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My Journey So Far

Well last week my MGX arrived in the mail. I believe it was the next day when I used it. I inserted some lube with my finger and lubed up the aneros. It felt kind of strange but pleasantly good. After ten minutes or so I felt some tingling sensations but nothing more ever developed.

So today I tried again. Still no "Super O" but I felt I was making process. I looked at some porn and relaxed more. There got to be a little bit more of a tingling sensation and good feeling than last time but that was it. However I feel if I keep going, I will make progress each time. I look forward to the "Super O' and believe it will be worth. I achieved what I believe was a prostate orgasm one time before , before I got my aneros, and it was very scary, but pleasurable.

I've always felt like women get all the sensitivity in sex and so good they moan and have multiples. Well, it is my sincere hope that the aneros levels the playing field a bit. I want to feel ecstatic pleasure. On a side note, the second time using my MGX I developed a spontaneous erection, which had more sensitivity than normal. I'm not sure how prostate stimulation can make the rest of your body including genitals more sensitive but it does.

Anyways, although I could not get a "Super O" today, I finished off with my fleshlight with the aneros still inserted. I had a huge ejaculation and lots of clear prostate fluid came out.

Good luck and have fun everyone!