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Anerosless P-Wave

So two days ago I had a session and it was a dud! Go figure - after the one before, I thought I was almost there. :(

Well anyways not to be totally discouraged, I went for another session last night.

So, it was better then the previous. It was nice but once again no Super O - - but I was having way more full body contractions then I ever have had before. When on my back, my abs would contract and I would basically do a half sit up and just hang in the up position. When I was on my stomach, my abs would contract hard and my dick and backside would come off the bed pressing my forehead and knees into the mattress and hold there. When I touched my nips, I started convulsing. whew!

Now here is the interesting part - - I took helix out and then went to bed about an hour later. I fell right to sleep and about an hour later was awoken by a rushing high energy P-wave that was progressing rapidly from my feet up my body and centering on my dick!. My feet were tingling. I was sleeping on my stomach so my dick was pressed into the mattress. I was jolted out of a sound sleep and sort of freaked out not immediately knowing exactly what was going on. I think if I had had my senses about me, I could have just let it continue on its own, but I think I hammered the wave unintentionally. Then, I had uncontrollable involuntary body spasms for quite a while. Geesh - go figure this was obviously all anerosless.

Reader Comments

Posted on 2010-04-13 19:46:32 by [Deleted User]

Temper that "half sit up" with some deep breathing and rather than responding to the urge to tense with it relax into it. There's some unbelievable stuff waiting on the other side!! Congrats on the progress