyration began again. This time the feeling flooded everything, and I found myself all but begging it to wash over me with all the force it could. The screaming sounded as though it wasn't coming from me. It sounded as though it was coming from outside of the bedroom.

The lull began again, but the feeling only retreated to my throat. It couldn't have been a minute later, and the gyration started again, and I found myself gripping both sides of the headboard, face jammed into the pillow. I rolled half way off the bed, one foot on the floor, my body contorting, and everything went fuzzy for a few minutes. I was so exhausted by this third orgasm that I found myself lying in a pool of precum fighting for breath. My flaccid penis was entirely numb, as were my teeth. My eyes were sore from being rolled into the back of my head.

After a moment, I rolled on my side and began to mechanically masturbate until I was fully erect. The action made my ass quiver, further milking my rapidly depleting prostate. Within five minutes, I had achieved a full erection (which is quite a feat for me while I have an object inserted.) and was rapidly stroking it.

The orgasm was intense. I managed to utter "Oh god" just once before my throat was seized by the tremors spreading through my entire body. Soon the plateau I had reached during the hour was fading, and the three drops of cum I managed to ejaculate after the hour-long draining of my prostate were glistening on the bedspread.

I lay still for a few moments, allowing myself to breathe and relax before removing the progasm, in the process of removing it, I hit the spot that makes me go crazy just once, and with a final tremor of pure ecstasy I slid it the rest of the way out.


After purchasing the progasm, I am fairly satisfied, but I still wonder what a smaller model will be like. I really enjoy the mobility of the progasm, but I believe that a smaller model will move much more when I begin to shake uncontrollably.

Overall, though, the experience was a serious hit, and I feel like a few more days will be the deciding factor on how quickly I can reach these orgasmic states, and how long I can make them last. As it stands, I'm having very draining, very short orgasms after about a half hour, but there is still some room for improvement, I think.

This is something that I probably will be able to do more often than my plug sessions, but it still won't deter me from using my plug. Both are intense, and highly enjoyable.

I still note, that I was expecting this to allow me to become erect during these sessions, and still was unable to, no matter how stimulated I became.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2010-05-04 16:49:46 by artform

Welcome XIII to Aneros practice and our great community!!! Congratulations!

Your early experience has you already rewiring, and it will be wonderful to follow your journey unfold, as you tell it so well here in your blog. With your awakened prostate so ready, you might want to get the Sublime Set of Helix and Eupho next. The Eupho is the advanced magic wand!!! It will be interesting to see your body/mind's responses to what is, from some perspectives, the ultimate model. Of course all models offer their own unique responses my guess is that you will want and enjoy them all.


Posted on 2010-05-04 16:58:13 by artform

I have medically induced ED, and yet my early experience, like many, was that having an aneros inside could stimulate and help sustain an erection, even the rock hard high pressure hard-ons. However, again like many, the more aneros sessions, the more one experiences erection reduction and flaccid penis states right up to full penis retraction into your penis root body cavity, your "missile silo", AKA your Mangina, which can also offer incredible ecstatic pleasure responses. Again my guess is that you are already deeply experienced enough with prostate stimulation from before your Aneros acquisition that you are already well along the predominantly flaccid penis session road. Join us in the chat sessions here every other weekend and we can talk further, or PM me if you have further questions.

Posted on 2010-05-05 07:20:54 by XIII

I think the Eupho is my next aquisition. It's going to wait until my new progasm won't be too jealous, of course.