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This riddle changes all of the time. I got home this morning, took a shower and headed for the bed and my MGX. I was tired but in the mood no less. Did all of the normal stuff and got started.
After about ten minutes the feelings got going and things moved pretty fast. I had about two almost super Os and then all got calm and the feelings of bliss set in. This was one of my better sessions. The sensations were intense and I really don't know how long they lasted but the session was about an hour.
Things that were different. I was tired. Sorta debated on weather or not to have a session. I was not entirely focussed on my MGX session.
Maybe that is the one of the many keys. Let it happen and don't will it to happen. I love this!

Reader Comments

Posted on 2010-05-02 01:47:03 by vitocchondo

Hey there Blue!!!I originally started w the SGX. At first I didn't experience much. One day I felt some waves and thumping. Then I graduated to the Helix. Again. The wave and the thumping on my P got a bit more intense. I sleep with it inserted, I relax around the house with it in. I went to the movies and enjoyed. All the time I contract and I never go past the waves and the thumping. What do you do step by step? If you don't mind me asking!! Please help!! Stuck!!