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Energy Experiment

I logged into the Aneros Chat Room last night to find three others experimenting to see if energy could be passed amongst the group. Obviously, all were geographically dispersed. Almost immediately upon entering the conversation, my heart rate jumped up and my prostate started to vibrate. Whoa - neat!

The simple act of intent seemed to cause the energy to respond. This went on for a while, my feet and calves started to tingle. My scrotum had a lot of movement and the buzzbut continued with strong anal and lower abdominal contractions. It was likewise for the others and some (I think all) were orgasming.

The energy seemed to come in waves, settling down and then picking up again for another round. I was feeling very aroused. ( I know - dah!) So when I loged off, I went and found helix for the next hour - - no O - but sure was pleasure-filled. The pleasure was definitely at a higher "pitch" than other sessions I have had and I was thrashing around more than usual as well.

So, anyone who is reading this - - I am sending you some energy. Hope you feel it!

Holy Telekenesis Batman - who knew!!!

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Posted on 2010-04-19 19:03:55 by vitocchondo