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The Land of Multiple Orgasms

So this week I have had the breakthrough into the land of multiple orgasms! I am totally stoked.

I think I had had one too many dud sessions and all but gave up on ever getting off. Well, I wasn't totally discouraged, and I did plan on another session. So, the next session I just laid there, belly breathed and let it come to me - - and it did. ..............go figure.

For me the key seemed to be letting all of my pelvic muscles "go to mush." This I had heard from someone chatting one night here - so thanks. It seemed like when a p-wave would start, if the pelvic muscles tensed up, the wave would get hammered - - wherein if I can keep the pelvic muscles mush (relaxed), the wave builds through and then I am off to the races! :) The breathing seems to be key to being able to do this - much like my wife needed to do when she was delivering a baby. (no doubt though this feels way better)

So this week, I have been able to replicate things four times again. I wouldn't say I have reached the land of the super O, but am encouraged ( er - totally psyched out of my mind!) that I am well on my way. Each session has been a bit different with various levels of intensity and focus. Interesting though, that when I first started with helix, my penis would shrivel with the helix inserted, this week I had really rock strong erections and quite a bit of precum flow. geesh! This week certainly has been a lot of fun and REALLY pleasureable with some real orgasmic spikes and pleasure rushes. In fact, one sessions was at an intensity that the helix got propelled out of my ass! ha!

I also remembered that someone had said not to run off as soon as I take out helix, but wait for something more...............this I did this morning and sure enough, even with the helix out, more waves came and washed over me and I ended up with a few more mini-Os.

Gosh is this good............

Reader Comments

Posted on 2010-04-25 11:25:12 by Love_is

Fantastic buckingbronco!!! :D :D :D
I'm glad to hear you are having such wonderful and delightful progress on your journey!


Posted on 2010-04-25 22:12:11 by LivingLarge

WOW! So much progress from so many people here. Congrats

Posted on 2010-04-26 16:10:16 by artform

Muscle mush is great! :D Deep relaxation and mog's "submissive desire" are really reliable invitations to these energies. Your successful joining of the Energy Exchange is a further indicator of you natural, intuitive capabilities as you are well on your way buck!!!

let it be (as somebody once said ;))


Posted on 2010-05-04 14:29:36 by XIII

I am looking forward to trying the relaxed pelvis thing tomorrow when I get some sleep. I congratulate you on your journey into the multi-O territory. It took me about a year of off and on anal experimentation to reach that level myself. I was expecting that orgasm every time up to that one fateful day I just started feeling good, and wanted to enjoy myself instead of rushing for that high.

Thanks again for the tips!