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Progasm Oh My!!

The Progasm arrived yesterday before work so I didn't get a chance to try it until now.
Those who said it is a little intimidating when you open the package and get your first look were right. I did have second thoughts at first but the more I looked at it the more my curiosity got me.
I used my prelube (Astroglide X) 3ml and a liberal dose of KY to the Progasm and to my anus.Then I did the squat method for insertion. I have not had much luck with the laying on my side method. It took a bit of time but it went in fairly easy.
For me this was pretty much cut to the chase. With my Maximus and MGX it takes some warming up, the subtle tingles, the involuntaries and the Super O. The Progasm went straight to involuntaries and shortly after the Super O. My whole session was only 45 minutes. I love it even though it was my first session. Think of the time I might save using this one. Haha!